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2/19/2016 Update: A nice person by the name of Petty Vendetta is hosting all the original files for Analog CyberPunk. They can be found here. Thanks Petty!


Songs are being used for educational and promotional purposes only. No money has or will be made off the creation of this project, and please do not use these songs for your own profit. Ownership of these songs remain with the songwriters and bands, and I encourage everyone to support them both financially and with thanks and support.

# 1: Analog CyberPunk I

01) Tuxedomoon: "Incubus (Blue Suit)"
02) Plus Instruments: "Big Man"
03) Easter And The Totem: "Nothing There"
04) Dark Day: "No, Nothing, Never"
05) Tara Cross: "PK-15"
06) R. Stevie Moore: "What Are You Looking At?"
07) Pavillion 7b: "La Manege"
08) Solid Space: "10th Planet"
09) Ende Shneafliet: "Midnight Train"
10) I'm So Hollow: "Dreams To Fill The Vacuum"
11) Van Kaye + Ignit: "Thinktank"
12) Chrome: "In A Dream"
13) Der Kunftige Musikant: "Es Is Kalt"
14) Count Vertigo: "I'm A Mutant"
15) Metal Urbain: "Panik"
16) Vice: "See!"

# 2: Analog CyberPunk II

01) Vice Versa: "Riot Squad"
02) Doxa Sinistra: "The Other Stranger"
03) Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons: "Fantastic"
04) Pink Military: "War Games"
05) UV Pop: "Sleep Don't Talk"
06) Alien Skull Paint: "Automatic Man"
07) AD Conspiracy: "12-Bar-64"
08) The Party's Over: "Crash"
09) Fad Gadget: "Ricky's Hand"
10) Len Liggins: "All The Dead Men"
11) The Distributors: "TV Me"
12) Blue Sound: "Berlin"
13) Oi The Robot: "Manifestoi!"
14) Guerre Froide: "Ersatz"
15) Ciarin Harte: "Love Is Strange"

# 3: Analog CyberPunk III

01) Nash The Slash: "Swing Shift"
02) Das Kabinette: "The Cabinet"
) Chandra: "Kate"
04) The Normal: "Warm Leatherette"
05) Nine Circles: "What's There Left"
06) Patrick D. Martin: "I Like 'Lectric Motors"
07) Tuxedomoon: "No Tears"
08) Anomy: "Lone Wolf"
09) Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller: "Cleanliness And Order"
10) Instant Music: "Do Not"
11) Trumpetto & Einstein: "Parkeergarage II"
12) Grauzone: "Eisbar"
13) Interior: "Bizarre Disco"
14) Exkurs: "Natur"
15) Kevin Harrison & Steven Parker: "Cavalcade"

# 4: Analog CyberPunk IV

01) Brian Brain: "The Asthma Game"
02) Moral: "Slottet I Luften"
03) G-Spot: "Idol Worship"
04) Friz Be: "I Throw Punches..."
05) J.J. Burnell: "Jellyfish"
06) Xex: "Svetlana"
07) Dom Dummaste: "John"
08) Charles De Goal: "Exposition"
09) Soft Cell: "Metro MRx"
10) Fall Of Saigon: "Visions"
11) Inertia: "Injury Time"
12) Ash Wednesday: "Love By Number"
13) Zwischenfall: "Tausend Jahre"
14) Information Society: "Der Mussolini (DAF cover)"
15) Philippe Laurent: "Exposition Partie 5"

# 5: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition I

01) Voice Farm: "Modern Things"
02) Low Class: "Alienation Ballade"
03) Causey Way: "Geological Lust"
04) Trick 17: "City Nacht"
05) Ex Post Facto: "Ex Post Facto"
06) The Units: "Digital Stimulation"
07) Body Falling Downstairs: "The Politics Of Ecstasy"
08) Burlesque: "Collision Of Sex"
09) Testcard F: "If Only It Wasn't"
10) The Fast Set: "King Of The Rumbling Spires"
11) Bizarre Leidenschaft: "Plasticpuppen"
12) Los Microwaves: "Time To Get Up"
13) Three To Forgotten: "Kitano"
14) Grauzone: "Hinter Den Bergen"
15) Polyphonic Size: "Winston & Julia"
16) Do-Po: "Rhythm"
17 Schmaalhans Weltraum: "Montagne Du Boef"
18) Ausgang Verboten: "Joy And Erase"

# 6: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition II

01) Tone Set: "Slim"
02) Snowy Red: "Nowhere"
03) Dalek I Love You: "Freedom Fighters"
04) Chromagain: "Spot"
05) Ti-Tho: "Die Liebe Ist Ein Abenteuer"
06) Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadian: "Feeling Sheepish"
07) Kein Mensch: "Kein Mensch"
08) X-Ray Pop: "La Machine A Rever"
09) Bobby And Synthia: "Video Violence"
10) 1000 Ohm: "Berlin"
11) Ruth: "Polaroid/Roman/Photo"
12) Greg Horn: "You're In Control"
13) The Instant Automatons: "Invertebrates"
14) 1000 Ohm: "A.G.N.E.S."
15) Deux: "Game And Performance"
16) Komputer: "Komputer Pop"
17) Profil: "Beruhren"

# 7: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition III

01) Wonders Of Science: "Let's Start A Rumour"
02) Rational Youth: "Coboloid Race"
03) Berlin Express: "Die Russen Kommen"
04) Kaa Antilope: "The Break Of Day"
05) Jesus Couldn't Drum: "I'm A Train"
06) Reducers: "Airways"
07) Ceramic Hello: "Ringing In The Sane"
08) Social Climbers: "Hello Texas"
09) Ruins: "Short Wave"
10) The Parapluies: "Necessities"
11) Ensemble Pittoresque: "Maitre Satori"
12) Inertia: "The Screen"
13) Moderne: "Seduction"
14) CKC: "20h25"
15) Comateens: "The Munsters Theme"
16) Psychic Youth: "Step In Time"
17) UV Pop: "No Songs Tomorrow"

# 8: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition IV

01) The Metronomes: "Justification"
02) Red Zebra: "I Can't Live In A Living Room"
03) Experimental Products: "Feeling Left Out"
04) B. Troop: "Just Because"
Absolute Body Control: "Waving Hands"
06) Ad Astra: "A&R"
07) Martin Dupont: "I Met The Beast"
08) El Aviador Dro: "Programa En Espiral"
09) Mechanical Servants: "Responsateen"
10) Tone Set: "Living In Another Land"
11) Schlussphase - Schnawwl: "Euroshima Mon Amour"
12) Dementia Precox: "Maladie D'esperit"
13) Gleitzeit: "Ich Komme Aus Der DDR"
14) Jeunesse D'Ivoire: "A Gift Of Tears"
15) One Plus One: "Nite Time Rhythm"
16) Hongkong Syndikat: "Gonohrro"
17) Bitoks A La Russe: "Tu Dois Partir"

# 9: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music I

01) Family Fodder: "Accapulco"
02) Surplus Stock: "Let's Kill Each Other"
03) AKA: "Mental Timebombs"
04) Les Georges Leningrad: "Georges Five"
05) The Stupid Set: "S.W. Digestion"
06) Research Library: "Alien Love"
07) Foundation Boo: "Nap"
08) Roter Rot: "Get Away Dark Side"
09) Blah Blah Blah: "In The Army"
10) Palais Schaumburg: "Telephon"
11) Inflatable Boy Clams: "Skeletons"
12) Ptose: "Ecraser La Vermine"
13) ZYX - "Get Away Wisdom"
14) Polyphonic Size: "King Of Hong Kong"

# 10: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music II

01) Systematics: "Pulp Baby"
02) I.U.D.: "Precious"
03) Gerry And The Holograms: "Gerry And The Holograms"
04) Minny Pops: "Footsteps"
05) QRN: "Very Loud Silence"
06) Dennis Duck: "Davey The Worm"
07) Monitor: "Beak"
08) Picky Picnic: "My Life 1.2.3."
09) Wirtschaftswunder: "(Don't Listen) Politsong"
10) Los Iniciados: "Resurreccion"
11) Plebs: "Change"
12) Those Little Aliens: "Sentimental"
13) P-Model: "Art Blind"
14) {E}: "e925"

# 11: The Unheard Synth New Wave I

01) Moev: "Cracked Mirror"
) Seppuku: "Under Your Control"
03) Ian North: "White Gardens"
04) Didi Und Die Herzschrittmacher: "Modern"
05) Pseudo Echo: "Walkaway"
06) Iron Curtain: "The Condos"
07) Men Without Hats: "Telepathy"
08) Taxi Girl: "S.O.S. Mannekin"
09) Days Of Sorrow: "Travel"
10) Q Lazzarus: "Goodbye Horses"
11) Hilary: "Kinetic (long version)"
12) Circuit 7: "Video Boys"
13) Trek With Quintronic: "Zolian Space"

# 12: The Unheard Synth New Wave II

01) Shox: "No Turning Back"
02) Moderne: "Electronique"
03) Electronic Circus: "Direct Lines"
04) Solid State: "Recalling You"
05) Music For Pleasure: "The Human Factor"
06) Fred: "All Rights Reserved"
07) Kuruki: "Such A Liar"
08) The French Park: "The Turn Of A Card"
09) Linear Movement: "Magic Melody"
10) Faith Global: "Knowing The Way"
11) Stahlnetz: "Der Seemann Und Die Stewardess"
12) Trees: "Delta Sleep"
13) Class Action: "Blast Off"
14) The Vyllies: "Whispers In The Shadow"


#1: Further Readings For The Ears I

(Hypothetical) Prophets: "Fast Food"
2+2=5: "Meeting Mc. L."
20-20 Systems: "Dresden"
BOB: "The Things That You Do"
C.O.M.A.: "Femme Robot"
Comix: "Pomme D'Api"
Enzo Kreft: "I Don't Understand It"
Fall Of Saigon: "She Leaves Me Alone"
Family Fodder: "Savoir Faire"
Fault 151: "Radiation Man"
Fun With Animals: "The Test Of Love And Sex (stereo)"
Jacket Weather: "Trust"
X-Quadrat: "Kauf Dir Die Freiheit"
Yppasswdd Daemons: "Bin-Ksh"
Jirkel Junger Musiker: "Michael Neufeld"

#2: Further Readings For The Ears II

Baard: "Life In A Goldfish Bowl"
Baby Buddha: "Little Things"
Bene Gesserit: "American Orphan Girl"
Blago Bung: "Hans Kyss"
Christian Lunch: "Joke's On You"
Confusional Quartet: "Bologna Rock"
End Of Your Garden: "Celebration
Familie Hesselbach: "Die Wilden Kossachen Reiten Auf Der Autobahn"
Picture Book: "Success"
Plastic Domingo: "Alles Geschmacksache"
Roy Finch: "Fear Of Death"
Short Wave Mystery:" Nice Girl"
Spizzenergi: "Soldier, Soldier"
The Systematics: "Die For My House"
Volkstanz: "Regulation Comedy"

