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The Rapidshare Links I've Paid For Since 2009 Are Now Dead. They Want Something Like $67 A Month American To Host Them. The Divshare Links I Tested Work, So There's The Main Twelve Still Going. Someone also made an archive at this site, which was nice and thank you very much: Greetings To Reddit CyberPunkers.

Analog CyberPunk - 12 Free Divshare Compilations of Electronic Punk and New Wave

Pappy Punk's Geriatric Dance Frenzy

Pappy Punk's Page - Free Mixed Compilations


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"On behalf of white people everywhere I apologize for that"

LINKS: Bleedin' Out, DIY Or Die, Down Underground, Hangover Heart Attack, Killed By Death, The Post Punk Progressive Pop Party, Willfully Obscure, 80's On Speed, To The Bone Ramone

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FAQ: The most frequent FAQ can be answered succinctly by saying punk isn't "about" anything. It's a loosely defined genre nobody agrees on. Anyone who claims to know exactly is either lying to you or trying to sell you something. Either way the terrorists win.

Punk Is Never Having To Say You're Alternative