#3: Further Readings For The Ears III

1000 Mexicans: "Diving For Pearl"
A Blaze Colour: "Or Lie Again"
Adaptors: "Trust In Technology"
Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport: "Lost In Madagascar"
DZ Lectric: "A Very Dirty A.W.B.Y.D."
End Of Data: "If I'm Not A Killer"
Kaa Antilope: "Rise Up Helicopter"
The Limp: "Pony Club"
Marie Moor: "Pretty Day"
Moev: "Obituary Column"
P-Model: "One Way Love"
Product of Reason: "Active Repetition"
Steven Grandell: "Burn My Eyes"
Surplus Stock: "Slide Guitar"
The Young Lions: "Mary & Jane"

#4: Further Readings For The Ears IV

AG Geige: "Kosmonauten"
Epoxies: "Synthesized"
Experimental Products: "Sweet Rejection"
Fehlfarben: "Apokalyopse"
Fiction Technology: "In The City"
Hessen Ganz Gross: "Unter Der Achsel"
Klack Klack: "1919"
Liquid Sky Soundtrack: "Alien's Theme"
Odd Stories: "Dance"
Portion Control: "Better Place"
Rational Youth: "I Want To See The Light"
Robert Lawrence: "Heart Finds A Home"
Tempo Di Marcia: "Russian Dream"
Wall Of Voodoo: "Full Of Tension"
Z.S.K.A.: "Keinen Teddybar"

#5: Further Readings For The Ears V

Boptronics: "Another Life"
Brian Brain: "Unexpected Noises"
Broken Tables: "The Ruins"
Collin Potter: "In The Hall"
Conceputol: "Bulk Fiber" (Song Of the Week)
Croox: "Moderne Krankheiten"
Dark Day: "The Metal Benders"
Kaa Antilope: "Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird"
Men 2nd: "Transition"
Metronomes: "Regular Guys"
The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor: "Front"
Pas De Deux: "Lits Jumeaux"
Snowy Red: "Never Alive"
Vono: "Im Schein Des Neon"
The Wake: "Patrol"

#6: Further Readings For The Ears VI

700 Club: "Smog Heaven"
The Actor: "Gentlemen & Pettycoats"
Artificial Organs: "While The City Sleeps"
Baby Budha: "Robot Police"
Don Bartnick: "Gefährliche Karriere"
Futurisk: "Meteoright"
Gregor S.: "Floh"
Im Namen Des Volkes: "Raumkrank"
Jeff and Jane Hudson: "Operating Instructions"
Los Iniciados: "Isis Y Osiris"
Mydolls: "The-Rapist"
Pink Industry: "State of Grace"
Soft Cell: "Tupperware Party"
Trommerfrauen: "Glasaugen"

#7: Further Readings For The Ears VII

Absolut: "Zivilpolizist"
Crash Course In Sciene: "Mechanical Breakdown"
Der Plan: "Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel"
Deutsche Schaferhunde: "Rosa Brille"
Die Doraus & Die Marinas: "Fred Vom Jupiter" (for Paul K. and his family)
Die Radierer: "Angriff Auf's Schlaraffenland"
Mark Lane: "They Call It Game:
Moderne: "Indicatif"
New Musik: "The New Evolutionist"
Our Daughter's Wedding: "Target For Life"
Piefke & Pafke: "..Und Es Geht Ab"
The Rev: "A Thin Grey Space"
Symphonique Elegance: "What Love Can Do"
Traneninvasion: "Sentimental"
Visitors: "Moth"

#8: Further Readings For The Ears VIII

Basking Sharks: "New Industry"
Bene Gesserit: "She Is Walking"
Dalek I Love You: "This Kiss"
Faction: "Poussez"
I Start Counting: "You And I"
Jennie Cruse: "Don't You Think"
Kon-g-nial: "Wir Haben Keine Zeit"
Kuruki: "Crocodile Tears"
Las Chinas: "El Hombre Salvaje"
Miko Saarela & Organ: "Robotti"
Minny Pops: "Island"
Moral: "Trees In November"
Piefke & Pafke: "Und Es Geht Ab"
Polyphonic Size: Rendez-vous"
Sluik: "Back To Burnsley"

#9: Further Readings For The Ears IX

Brian Brain: "They've Got Me In A Bottle"
Cinema 90: "In Ultra Violet"
Co Mix: "Sarah In Sahara"
D.A.F.: "Der Mussolini"
Der Kunftige Musikant: "Kain Und Abel"
Experimental Products: "New Project"
Fall Of Saigon: "Blue Eyes"
Flash Cero: "Ciudad Estelar"
Heute: "Traurig-Lustig"
Jill Kroesen: "I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here"
Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons: "Happy Funeral"
Neon: "Information Of Death"
OMD: "Mystereality"
Our Daughter's Wedding: "Raincoats & Silverware"
Rheingold: "Flu + f"

#10: Further Readings For The Ears X

B People: "I Said Everybody"
Cinema 90: "In Ultra Violet"
Defuser: "World Suicide"
Die Radierer: "Schlaraffenland"
Die Unbekannten: "Radio War (live)"
Doppler Effect: "Time Is Running Out"
Ensemble Pittoresque: "Maitre Satori"
Food And Shelter: "What Is The Problem"
Gorilla Aktiv: "Spiegelbild"
Mechanics: "Consumer"
Mickey Bliss: "Cocktails For Two"
Soft Cell : "Cleansing Fanatic"
Surplus Stock: "Take It"
Wall Of Voodoo: "The Passenger (live)"
Xex: "St. Vitus' Dance (demo)"

#11: Further Readings For The Ears XI

Att Som: "Film Noir"
Delta: "Mr. E. Chaos"
Earthling: "You Go On Natural"
Femme Fatale: "Velours"
Jesus Couldn't Drum: "Caught In A Dream"
Komputer: "The World Of Tomorrow"
P-Model: "White Cigarettes"
Pragvec: "Happy Valley"
Seep Maier's Gloves: "Ambition"
Servotron: "3 Laws"
Special Affect: "Headache"
Sudeten Creche: "Are Kisses Out Of Fashion"
Taxi Girl: "V2 Sur Mes Souvenirs"
UV Pop: "Four Minute Warning"
Y Pants: "Beautiful Food"

#12: Further Readings For The Ears XII

Alien Skull Paint: "Fly With Me"
Baard: "Saviour For The Nations"
Citizen UK: "Dining On Expense"
Cold Phoenix: "La Fleur Du Destin"
Guyer's Connection: "Ar Isch Schon"
Helen Love: "We Love You"
Inertia: "Submarine"
Informatics: "Satellite To Russia"
Iron Curtain: "First Punk Wars"
Martin Dupont: "Dirty Hands"
Product Of Reason: "Active Repetition"
Science Patrol: "Bandit Ducks From Outer Space"
Stahlnetz: "Vor All Den Jahren"
Sun Yama: "Subterranean Homesick Blues"
Syntoma: "Subliminal"

#13: Further Readings For The Ears XIII

Candidate: "Hero 0"
Causey Way: "The Smartest Employee"
Frohliche Eiszeit: "Madchen In Der Eisbar"
The Human League: "Seconds"
Kas Product: "Never Come Back"
Mark Lane: "Mystery Hero"
Metal Urbain: "50-50"
Moral: "The Wedding"
Oppenheimer Analysis: "Subterranean Desire"
SIC: "Voltage Control"
Subject: "The Happy Nurse"
Telex: "Pakmovast"
Trees: "11:00 AM"
Vita Noctis: "This Is Not The Life"

#14: Further Readings For The Ears XIV (Instrumentals I)

18e Oktober: "En Gomd Tid (Kallar Version)
A.T.R.O.X.: "Against The Odds"
Bene Gesserit: "Clear Blue Sky"
Blancmange: "Sad Day"
Brian Brain: "Jet Boats Up The Ganges"
Do-Po: "Oxidization"
Doxa Sinistra: "Conversation A La Chaine"
E-Coli: "Borax"
Jacno: "Triangle"
Les Freres Lefdup: "Caracol"
Logic System: "Domino Dance"
Plus Instruments: "Rush Hour"

#15: Further Readings For The Ears XV

Antenna: "Achilles"
Bert Barten: "On Spel Met Wie"
Die Kapazitat: "Je Mon Fous"
Ensemble Pittoresque: "Artificials"
Gadgets: "Kyleaking - Making Cars"
Jill Kroesen: "Wayne Hayes Blues
Kebob: "Weekend"
Masoch: "Venus"
Matthias Schuster: "Raumkrank"
Nightmares In Wax: "Shangri-La"
Nine Circles: "I'm Deeply Touched"
The Normal: "T.V.O.D."
P-Model: "Pinky Trick"
Solid Space: "A Darkness In My Soul"
Xeno And Oaklander: "Celeste"

#16: Further Readings For The Ears XVI (Instrumentals II)

A Mouse Orchestra: "A Lump In Your Throat Pt. 2"
Confusional Quartet: "Dlin Dlon Cow-Boy"
Daily Fauli: "Zoo"
Doxa Sinistra: "Coolidge Effect"
Farenheit: "Farenheit #1"
Glamour For Evening: "Why Don't You Hear Me?"
Irene & Mavis: "Holiday Camp"
Logic System: "Plan"
Los Microwaves: "Postponed Is Not Forgotten"
Moev: "Common House"
Social Climbers: "Palm Springs"
V2 Schneider: "Masko (Instrumental)"

#17: Further Readings For The Ears XVII

Der Herr Kam Uber Sie: "Love Me Or Leave Me"
The Epoxies: "Everything Looks Beautiful On Video"
Iron Curtain: "The Burning"
Kas Product: "Take Me Tonight"
Kebob: "Life Is A Joke (short cut)"
Linear Movement: "Due To You"
Mats Oloffson: "Silicon"
Olney: "The Parade On Olny Avenue"
Oppenheimer Analysis: "Security Risk"
Our Daughter's Wedding: "Airlines"
Polyphonic Size: "Mode"
SSQ: "Synthisize"
Starter: "Plastic"
Tuxedomoon: "Pinheads On The Move"
The Units: "Cannibals"

#18: Further Readings For The Ears XVIII (Instrumentals III)

A Blaze Color: "Fisk (V.2.0.)"
Absolute Body Control: "Numbers track 04"
Bene Gesserit: "Clear Blue Sky"
Bernard Sza: "Welcome (To Deathrow)"
Grauzone: "Kunstgewerbe"
Liquid Sky Soundtrack: "Margaret's Childhood"
Los Iniciados: "Obertura"
Minny Pops: "Mountain""
Neal Von Non & The Guinea Pigs: "Digress"
Olney: "Of Palindrome Design"
Social Climbers: "Ernie K"
Work-Shy Brothers: "In The Eye Of A Hurricane"

#19: Further Readings For The Ears XIX

The Actor: "Deutsches Modchen"
AG Geige: "Nazenwalzer"
Arthur Harrison & Rupert Chappelle: "Interstellar Safeway"
B Movie: "Moles"
Futurisk: "Poison Ivy"
Inbase: "Christine"
Industry: "Ready For The Wave"
Los Microwaves: "Radio Heart"
Martin Dupont: "Sticks In My Brain"
Nash The Slash: "Dead Man's Curve"
Plus Instruments: "Special"
Severed Heads: "Adolf A Carrot"
Telex: "Twist In St. Tropez"
Tone Set: "What Good's A Hit Song?"
Y Pants: "Favorite Sweater".

#20: Further Readings For The Ears XX (Instrumentals IV)

AK47: "Stop! Dance!"
Christian Lunch: "Bitchen Egyptian"
Deutsche Wertarbeit: "Deutscher Wald"
Doris Norton: "Machine Language"
E.G. Oblique Graph: "Fall Into Glass"
Intense Molecular Activity: "Beat Street"
L'Aventure Imaginaire: "Athen"
The Little Legends: "Swamp Walk"
Mockba Music: "Harry"
Olney: "Heart And Soul"
Selentie Vox: "Sans Titre"
Syntoma: "Sensaciones Ilegales"

#21: Further Readings For The Ears XXI

Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport: "Talking To Cleopatra"
Brian Brain: "Got The Hots For You"
Chrisma: "Vetra Platz"
Crash Course In Science: "Cakes In The Home"
Dark Day: "Nudes In The Forest"
Datafreq: "I Desire"
Deux: "Dance With Me"
The Doll: "Desire Me"
P-Model: "Missile"
Social Climbers: "Domestic"
Spooky Dance: "The Spooky Dance"
SSQ: "Screaming In My Pillow"
Thick Pigeon: "Subway"
Y Pants: "The Fly"
Yello: "Bimbo"

#22: Further Readings For The Ears XX (Instrumentals V)

18e Oktober: "Svarta Klot"
AD Conspiracy: "Eeg Egg"
Confusional Quartet: "Beguine Sulla Luna"
Freitoid: "Post Stanley Mambo"
Johan Vavare: "Jingel Nr 1"
Liquid Sky: "Afternoon"
Los Paranos: "Le Sureau"
Mittageisen: "Erinnerung"
Nash The Slash: "Metropolis"
The Same: "Auntie Meat"
Schleimer K: "Women"
Tara Cross: "Tori's Dream"

#23: Further Readings For The Ears XXIII

1'Ere Classe: "Poupee Flash"
Algebra Suicide: "Heat Wave"
Ben Gesserit: "Kull Wahad"
Cluster: "Hollywood"
Comix: "L'Amour Gratuit"
Department S: "She's Expecting You"
Depeche Mode: "Dreaming Of Me"
Hessen Ganz Gross: "3 Antworten"
Indians In Moscow: "Dies Irae"
John Bender: "Women's Runner"
Kate Fagan: "I Don't Wanna Be Cool"
Ken Clinger: "Carla West (The Human Bird Nest)
Portion Control: "Across The Fence"
Xex: "You Think"
X-Ray Pop: "L'eurasienne"

#24: Further Readings For The Ears XXIV (Instrumentals VI)

Absolute Body Control: "Numbers Track 10"
Blancmange: "Just Another Spectre"
Confusional Quartet: "Sigla"
Copycat Massacre: "Video Pump 4 God"
David Jackman: "Do The Dog"
DL Lectric & Anthon Shield: "Liquid Time"
Huffnung & Psyche: "Das Auto"
Lars Cleveman, Martin Rossel & Dom Dummaste: "Och Sa Sade Han"
Liquid Sky Soundtrack: "Noon"
Los Iniciados: "Presentacion Del Principe Friexinet"
Olny: "Note By Note (the song plays on..)"
Tom Furgus: "It Is If It Is By Me"

#25: Further Readings For The Ears XXV

Alien Skull Paint - Strobelights
B Troop - Peroxide Romance
Dalek I Love You - Destiny
Datafreq: "I Love Japanese Girls"
Glorious Strangers: "Media, Media"
Holger Hiller: "Sentimental"
Hymn: "Hope I Dream"
Jeff And Jane Hudson: "P.C.P."
No More: "In A White Room"
Mike Oldfield: "Sheba"
Plus Instruments: "Things"
Trio: "Da Da Da"

#26: Further Readings For The Ears XXVI (Instrumentals VII)

Andreas Dorau: "Sehnsucht Nach Dem Osten""
Christian Lunch: "Tears From Jurgen Wo"
Doxa Sinistra: "Ruhrgebiedt"
Exkurs: "Ausblick"
Fred Frith: "A Spit In The Ocean"
Ich: "123234"
Irene & Mavis: "Just Another Spectre"
Los Iniciados: "Desfile"
Nash The Slash: "Reactor No. 2"
Rheingold: "Digital"
Thomas Leer: "Tight As A Drum"
Vorgruppe: "Puppentanz"

#27: Further Readings For The Ears XXVI

20-20 Systems: "Dresden"
Art Bears: "Rats And Monkeys"
Cabaret Volaire: "Nag Nag Nag"
GPJ: "Tristess  No. 3"
Hidden Combo: "Music From A Sophmore"
Ikara Colt: "May B I Day #2"
Martin Dupont: "Take A Look"
Organ: "Organ" (may not be real title of song)
Patrick D. Martin: "Computer Datin'"
Rheingold: "Rendezvous"
Sharks: "Innocence"
Steven Grandell: "Fight At The End"
Telex "Someday Un-Jour"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Der Grosse Mafioso"

#28: Further Readings For The Ears XXVI (Instrumentals VIII)

A.T.R.O.X.: "New York Track Race"
Colin Potter: "Jackpot"
DL Lectric & Anthon Shield: "La Nausee Et I Angoisse"
Don Bartnick Und Crashman: "Leben In Der Geisterstadt"
Emak: "Filmmusik"
Film De Guerre: "Piste 1"
Kein Mensch: "Du Tom"
Neu!: "Isi"
Nova: "Terranova"
Tom Furgus: "Trilobites"
Tone Set: "Waiting For Oatmeal"
Transparent Illusion: "Sections"

#29: Further Readings For The Ears XXIX

Algebra Suicide: "True Love At The World's Fair"
Candidate: "Strange Girl"
Exkurs: "Warten"
Fix & Fertig: "Cube Carrelage Blanc"
Hajime Tachibana: "Rock"
Indians In Moscow: "The Price Of Love"
Inner Landscapes: "Audio Track 4"
Matthias Schuster: "F++R Alles Auf Der Welt"
Polyrock; "Romantic Me"
Psy 231: "Rockin' Rollin' Rythmus"
Stahlnetz: "Wir Sind Glucklich"
Suicide: "Ghost Rider"
Units: "High Pressure Days"
UV Pop: "Arcade Fun"

#30: Further Readings For The Ears XXVI (Instrumentals IX)

Absolute Body Control: "Numbers, Track 06"
Bene Gesserit: "G.P.P.M."
Blancmange: "Holiday Camp"
C.U.B.S.: "Akut & Praktisch"
Candidate: "Oasis"
Controlled Bleeding: "Music For Last Words"
Copy Cat Massacre: "Intermission"
El Avidador Dro: "El Retorno De Godzilla"
Ich: "KraftFahrt"
Los Iniciados: "Danza Inca De La Tia Ubu"
Moderne: "Eldorado"
Sudeten Creche: "Asylums In Beirut"

#31: Further Readings For The Ears XXXI

1000 Ohm: "Look Around"
Ami Marie: "Wir Sind Zufrieden"
Charisma: "Gott Gott Electron"
Colin Potter: "We Are So Glad"
Comix: "Walkman Video"
Gorilla Aktiv: "Umsonst Ohne Riskio - Suono Seguito"
Invisible Limits: "Five Hours"
Moral: "Frosty Nights"
Nu_Beams: "Sterile Swab"
Plus Instruments: "So"
Tara Cross: "Limelight"
Testcard F: "Bandwagon Tango"
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental: "MOnochrome Days"
Tone Set: "Wigglin' Around In Middletown"
Xex: "Fashion Hurts"

#32: Further Readings For The Ears XXXI (Instrumentals X)

Alan R.: "Logarithm"
Andreas Dorau: "Sommer Im Dornrosental"
B.E.F.: "B.E.F. Ident"
Begin Says: "Lenine Says"
Blancmange: "Overspreading Art Genius"
Die Gesunden: "Die Gesunded Kommen"
Donnie Darko Soundtrack: "The Artifact & Living"
Fra Lippo Lippi: "Fabric Wardrobe"
Human Puppets: "Moving Closer"
Noh Mask: "Dreams Of Youth"
Pragvec: "Men's Casual Wear 1962"
Sudenten Creche: "Dance (Instrumental)"

#33: Further Readings For The Ears XXXIII

AD Conspiracy: "Conspiracy"
Autumn: "A Night In June"
Begin Says: "The Begin"
Chrisma: "Black Silk Stocking"
Comateens: "Summer In The City"
Glamour For Evening: "Monsieur Muscle"
Grauzone: "Der Weg Zu Zweit"
Komputer: "Valentina"
Life In General: "That's Life"
Martin Dupont: "Just Because"
Metronomes: "I Like To Waltz"
The Rev: "Tiny, Tinny Radio"
Scientific Americans: "Fascist"
Soft Cell; "Walking Make-Up Counter"
The Vets: "World In Action"

#34: Further Readings For The Ears XXXIV (Instrumentals XI)

AK47: "Autobiography"
Autumn: "Close Rays Of Light Attack"
B.E.F.: "Rise Of The East"
BC Gilbert & G Lewis: "Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch"
Chris & Cosey: "Moorby"
Ende Shneafliet: "De Romant"
Ich: "Speicher 8"
Man Ray Band: "I Feel So Bad"
Matthias Schuster: "Umarung"
Michael Heinkel: "Samstag Ist Nur Einmal In Der Woche"
Thomas Leer: "Kings Of Sham"
Vorgruppe: "Miteinander"

#35: Further Readings For The Ears XXXV

A Blaze Colour: "Cold As Ever"
The Buggles: "Video Killed The Radio Star"
Cebere: "Hommage"
Cosmic Overdose: "Rattan"
Decade of Dreams: "Days Of Sun"
Disco Volante: "Click!"
Family Fodder: "Cerf Volant"
Fizik: "History"
Glass Actors: "Changes"
Idol Death: "Sticky Death"
Los Reactors: "Be A Zombie"
Moral: "The Average Life"
The Nightingales: "The Happy Medium"
Paul Nova: "Julie Ann"
Trick 17: "50 KmH In Geschlossenen Ortschaften"

#36: Further Readings For The Ears XXXVI

Attack Under Attack: "Operating Instructions"
Cold Dogs In The Courtyard: "Nagisa Oshima"
Comix: "Touche Pas Mon Sexe"
Conceputol: "The Space Invaders"
Egoslavia: "Lost Song"
Instant Music: "Everybody's Gotta Mutate"
Moderne: "Dilemma"
Normal Brain: "Music"
Olney: "Springs And Gadgets"
Operating Theatre: "Blue Light And Alpha Waves"
Pope Paul Pot: "Plastic T.V. Land On Acid"
Strange Circuits: "Industrial Living"
Taxi Girl: "Cherchez Le Garcon (solitaire)"
Thomas Leer And Robert Rental: "Day Breaks, Night Heals"
X-Ray Pop : "Mireille"

#37: Further Readings For The Ears XXXVII (Instrumentals XII)

Darmstorung: "Rin Rut Blank"
Der Zyklus: "Mathematische Modelle"
Dok-U-Ment: "Live In Fear"
E. G. Oblique Graph: "Black Cloth Behind De Gaulles"
E.M.A.K.: "Tanz Der Vampire"
The Freed Unit: "M2"
Glen Nelson: "Move In Reverse"
Heavy Mental Music: "Phase 1"
Perverse Teens: "Electrostatic Perversion"
Port Said: "The Trail Of The Sphinx"
Solvent: "Background Noise (don't become)"
Thomas Scholz: "2-3"

#38: Further Readings For The Ears XXXVI

2.3 Children: "Harry Bop Slow"
Brian Brain: "I Get Pain"
Christof Glowalla: "Erde 80"
Comateens: "Overseas"
Dalek I: "The Retailer's Dream"
The Days: "Ewigkeit"
Einzelganger: "Einzelganger"
Exhibit A: "Platform 6"
The Fast Set: "Junction One"
Gina X Performance: "Plastic Surprise Box"
Mi-Sex: "Computer Games"
Polyphonic Size: "Mother's Little Helper"
Sluik: "I Felt A Bit, I Was"
Solvent: "My Radio"
Tiny Tribe: "Bay Street"

#39: Further Readings For The Ears XXXVII (Instrumentals XIII)

B.E.F. : "Wipe The Board Clean"
Chrisma: "Thank You"
Cleaners From Venus: "This Rainy Decade"
Dachau Philharmoniker: "Hollenlarm"
Der Plan: "Commerce Exterieur Mondial Senti"
If-Then-Else: "Warhead"
Mark Anthony Heide: "Factory Dance"
Polyrock: "7"
Rheingold: "Abfahrt"
Tattoo Hosts Vision On: "To Reason Why"
Tom Ware: "Chinatowne"
Gil Trythall: "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

#40: Further Readings For The Ears XXXX

49 Americans: "Beat Up Russians"
A Popular History Of Signs: "Justice Not Vengeance"
Alien Skull Paint: "Nowhere"
Art Interface: "Wardance"
Autumn: "Synthesize"
Chrisma: "Rush '79"
Conrad Schnitzer: "Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal"
The Dodgems: "Science Fiction"
Familie Hesselbach: "Blut Im Stuhl"
Fujiya & Miyagi: "Ankle Injuries"
Kuruki: "W.S. Remake"
Minny Pops: "Footsteps"
No More: "Suicide Commando"
Testcard F: "Unfamiliar Room"
Volkstanz: "Revolving Purple Monkees"

#41: Further Readings For The Ears XXXXI

Comix: "L'amour C'est Magique"
Esplendor Geometrico: "Moscu Esta Helado (Moscow Is Frozen)"
Familie Hesselbach: "Certo Fascino"
Hit Parade: "Bad News"
Ian Elms: "The Street Enters The House"
Indoor Life: "Madison Ave."
Kas Product: "Mind"
Kosmonautentraum: "Juri Gagarin"
League Of Nations: "Systematic Eyes"
Martial Canterel: "Shrapnelle (K7)"
Neon Eyes: "Communication Without Sound"
Null And Void: "Japanese Forest"
Starter: "Minijupe"
Kim Wilde: "Kids In America"
Xex: "Delta Five"

#42: Further Readings For The Ears XXXVII (Instrumentals XIV)

Crash Course In Science: "Crashing Song"
Harald Grosskopf: "Transcendental Overdrive"
Mark Anthony Heide: "Dance In Juxtaposition Part One"
Michael Rother: "Karussell"
NES - Duck Tales: "The Moon" (computer game music)
NES - Shadowgate: "Ending" (computer game music)
Paul Nova: "Summer Breeze"
Perrey-Kingsley: "One Note Samba-Spanish Flea"
Selenite Vox: "Voix Dans Le Tunnel"
Solvent: "Radar Receiver"
Armando Trovaioli: "Kinky Peanuts"
Underground Life: "Horizon Border"

#43: Further Readings For The Ears XXXXIII

ADN' Ckrystall: "Tam Tam Samba"
Bera Maor: "Manner"
Berlin: "The Metro"
Blago-Bung: "Auto-Suggestion"
Cracked Mirror: "Obituary Column"
Guerre Froide: "Gloria Victis"
The Housekeepers: "Solar Ferris Wheel"
Kiem: "Behind"
Mechanical Servants: "Study Up"
Perfect Vision: "Repetition"
P-Model: "Art Mania"
Polyrock: "Your Dragging Feet"
Product of Reason: "Your Song"
Sandi And The Sunsetz: "Alive"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Analphabet"

#44: Further Readings For The Ears XXXXIV

Bal Pare: "Palais D. Amour"
Craig Sibley: "You See Art, I See Clay"
Die Kapazitat: "O.S.R.L."
DUR: "Machinemusik"
Experimental Products: "Modern Living"
Futurologischer Kongress: "(stoned im) Dschungel"
The Government: "Hemingway (Hated Disco Music)"
Industrials: "Idiot Dancers"
Last Four (4) Digits: "City Streets"
The Nails: "88 Lines About 44 Women"
Neon Judgement: "Schizophrenic Freddy"
The November Group: "I Live Alone"
Odd Stories: "Hjarten Al Glas"
Saal 2: "Angst Vorm Tanzen"
Tone Set: "Life Is Busy"

#45: Further Readings For The Ears XXXVII (Instrumentals XV)

Bill Nelson: "Dada Guitar"
Chris & Cosey: "Heartbeat"
Colin Potter: "Quick One"
Conrad Schnitzler: "Ballet Statique"
Event Group: "Lost In Bass"
Harald Grosskopf: "1847 - Earth"
Michael Rother: "Zyklodrom"
Nash The Slash: "Danger Zone"
NES - Goonies 2 "Room"
Red Zebra: "Graveyard Shuffle"
Sutterlin: "Es Ist Mai"
Underground Life: "Slow Excitation"

#46: Further Readings For The Ears XXXXVI

Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport: "Lost In Madagascar"
Central Unit: "Saturday Night"
Clock DVA: "4 Hours" (Original Single Mix)
Eurythmics: "Never Gonna Cry Again"
Gloria Mundi: "Fight Back!"
Peter Godwin: "Images Of Heaven"
Grauzone: "Traume Mit Mir"
Hepatitis Risk: "Wet Dreams"
Hubert Kah: "Rosemarie
Magnetique Bleu: "Starwars Dan Ma Tete"
Moderne: "Switch On Bach"
Nervous Gender: "People Like You"
Silicon Teens: "Sun Flight"
Trem: "My Robotic Friend"
Young Marble Giants: "Wurlitzer Jukebox"

#47: Further Readings For The Ears XXXXVII

Aerial FX: "Hold Me"
Aroma Di Amore: "De Dobberman"
Art Interface: "Real Pretty-Like"
Faith Global: "coded Word"
The Future: "Pulse Lovers"
Im Namen Des Volkes: "System Uberlastet"
Ken Klinger: "Waltzing Again"
Krisma: "Gott Gott Electron"
Metropolis: "See No Reason"
Nullset: "To The Point"
Olney: "Sewn Into My Heart"
Polyphonic Size: "Party"
Portion Control: "Diving"
The Stupid Set: "Relaxin'"
Tara Cross: "I Won't Cut It Away"

#48: Further Readings For The Ears XXXVIII (Instrumentals XVI)

Art Interface: "Dance Hit"
Bizarre Leidenschaft: "Bizarre L."
The Dead Goldfish Ensemble: "Ace"
NES - Ygar: "Underground Cave"
P.C.R.: "Damon Organ"
PLX 15: "Lufteturen"
Port Said: "Indian Ocean, Voyage 2"
Resistance: "Glimmer"
Second Decay: "Laboratorium I"
Solvent: "An Introduction To Science"
Suttterlin: "Intermezzo"
Young Marble Giants: "Sporting Life"

#49: Further Readings For The Ears XXXXIX

Absolute Body Control: "So Obvious"
Dark Day: "Chameleon"
Dog Faced Hermans: "Wings"
Feltman Trommelt: "Out Of World"
Fred: "Reactor Lightning"
Heute: "Frohling"
Komputer: "International Space Station"
New Musik: "The New Evolutionist" (a repeat. sorry folks!)
Pink Turns Blue" I Coldly Stare Out"
Plastics: "Robot" (7" version)
Rational Youth: "Beware The Fly"
Red Tapes: "Falling"
SSQ: "Anonymous"
Surplus Stock: "Anecdote"
Young Marble Giants: Brand New Life"

#50: Further Readings For The Ears L (Instrumentals XVII)

A.T.R.O.X.: "Voices"
Absolute Body Control: "Numbers, track 05"
Bal Pare: "Bal Pare"
Brian Brain: "Brainstorm"
Cabaret Voltaire: "Landslide"
Cermanic Hello: " Theatre Matrix"
Coil: "Clap"
Der Kunftige Musikant: "La Luna"
Harmonia: "Notre Dame"
Nash The Slash: "In A Glass Eye"
Picky Picnic: "My Toast Time"
Sutterlin: "Leichte Leiter"

#51: Further Readings For The Ears LI

Laurie Anderson: "Let X=X"
B Movie: "Nowhere Girl"
Big Black: "Bad Penny"
Devo: "Beautiful World"
Thomas Dolby: "Flying North"
M: "Pop Muzik"
Gary Numan: "I Die You Die"
ODW: "Target For Life"
OMD: "The New Stone Age"
Robert Palmer: "Looking For Clues"
Peter Schiling: "Major Tom (Coming Home)"
The Stranglers: "All Roads Lead To Rome"
The The: "Uncertain Smile"
Ultravox: "Sleepwalk"

#52: Further Readings For The Ears LII (Instrumentals XVIII)

Ceramic Hello: "Staticarnival"
Christian Lunch: "Tears F.J.W."
Copycat Massacre: "Munsters Go Egyptian"
Der Modern Man: "Neues Aus Hong Kong"
Ester And The Totem: "One"
Ensemble Pittoresque: "O.B.W.T."
FDJ: "Chaos-Ende Von Modernes Kriegsspiel_Freiheitlicher Rechtsstaat"
Harald Grosskopf: "Synthesist"
Hot Butter: "Tequila"
Moog Cookbook: "Ziggy Stardust"
Paay: "1a"
Tattoo H.: "To Reason Why"


#1: Analog CyberPunk Third Series I

1.Futurologischer: "Stoned Im Dschungel"
3 Teens Kill 4: "Crime Drama"
INC: "Pure As Ice"
Kuruki: "Just A Cat" (7" version)
Len Liggins: "The Children"
Modern Mannequins: "The Story"
Nervous Gender: "Push, Push, Push"
Oppenheimer Analysis: "New Mexico"
Plus Instruments: "Between The Wars"
Profil: "1964"
Robert Ellis Orrall: "Call The Uh-Oh Squad"
Taxi Girl: "Petit Jardin Chinois"
Transparent Illusion: "Malice Way"
Van Kaye & Ignit: "Alice Notley"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Kopfgeldjager"

#2: Analog CyberPunk Third Series II (Instrumentals XIX)

A.T.R.O.X.: "Across The Meadow"
Absolute Body Control: "Total Control"
Art Interface: "Chinese Takeaway"
Dementia Precox: "Coppola 13"
Guyer's Connection: "Die Grille"
Human Puppets: "Funny Men"
Kwalitat 100 (percent): "Schrott"
Metronomes: "Moral Climates"
Perrey-Kingsley: "Baroque Hoedown"
Profil: "Immer Mehr"
Ptose: "1 & 2"

Ptose: "Jazz Party"

#3: Analog CyberPunk Third Series III

39 Clocks; "Aspetando Godo"
B Troop: "Strange Time"
BOB: "Thomas Edison"
Experimental Products: "The Addict"
Invisible Limits: "No Doubts"
JJ Burnell: "Freddie Laker (Concorde And Eurobus)"
Kosmonautentraum: "Epilog"
Los Microwaves: "What's That Got To Do (With Loving You)"
Mary And Ken: "Happy"
Mythos: "Robot Secret Agents"
Scattered Order" Heat"
Servotron: "People Mover"
Trick 17: "Hey, Komm Sclaf Mit Mir"
Urban Verbs: "Frenzy"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Erste Hilfe"

#4: Analog CyberPunk Third Series IV

(Hypothetical) Prophets: "Person To Person"
Absolute Body Control: "Final Report"
Bay Of Pigs: "Everything Changes"
Copycat Massacre: "If Eye'm A Pirate Again"
Dali's Car: "His Box"
Hugo Klang: "Grand Life For Fools And Idiots"
Kevin Dunn: "20,000 Years in Sing-Sing"
Minny Pops: "The Sea"
Palais Schaumburg: "Macht Mich Gluecklich Wie Nie"
Pinpoint: "Family Life"
Puhdys: "TV Show"
Snowy Red: "Come On Dance"
Soft Cell: "Pyrex My Cuisine"
Y Pants: "Beat It Down"
Zwischyenfall: "Atemlos"

#5: Analog CyberPunk Third Series V (Instrumentals XX)

4227-B: "First Tones"
Andy Giorbino: "Der Kleien Koch"
B.E.F.: "Groove Thang"
Ceramic Hello: "The Grey Man"
Colin Potter: "The Long Road"
Der Kunftige Musikant: "Warten Auf Das Grosse Ha-Ha"
Dominion: "Syssiphus Leaves The Mountain"
Human Puppets: "A Short Message"
Ptose: "Boule"
Ptose: "Le Mort Qui Fuit"
Syntoma: "Sortilegios Industriales"
Wrinklemuzik: "Bangkok"

#6: Analog CyberPunk Third Series VI

1984: "Tu Nie Bedzie Rewolucji"
Algebra Suicide: "Little Dead Bodies"
Alu: "Jetzt Oder Nie"
Bona Dish: "Actress"
Doppler Effect: "Four Day Romance"
Fall Of Saigon: "On The Beach At Fontana"
John Foxx: "Tidal Wave"
The Future: "Blank Clocks"
Gleaming Spires: "At Together"
Plus Instruments: "Freundschaft"
Robert Rental: "Double Heart"
Roy Finch: "Buildings"
Sammie America's Gasphetti; "Top Of The Dream"
Silvia: "Ich Bin Nicht Die"
Von Beat: "Synthetic Environment"

#7: Analog CyberPunk Third Series VII

2.3 Children: "I Don't Understand"
Absolute Body Control: "The Man I Wanna Be"
Camera 3: "Russians In Space"
Chris & Cosey: "This Is Me"
Eyeless In Gaza: "Speech Rapid Fire"
Gary Panter: "Italian Sunglass Movie"
Informatics: "Hungry Pets"
Jeff And Jane Hudson: "Los Alamos"
Los Iniciados: "Cancion 2a De Los Palontines"
Martial Canterel: "Never Wind"
Modern Art Studio: "Satisfaction"
Necropolis Of Love: "Talk"
The The: "This Is The Day"
Violette Noziere: "Incendie"
Yellow Magic Orchestra: "La Femme"

#8: Analog CyberPunk Third Series VIII

1. Futurologischer Congress: "Hot Love"
Celibates: "Whipped Cream Girls"
Ende Shneafliet: "Session Zeitgeist"
Gary Numan: "Down In The Park"
Grauzone: "Wutendes Glas"
Half Japanese: "Boule Cassette untitled 5"
League Of Nations: "Thin Ice Door"
Negativland: "Negativland"
Observers Observing Observables: "I Have Rental Car"
P4: "I'm In Love With A German Film Star"
Silvia: "Zuerst Ich"
Solvent: "Remote Control"
Sutterlin: "Disco Life"
Tara Cross: "Hotel Midnite"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Mutter & Vater"

#9: Analog CyberPunk Third Series IX (Instrumentals XXI)

Absolute Body Control: "Numbers - Track 01"
Bal Pare: "Stummfilm"
Linear Movement: "Don't Try To Trick Me"
Nash The Slash: "Wolf"
Perrey-Kingsley: "The Savers"
Pre Fix: "Ectomorphine"
Ptose: "Apparition"
Ptose: "Voyelles"
Steve Solamar: "Forewarned"
Tara Cross: "City Limit"
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental: "Perpetual"
U-Trend: "Fase 5"

#10: Analog CyberPunk Third Series X

39 Clocks: "DNS"
Bizarre Leidenschaft: "Storung"
Celibates: "Coming Alone"
Collective Horizontal: "Slow Guns"
Cosmic Overdose: "Puppan"
Indians In Moscow: "Indians In Moscow"
Metronomes: "Make It Plain"
New Musik; "Science"
OGI: Resistdance"
Partly Cloudy: "F--ked"
Pavillion 7b: "Love Loser"
Pleasant Peasants: "Pussman Polka"
Puhdys: "Sehnsucht"
Sudenten Creche: "Dance"
Xex: "S.N.G.A."

#11: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XI

Absolute Body Control: "Do You Feel It Inside"
Corrosive Crowd: "Sad Or Mad"
Dementia Precox: "Dead On 2 Legs Luncheonette"
Difficult Fun: "Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win"
Fall Of Saigon: "The Swimmer"
Fan Of '83: "For All Friends"
Gary Middleclass: "Coincidence"
Human Puppets: "In The Night"
Land Of Giants: "Cannibal Dolls"
Legopop: "Breakout"
Odd Stories: "Like You"
Page: "Aldrig Mer"
Susi Und Die Strolche: "Freut Euch Des Lebens"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Junge Leute"
Xeno And Alexander: "Blue Flower"

#12: Analog CyberPunk Third Series IX (Instrumentals XXII)

Adn Ckrystal: "Pour L'amour D'un Cygne & Puckies Power"
Ampnoise: "Even Programs Fall In Love"
Ann Summer: "Gordisk Knut"
The Dead Fish Ensemble: "Ewuska"
Hans Hendrickx: "Berlin Johnson"
John Foxx: "Film One"
Klax: "Magnetar"
N.I.: "Poodle Hatter"
Plugpoint Music: "Sunny Days Are Holidays"
Ptose: "Dance"
Ron Hubbard: "The Immortal (track 5)"
Shoc Corridor: "Artificial Horizon"

#13: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XIII

Agentss: "Angra"
The Citizens: "The Club"
Enema Och Gejonte: "No No I Don't Wanna Go"
Ensemble Pittoresque: "Tetra Kilo"
Githead: "Profile"
Gorilla Aktiv: "Das Gesicht"
Kannibalen Und Missionare: "Come"
Lee Negin: "Nothing Goes Right"
Martin Human: "Rocks And Caves"
Pelvic Thrust: "The Night Is Not Bad"
Reverse: "Greed"
Second Layer: "State Of Emergency"
Silvia: "Sauf Und Stirb"
Standard Of Living: "She Loves You"
Zero Zero: "Harlekin"

#14: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XIV

Absolute Body Control: "A Broken Dream"
Andy Giorbino: "Lied An Die Freude"
B Troop: "Europe"
Chandra: "Concentration"
End Of Your Garden" Don't Walk Away In Silence"
Flash Cero: "Vertigo"
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle: "Ab Nach Indien"
Inertia: "The Singer Is Absent"
Martial Canterel: "Windscreen"
Plus Instruments: "Eyes"
Profil: "Immer Mehr"
Robert Palmer: "Johnny And Mary"
Soma Holiday" Too Many People"
Transparent Illusion: "The Age Of Ridicule"
Young Marble Giants: "Searching For Mr. Right"

#15: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XV (Instrumentals XXIII)

Autumn: "The Third Autumn"
Chrisma: "Thank You" (instrumental)
Clair Obscur: "Tiresias"
The Dead Fish Ensemble: "Painful Ears"
Duet Emmo: "Heart Of Hearts"
Eurocheque: "Handarbeit"
Kollaa Kestaa: "Tahtien Rauha"
The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor: "To Love Nuclear"
NES - Ron Hubbard: "The Immortal (track 4)"
Plugpoint Music: "Classical Thing"
Scott Faust: "The Age Of Crowds"
Selenite Vox: "Les Usines"

#16: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XVI

39 Clocks: "Psycho Beat"
Charles De Goal: "Dans Le Labyrinthe"
Cracked Mirror: "M.T.M.T.N.M.E."
Ende Shneafliet: "Mein Ganschen"
F-I: "Frat Boy"
Glorious Strangers: "Why Don't You Join The Army"
Height Dismay: "Girl From Ipanema"
Holger Hiller: "Jonny"
Horis Perideraio: "48 Sopes"
John Foxx: "Touch And Go"
Kein Mensch: "Kein Mensch!"
Moral: "Still Remaining"
Page: "Dansande Man"
Pinpoint: "Waking Up Tomorrow"
Ptose: "Sticky Soul"

#17: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XVII

AKA: "Raggedy Andy"
Algebra Suicide: "Please Respect Our Decadence"
Bruce Gilbert: "Epitaphe For Henran Brenlar"
Celibates: "Girls With Headphones"
Chrome: "Meet You In The Subway"
Dark Day: "Hands In The Dark"
Eurocheque: "CIA"
Men's Recovery Project: "They Found My Naked Body By The River"
Reinheit Des Herzens: "Paris Hat 7 Bruecken"
The Rings: "The Rhythm Method"
Theoretical Girls: "U.S. Millie"
Those Helicopters: "Shark"
The Units: "Warm Moving Bodies"
The Vyllies: "Ahia"
The Wipeouters: "Twist 'N' Launch"

#18: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XVIII

Absolute Body Control: "I Am Leaving"
Alambic: "Par Cheu Nous"
Bal Pare: "Kriminialitat"
Familie Hesselbach"
Gadgets: "Autumn 80"
Ingrid: "Zayre's Parking Lot"
John Bender: "Something"
Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons: "The Poet"
Men/Eject: "Apologize"
Null And Void: "All The Old Humans"
Nullset: "Unisphere"
Patrick D. Martin: "Press The Button"
Thomas Leer: "Letter From America"
Turquoise Days: "Grey Skies"
Yachts: "Yachting Types"

#19: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XIX

Absolute Body Control: "Touch Your Skin"
Alien Skull Paint: "Poison"
Cult Hero: "I'm A Cult Hero"
Drinking Electricity: "News Peak"
Ensemble Pittoresque: "Program"
Gorilla Aktiv: "Ottos Pornos"
Leer and Rental: "Monochrome Days"
Los Microwaves: "Wreckless Dialogue"
Martin Dupont: "Under Nylon"
Minny Pops: "Dolphin Spurt"
P-Model: "Kameari Pop"
Snowy Red: "Deep Desire"
Taxi Girl: "The Armies Of The Night"
Transparent Illusion: "Nuclear Release"
Voice Farm: "Mama Made Me Do It"

#20: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XX

1.Futurologischer Congress: "Rena
Aerial FX: "Instant Feelings"
Detonazione: "I Don't Wanna Be (a frustrated one)"
Doris Norton: "Artificial Intelligence"
Gene Loves Jezebel: "All The Young Dudes"
Greg Vandike: "Marie Celeste"
The Instant Automatons: "Restless Night"
Pavillon7b: "+"
Profil: "Lieber Gott"
Radio Free Europe: "Alien Day"
Simon Bloomfield & Tim Pearce: "(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures"
Standing Waves: "Integrating Circuits"
Systematics: "Bovine"
Telegraph: "Telegraphic"
Turquoise Days: "Blurred"

#21: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXI

2.3 Children: "Black Suit"
Algebra Suicide: "Why No Action Is Taken"
Alien Skull Paint: "Strobelights"
ALU: "Bitte Warten Sie!"
Crawling Chaos: "Sex Machine"
Ede Unde De Zimmermanner: "Klein Und Doof"
End Of Data: "Follow Me & So"
Gary Middleclass: "Reaction"
Human Puppets: "Minimal Man"
Perfect Vision: "Scratch And Howl"
Schon: "Pure Design"
Stephen Spera: "Sound Of The Crowd"
Thomas Leer: "Letter From America"
Van Kaye And Ignit: "Whirlwind"
Wrinklemuzik: "A Move To The Right"

#22: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXII

Adn Ckrystall: "Cocaina Vitamina"
ALU: "Funkturn"
Anonymous: "Corporate Food"
Karen Cooper Complex: "Petit Deja Vu"
League Of Nations: "Illuminas"
Marge And The Marvelous: "A Distance Dance"
Martial Canterel: "Consulates"
Phew: "Closed"
Polyphonic Size: "Logique Polygonale"
The Popular Sex: "Mad Heat"
Stephan Eicher: "Noise Boys Song"
The New Age: "2525"
White Boy: "Little Idiots"
Wunderlich Ausgang: "Picture"
Zoo Z: "On And On"

#23: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXIII (Instrumentals XXIV)

Alberto Gonzales: The Surfs' Nightmare "Village Walk"
Alien Skull Paint: "Underground"
Bugger West: "Water"
Eurocheque: "Sternchen"
Harald Grosskopf: "So Weit, So Gut"
Harmonia: "Deluze (Immer Wider)"
Marie Moor: "Pretty Day Tango"
Ron Hubbard: "The Immortal, Track 14"
Perrey-Kingsley: "Winchester Cathedral"
Temper Temper: "Body Blows"
The Vindictives: "Dummyroom"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Saigon"

#24: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXIV

Atom And His Package: "Going To Georgia"
Babyland: "Gehry"
Bal Pare: "Natalie II"
Bill Nelson: "Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam"
Brian Brain: "I'm Suffocating"
Embroidery Mary: "Red Nettle"
Experiments With Ice: "Red Bible"
Eyeless In Gaza: "Fixation"
Family Fodder: "Der Leiermann (organ grinder)"
Guyer's Connection: "La Transformation"
JF's Pop Phils: "Candy Store"
Joachim Witt: "Goldener Reiter"
Kas Product: "Breakloose"
The Twins: "Modern Lifestyle"
ZYX: "Trust No Women"

#25: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXV

39 Clocks: "Radical Student Mob In Satin Boots"
B Troop: "Killing Conversation"
Basking Sharks: "Croatia"
Chandra: "Subways"
Clock DVA: "Brigade"
Freiwillge Selbstkontrolle: "Verbotene Fruchte"
I'm So Hollow: "Entrance"
Jesus Couldn't Drum: "Beat The Dog"
Legs Akimbo!: "Got To Get My Legs Out Of Bed"
M-Bryo & D.M.T.: "The Empty Street"
Neal Von Non & The Guinea Pigs: "A Hard Day's Night"
Perfect Strangers: "Fascination"
Taxi Girl: "On Any Evening"
Transparent Illusion: "Demented"
Wonders Of Science: "Call It Off"

#26: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXVI

Alaska y Los Pegamoides: "Horror En E Hipermercado"
The Astronauts: "Getting Things Done"
Buzz: "Marinetti"
Daily Fauli: "Bus"
Dow Jones & The Industrials: "Hold That Coed"
Foreign Legion: "No Pictures No Regrets"
Futurisk: "What We Have To Have"
Mau Mau: "Herzschlag"
Monuments: "Herz Von Samt"
Moral: "Consumerism"
Second Planet: "Never Never Land"
Sixteens: "This Knife"
Taxi Girl: "N'importe Quel Soir"
Vicious Pink Phenomena: "My Private Tokyo"
Xex: "Cops (demo)"

#27: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXVII

Algebra Suicide: "Gist"
Class Info: "Come For Me"
Deux: "Decadence"
Devo: "S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)"
Digital Dance: "I Sleep On The Waves"
End Of Your Garden: "The Autumn"
Hohokam: "King"
Industry: "Caribbean Cruise"
Instant Music: "My Boy"
Naffi: "D'Ya Hear Me?"
Palais Schaumburg: "Kinder Der Tod (Erstversion)"
Starter: "Lunapark"
Stralis: "Herzlos"
Visitors: "Electric Heat"
Wirtschaftswunder: "Die Parade"

#28: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXVIII

Faith Global: "Yayo"
Halmens: "Q-P Dance"
Iron Curtain: "Tarantula Scream"
La Fondation: "B.A.B.A."
Lars Falk: "Rainy Days"
Less Dance: "There's A Will"
Markus: "Ich Will Spass"
Metropolis: "Russian Romance"
The Nails: "88 Lines ABout 44 Women"
No Moer: "Hypnotized"
Nullset: "Times Out"
Reverse: "Not The Police"
The Sea Of Wires: "Breathing"
The Systematics: "Let It Be"
The Vyllies: "Spiral House"

#29: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXIX

Batang Frisco: "Power"
Bobby And Synthia: "Dig That Space"
Bugger West: "Fine Hine"
Carmody: "Messengers Of Love"
Cold Dogs In The Courtyard: "Video Is Not Art"
Die Fische: "Machine To Machine"
Distant Thunder: "Cost-Benefit Analysis"
Hubert Kah: "Libido"
Human Backs: "Pulse Music"
Kaa Antilope: "Island Girl's Games"
Nasmak: "Ro Dance"
Ronnie & The Rhythm Boys"
Surplus Stock: "Capitals"
Video Clips: "Little Machine Box"
Wilma: "Alexander Haig"

#30: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXX

Andy Giorbino: 'Motor Im Kopf"
Art Interface: "Secretaries From Heaven"
Edie Sedgwick: "Martin Sheen"
Experiments With Ice: "Walk On Furniture"
Fatal Gift: "So Dear So Cheap"
FSK: "Was Kostet Die Welt"
Inertia: "All I Can Afford"
Intrinsic Action: "Manhattan Power Surge Track 07"
Patrick D. Martin: "Mutant"
Performance: "Pilotes"
Pope Paul Pot: "This Is Your Leader"
Rolf Jungklaus: "New Wave"
Synthenphall: "Abzaehlreim"
Time Statues: "Statue Of The Night"
Vice Versa: "New Girls Neutron"

#31: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXXI

Absolute Body Control: "Baby's On Fire"
Artificial Organs: "Fast Forward Theme"
Autumn: "Aparell I Ma"
Base Of Subsoil: "Relation"
Chandra: "Opposite"
Dali's Car: "The Judgment Is The Mirror"
Ensemble Pittoresque: "The Art Of Being"
Henry Badowski: "Making Love With My Wife"
The Higher Primates: "Living In A Vacuum"
Martin Dupont: "Brittle Hero"
Pascal Comelade: "Again"
Psychic Youth: "Step In Time"
Spits: "No Place To Live"
Steve Parker: "Keys And Colleges"
Vitor Hublot: "Aller Simple"

#31: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXXI

Alien Skull Paint: "Nowhere"
Babyland: "Structure"
Ballistic Kisses: "Five O'clock World"
Belaboris: "Odotus"
Berlitz Drama: "Hermann"
Bill Bruce: "A Way Words"
Dark Day: "Invisible Man"
Informatics: "What A World"
Jacket Weather: "The River Sleeps"
Los Microwaves: "You Bet"
She's A Wild: "Donner Party"
This Perfect Day: "The Time Of Your Life"
Trees: "Come Back"
The Twins: "X-Ray Eyes"
UV Pop: "Just A Game"

#32: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXXII

Alien Skull Paint: "Nowhere"
Babyland: "Structure"
Ballistic Kisses: "Five O'clock World"
Belaboris: "Odotus"
Berlitz Drama: "Hermann"
Bill Bruce: "A Way Words"
Dark Day: "Invisible Man"
Informatics: "What A World"
Jacket Weather: "The River Sleeps"
Los Microwaves: "You Bet"
She's A Wild: "Donner Party"
This Perfect Day: "The Time Of Your Life"
Trees: "Come Back"
The Twins: "X-Ray Eyes"
UV Pop: "Just A Game"

#33: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXXIII

All Girl Summer Band: "Cell Phone"
Att Som: "Dana For Dig"
Azul 29: "O Teu Nome Em Neon"
Basking Sharks: "Viwe From The Hill"
Elisa Waut: "Russia"
Fall Of Saigon: "So Long"
Robert Lawrence and Mark Phillips: "Production Line (No Human)"
Metal Urbain: "Anarchie Au Palace"
The Plastics: "Last Train To Clarksville"
The Popular Sex: "My Heart Beats Empty"
Robert Rental: "On Locaton"
Sonnenbrandt: "Diskolied"
Taxi Girl: "Les Armees De La Nuit"
Tone Set: "Relax"
Transparent Illusion: "Killing Time"

#34: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXXIV

Agentss: "Agentes"
Anches Doo Too Cool: "Marche Nuptiale"
The Archaic Smile: "Never Spoken"
B Movie: "Aeroplanes & Mountains"
B Troop: "Computer Logic"
Bal Pare: "Die Idioten"
Bizarre Leidenschaft: "Geheimnis"
Brian Brain: "Another Million Miles"
John Foxx: "20th Century"
Komputer: "The Perfect Pop Band"
Local Passion: "Le Bouclier D'athena"
Nini Raviolette: "Suis-Je Normale"
Plugpoint Music: "Lonely Is The Night"
Polyphonic Size: "Zas"
Silvia: "Das Ende Vom Traum"

#35: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXXV

Beograd: "T.V."
C K C: "Tous Les 7 Ans"
Collective Horizontal: "Edward's Leer"
Erika Eigen: "I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Kepper"
Gouts De Luxe: "Last Train"
Isolation Ward: "Once And For All"
JP Video: "Video Video"
Nuvo-West: "Accidents Don't Happen In My World"
Responding To Treatment: "The Movies"
Richard Termini: "Oh It's A Pop Song"
Robotwerke: "Bitte Beillen"
Shatten Unter Eis: "Red Frogs"
Soft Drinks: "Pop Stars In Pyjamas"
Steve Miro: "Cameo"
Student Nurse: "Snow"

#36: Analog CyberPunk Third Series XXXVI

Abwarts: "Maschinenland"
The Actor: "Wahlerisch!"
Arial FX: (Who's Down There) Hold Me"
Arthur Harrison & Rupert Chappelle: "Sound City"
Barchen Und Die Milchbubis: "Ich Will Nicht Alter Werden"
Bobby And Synthia: "Chant No. 1"
Celibates: "Keeping The Count"
Comix: "Toi Et Le Petit Prince"
Cosmic Overdose: "Saknaden (Av Trans)
Elektraflesh: "Broken Trust"
End Of Your Garden: "Test 1"
Ende Shneafliet: "Spleen Concert 83 - Di Stefano"
John Foxx & Louis Gordon: "Hiroshima Mon Amour"
Guerre Froide: "Mauve"
Guyer's Connection: "Links & Lustig"
Hawaiian Pups: "Baby Judy"
Hidden Pleasure: "Beautiful Lady"
Jeff And Jane Hudson: "Abadan"
Led Er Est: "The Unkept Area"
Thomas Leer and Robert Rental: "Day Breaks, Night Heals"
Metronomes: "Same Phrase Again"
Neural Circus: "Neural Circus"
Orange Disaster: "Out Of The Room"
Poeme Electronique: "The Echoes Fade"
SIC: "Cover Girls Smile"

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Original Collection Analog CyberPunk Notations

1000 Ohm: "A.G.N.E.S." (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Another one from Belgium's 1000 Ohm. A stronger track, from 1982. I hope A.G.N.E.S. means something. Nobody names their daughter Agnes anymore. Maybe the name was retired in honor of the great Agnes Moorehead.

1000 Ohm: "Berlin" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
1000 Ohm have a little website with pictures. Belgium allowed this to be exported in 1983. I'll bet they made up a dance for this, and it spread through Belgium like mad.

Absolute Body Control: "Waving Hands" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
This is the second entry for Belgium’s Absolute Body Control, an ongoing operation since 1980. Most of their earliest releases were on cassettes. The title might be “Weaving Hands” but I lean towards “waving”. What makes this a keeper beyond keep is the melancholy horn-sounding synth. If I felt human emotions I’d feel melancholy, or anything for that matter.

Ad Astra: "A&R" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
From a 1983 UK compilation. A really great song for headphones. Pong gone wild.
AD Conspiracy: "12-Bar-64" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
This ditty is from a 1979 album called Conspiracy. It's a great song to do a card trick to, with great gesticulations for the back of the crowd.

AKA: "Mental Timebombs" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Here's what I found on White Rock, British Columbia's AKA. From between 1978 and 1980 this strange and glorious track cometh from.

Alien Skull Paint: "Automatic Man" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Alien Skull Paint might be a one man operation. With a name like Holger Rixen he probably ain’t from these here parts. His first release is from 2001, which would normally disqualify this from "The Project”, but damn if “Automatic Man” doesn’t sound like it could have dropped out in the analog era, when 8-tracks still roamed free and wheatie pennies were still relatively plentiful in the general penny population. I go back to the infrequent buffalo nickel era, so put that in your bong and toke it.

Anomy: "Lone Wolf" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
The A-Side from this 1981 US single is a cover of Bowie's "TVC 15", and it's not very good. The B should have been the A and the A should have been track two on the B. C? The Raincoats are either proud or should be proud of Anomy.

Ash Wednesday: "Love By Number" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I hate math but I seem to love any song with a lot of numbers in it. Ash Wednesday is a person's name, and he has both a website and a wikipedia page, where I learned he's in that noisy German band with the name that babblefishes into "Collapsing New Buildings". This Australian winner is from 1980. It reminds me indirectly of "The Name Game" and "Dancing With Myself".

Ausgang Verboten: "Joy And Erase" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
This Kraftwerk-sounding tune is from Germany, originally on a 1984 cassette that tends to be slower and less happy. I can't get enough Kraftwerky tunes in my life.

B. Troop: "Just Because" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Not much info on B. Troop, but this, from their 1981 debut album, followed 7-inchers in both 1980 and 1981. Extra points awarded for the gosh darn real saxophone.

Berlin Express: "Die Russen Kommen" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)Berlin Express were from Germany and they put out one album in 1982. I can't take the singing seriously but it's a fun song all the same.

Bitoks A La Russe: "Tu Dois Partir" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)

Bizarre Leidenschaft: "Plasticpuppen" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
A real life German Guy told me the title means "Plastic Puppet". I rest my case. From 1982.

Blah Blah Blah: "In The Army" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Blah Blah Blah were a weirdo band from Essex in the UK. “In The Army” was from their first 7”, released in 1979. The vocals are an angry Pee Wee Herman meets Bobcat Goldthwait when he's speaking normally.

Blue Sound: "Berlin" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
[Update: I decided to include this after all. The singing, which at first did nothing for me, grew on me like a cold sore on the lip] .Nothing on Blue Sound comes up on the intertubes. I'm not tossing it into the main category because of the singing, which isn't bad in itself but it's not of a kind with the rest. The guitar reminds me of early XTC records.

Bobby And Synthia: "Video Violence" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
There's a little Lene Lovich going on here with this band of unknowns (to me at least). It has a nice little insistent rhythm that makes me smile. Or maybe I just have gas.

Body Falling Downstairs: "The Politics Of Ecstasy" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
These kids were from Seattle and this was recorded around 1981.

Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller: "Cleanliness And Order" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Daniel Miller of Mute Records and The Normal joined with self-impressed noisemeister Boyd Rice to record what I call "Son Of No, Nothing, Never" around 1980. It too is a great talk-sing song. The ghost of Rex Harrison is pleased.

Brian Brain: "The Asthma Game" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Brian Brain info can be found here. There’s a PIL connection, so adjust your beret and pay attention hipsters! I love this one. At first I thought he was singing "Let's play the asp again".

Burlesque: "Collision Of Sex" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Not much on Burlesque except that “Collision Of Sex” appeared on a nice 1981 comp. called From Bromley With Love. Sex Pistols’ fans know of that city because of the Bromley Contingent, not to be confused with the Barmy Army. I leaned towards not including this because they sing about sex, which then and now reminds me of the disco plague we thought was eradicated long ago. Sadly, history has been written by the (disco) losers. The song itself is strong, so here it is, as is.

Causey Way: "Geological Lust" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
I almost included this as an honorable mention as it was probably written around 2000. It's a real toe-tapper though. Brian Causey was in Man Or Astroman? and is better known for writing music for Jimmy Neutron. Causey Way had a bit of a Church of The SubGenius thematic thing going, which would have impressed me more if more of their songs weren't inside jokes. Servotron had a better gimmick and a sweeter catalog.

Ceramic Hello: "Ringing In The Sane" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Ceramic Hello have a website even I could have made. This came out in 1981, and it reminds me a heck of a lot like like The Stranglers' "All Roads Lead To Rome" and the rest of 1983's Feline LP. Crap, maybe The Stranglers ripped off Ceramic Hello lock, stock and c--k!

Chandra: "Kate" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
This one creeps up on you before it knocks you over and dishes out an atomic wedgie. Chandra Oppenheim was twelve when she recorded this in 1980, showcasing a jaded old soul trapped in a skinny pre-teen's body. Her website is dead, so who knows what she's up to now. I've only found a few references to her doing anything musically.

Charles De Goal: "Exposition" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
This led off their debut LP from 1980. From France. Charles has a MySpace page and has a long-running career.

Chromagain: "Spot" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Chromagain were an Italian band who put out a 12" in 1985. I love the keyboardist working overtime tapping out individual notes.

Chrome: "In A Dream" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Two sites for Chrome, here and here, and their allmusic page is here. What I’d heard them before was noise, so it’s nice to know they recorded melodic tunes too. Their catalog is huge! Not that I stare at other guy's catalogs or anything.

Ciaran Harte: "Love Is Strange" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
[Update: The singing may not be the best but the song is otherwise good enough for the general category]. 1980, from the UK. This might be from their only single. This is a close but no cigar because of poorly sung backups (like Spinal Tap) and a general awkwardness that goes a little beyond DIY.

Circuit 7: "Video Boys" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
From what I can tell they only put out two UK singles in 1984. A nice dark tone runs throughout.

CKC: "20h25" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
French new wave from before you were born. Remember kids?

Class Action: "Blast Off" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
From a 1984 12" single from the US of Yea.

Comateens: "The Munsters Theme" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
While I'm not a big fan of their catalog I will say this, The Comateens have a nice website. "The Munsters Theme" came out in 1981 and I danced to it each time 'till it ended. Somewhere in the world of 0's and 1's it says it was released in 1984. Liars all.

Count Vertigo: "I'm A Mutant" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Something I Learned Today has some info on this Portland band, named after Count Chocula's dizzy cousin.

Dalek I Love You: "Freedom Fighters" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
I remember Dalek I (also Dalek I Love You) fairly well from 1980 or so, but they were a band I knew mostly from two singles I found in used bins. Living in New York I suspected they were a UK band with a big following there but not where I was. The Dr. Who reference gave them a few extra lines of media attention. I find them uneven at best (and that's being generous), but "Freedom Fighters", their first single from '79, finds them full of focus and punk energy. The original UK punk movement inspired a lot of bands to forget they were fops for a while and to go out and rip it up a bit. Vice Versa later became ABC. Ultravox belted a few out of the park before they became a new romance band. I'll stop before I get started.

Dark Day: "No, Nothing, Never" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
It took me many years to get over the fact that  while a Dark Day song is original, most Dark Day songs sound pretty much the same. Exterminating Angel came out in 1980, and the dry, disaffected talk-singing of both Robin Crutchfield and "Mystery Woman" on "No, Nothing, Never" is a cornerstone of my love for this kind of music. What sounds like a violin is I guess a synth, since no string instrument is listed in the album credits.

Das Kabinette: "The Cabinet" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
1983's "The Cabinet" is a legendary hit that surprised no one more than Das Kabinette themselves. Enjoyable to no end, it owes its lunch money and a few dimes extra to Bauhaus' 1979 dub-driven stare-at-yourself-twirl-fest classic "Bela Lugosi's Dead".

Dennis Duck: "Davey The Worm" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
There is no song more Residents-esque than this one. It's got it goin' on! Mr. Duck started recording in 1977, and over the years he's had his hands in a many an odd musical pie.

Days Of Sorrow: "Travel" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Days Of Sorrow were a German band who recorded a few short players between 84-86. This one's circa 1984.

Dementia Precox: "Maladie D'esperit" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
I love noisy, cascading synth lines, and this one gives it away for free. Slut. From a 1982 US LP.

Der Kunftige Musikant: "Es Is Kalt" (Category: Close But No Cigar: Analog Cyber-Punk)
This “Mommy, why is that man screaming?” classic from 1982 would have been included outside of an honorable mention if the break into unrelated noise didn’t kick in at 2:11. I swear at one time I had an edit that kept the beat the whole way through. If I find it again, “Es Is Kalt” will be promoted to the big time of Analog Cyberpunk excellence.

Deux: "Game And Performance" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
France birthed this keeper in 1983. There's another version with a male singer alone. Visit them now, won't you?

Didi Und Die Herzschrittmacher: "Modern" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
This track is a bit sloppy for what I consider to be great Synth New Wave, but it gets better with time and Nyquil.

The Distributors: "TV Me" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Discogs links to this page for the band, but at first glance I couldn't find a reference to the band. From a UK 7" from 1979. Whatever it has going, it's going for sure.


Dom Dummaste: "John" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)

Do-Po: "Rhythm" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
[Update: added to the main category]. Italy's Do-Po released one single in 1981. I find this track a bit silly so I've added it as an honorable mention. Otherwise it does everything right. I apologize in advance that the rip of this isn't the best.

Doxa Sinistra: "The Other Stranger" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I'd love to know what film these samples are from. I'd buy it in a second. From a 1985 cassette. From the samples you can almost figure out the story, and as a New Yorker I think the British accents are f--king classy.

{E}: "e925" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
The ending sealed the deal to make this a weird one. The comp. this appears on came out in 1979. It's hard for me to type { and }.

Easter And The Totem: "Nothing There" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
This might be the same band, and it probably is. Minted around 1981. Nice one-man band material. Minimal by definition.

El Aviador Dro: "Programa En Espiral" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
El Aviador Dro is "The Greatest Spanish Synthpop Band Ever". Is this a heavily contested issue? So far in my journey this is the most fun track by them by far.

Electronic Circus: "Direct Lines" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
The singer's voice has its own inner harmony, like the throat singers of Tuva! Am I overstating it, yes!

Ende Shneafliet: "Midnight Train" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Ende Shneafliet have been around since 1982. Bable Fish says their name means “End To Shneafliet”. I’m not a big fan of Shneafliet but I don’t see the need to end Shneafliet, at least not yet. The post-punk guitar work stands out on this one.

Ensemble Pittoresque: "Maitre Satori" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
1983, from The Netherlands. Ensemble Pittoresque has an extensive website to check out. Crack that tin-sounding synth drum pad, funky guy!

Exkurs: "Natur" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
These Germans have a site right here. From 1981.

Experimental Products: "Feeling Left Out" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Experimental Products call themselves an Electro / Disco House / Experimental band, so hey, good luck with that. Before they composed for the glow-stick generation they managed to record some decent minimal wave, including this dry, clinical ode to The Leftorium, from their 1982 self-released debut album. If this one doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, then please consider doing so, as it’s a great song to dance to.

Ex Post Facto: "Ex Post Facto" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
1981 UK release. They put out two shorties and then returned to their day jobs without recording more at night and on weekends.

Fad Gadget: "Ricky's Hand" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I'm generally not a fan of Fad Gadget, and "Ricky's Hand" was to me too well known when it came out to include in what I consider a comp of unheard music. but it wins the day by being as good as it is.

Faith Global: "Knowing The Way" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
The UK gave birth to this track in 1983. The voice sounds familiar, but it's just a guy named Jason Guy.

Fall Of Saigon: "Visions" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Superlative 1983 French lo-fi. I feel like a beatnik listening to this.

Family Fodder: "Accapulco" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
When I listen to this I think it's from the same recording session as The Resident's "Santa Dog"

The Fast Set: "King Of The Rumbling Spires" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
A 1981 UK product. It makes me want to run and dance The Pony at the same time. Very sweet. A Marc Bolan cover.

Foundation Boo: "Nap" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
I was first going to put this in as Analog CyberPunk, but oh does it get more weird with time. I'm a total sucker for disinterested female singing. This was on the infamous Darker Scratcher LP, which helped inspire me to do this project in the first place. Blame Darker Scratcher.

Fred: "All Rights Reserved" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Can’t say I know Fred but his song is nice enough. The singing is about as Roxy Music as I can handle. That’s all I have to say, so take amongst yourselves for a while. Thank you.

The French Park: "The Turn Of A Card" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
This appeared out of nowhere on Return Of Flexi-Pop Vol. 7., if my lazy research is accurate. This reminds you a lot of that other band, doesn't it?

Friz Be: "I Throw Punches..." (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I think I'd dance better to this one if I owned a tux, top hat and cane. There's a Puttin' On The Ritz thing going on with this one.

G-Spot: "Idol Worship" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of G-Spot? The Shadow knows, but not me. Nice.

Gerry And The Holograms: "Gerry And The Holograms" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
An odd little tune, wouldn't you say?

Gleitzeit: "Ich Komme Aus Der DDR" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
1982, from Germany.

Grauzone: "Eisbar" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Germany’s Grauzone formed in 1979. Eisbar was their second single, from 1981. The short, jagged guitar solos are sweet.

Grauzone: "Hinter Den Bergen" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
1981 + Germany. A second selection from Grauzone. Another track with a great synth line. Don't mind the freakout near the end.

Greg Horn: "You're In Control" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Greg Horn was in Analog CyberPunk fave band Tone Set, and his career is summed up here. This song is from a 1983 cassette. Once again, Devo fans sit up, stop slouching, and take note.

Guerre Froide: "Ersatz" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Guerre Froide were solid citizens of the French new wave, forming in 1980. Ersatz was on a 1981 12”er. A great, great track.

Hilary: "Kinetic (long version)" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Kinetic” must have been a big chunk of her career because it’s in the URL of her website. Sadly, she passed away in July of 2007. From her looks I’d guess she was competing with Toyah Wilcox (or some such person).

Hongkong Syndikat: "Gonohrro" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Hongkong Syndikat had a long run. This is from Germany in the year1982.

Ian North: "White Gardens" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Ian North is a musician, and artist AND he cuts hair. He grew up on Long Island like I did, yet we've never met. That's odd.

I'm So Hollow: "Dreams To Fill The Vacuum" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Definitely one of the loosest songs you’ll find here, I’m So Hollow truly are both punk and cyber. The vocals go on a nice roller coaster ride.

Inertia: "Injury Time" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Only three 7”s are listed from this UK band, spanning the years 1980 – 1981.

Inertia: "The Screen" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
“The Screen” is my favorite song right now.  I can’t stop singing “S.C.R. double E.N.” I mean, I can, but I chose not to.

Inflatable Boy Clams: "Skeletons" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
From Inflatable Boy Clams 1981 2x7"er. From San Francisco. Top 40 music for people who can smell shapes.

Information Society: "Der Mussolini (DAF cover)" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Information Society owns the John Holmes of discography lengths. The official site is here. “Der Mussolini” is a D.A.F. cover, a cornerstone of the industrial scene. Industrial in general, and the original specifically, are humorless, so here’s a fun cover version. I’ve always thought industrial was disco for pissed off skinny white boys.

The Instant Automatons: "Invertebrates" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Electronic dub reggae for white kids, at least on this one. Their site is here, with a defense of the "Free Music" concept. Yes, it did destroy western civilization.

Instant Music: "Do Not" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
From Germany in the year of 1980, from an untitled 10". Like Lilliput or The Raincoats maybe. There's a lot of nice little touches if you calm the frick down and listen.

Interior: "Bizarre Disco" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
The Netherlands birthed a 7” single with this track in the beer of our toad 1979. I can't track down if Harry Vanda was the singer for Flash & The Pan, but he was born in The Netherlands and he sure sounds like he's singing on this one.

Iron Curtain: "The Condos" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
What I’ve heard from Iron Curtain I’ve liked. Mr. Curtain’s Myspace page demands “TOTAL REVOLUTION NOW!” Oh, those crazy Americans, with their endless freedoms and daydreams of proletariat totalitarianism. Uber-pleasant synth-pop will be the worker’s anthem as they toss off the yoke of capitalism!

I.U.D.: "Precious" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
No info on this one but from the singing I'm guessing it's of a more recent vintage.

J.J. Burnell: "Jellyfish" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
This 1979 track from Stranglers bass player J.J. Burnell works on so many levels, like man being hit in the groin with a football. It's electro, it's reggae and it's Burnell singing like XTC's Andy Partridge. It makes a body move.

Jeunesse D'Ivoire: "A Gift Of Tears" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Jeunesse D'Ivoire appeared on a 1983 comp. out of Italy. The simple one finger piano progression sent this one over the top for me.

Jesus Couldn't Drum: "I'm A Train" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
 Jesus Couldn't Drum were a two-piece band from Brighton. From an eBay sale, "
Original 1986 3-song 12” EP from brighton-based duo, one of whom later joined wacky indiepopsters THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS.  Title track is a great slab of electronic indiepop with a driving groove and a bit of a MORRISSEY influence on the vocals.  Rare 12”, and long out of print." I like how the singer holds notes. It also gots a flute!

Kaa Antilope: "The Break Of Day" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
From Belgium in the year of 1981. The drum machine is set to "Mexican Radio", and that's fine by me in twelve ways. The horn sounds are soothing and soaring at the same time. Yikes.

Kein Mensch: "Kein Mensch" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Ok, the ending with the singing German Youth freaked me out a bit, but I'm ok now....

Kevin Harrison & Steven Parker: "Cavalcade" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Kevin Harrison has a website filled with color and confusion. I want this dirge played at my funeral, bookended by my theme song, "Popcorn".

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons: "Fantastic" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons (Myspace), from Sweden, formed around 1980. Vocalist Anne Taivanen sings a bit like Siouxsie Sioux, who's an amazon in person, by the way.

Komputer: "Komputer Pop" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
[Update: moved up to main category].Komputer is too new to include in this project, but they sure know how to record a great lost Kraftwerk album! There are songs and then there are SONGS. Komputer write SoNgS.

Kuruki: "Such A Liar" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
From Belgium, from 1981, from writer Sally Joy. “Such A Liar” is what you get if The Cars and Gary Numan teamed up to kick it olde skool. “Candy-O” comes to mind.

Len Liggins: "All The Dead Men" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
This is from 1982 comp called No Platform For Heels. On a song like this people would stroll arm-in-arm around the dance floor having pleasant conversations. The Churchill quote is sweet, followed by a funny "how true".

Les Georges Leningrad: "Georges Five" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Canada's Les Georges Leningrad were famous for being strange. It's impossible not to laugh (in a good, approving way) at the dueling incomprehensible vocalis on this. From 2002 or so. Or so I say.

Linear Movement: "Magic Melody" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
From Belgium circa 1983. Great music for strutting down the street pointing at all your friends and enjoying the sunshine.

Los Iniciados: "Resurreccion" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
According to discogs.com: “Los Iniciados were an El Aviador Dro side project which formed in 1981. They combined performance art and music to deliver their message. The line-up was constantly evolving and the member's identities were never revealed.”

Los Microwaves: "Time To Get Up" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
The Los Microwaves site is nicely done, and I’ll have to seek out more of their product. “Time To Get Up” first hit me as too new-wave quirky, but the joke’s funny and the instrumentation surprisingly intense.

Low Class: "Alienation Ballade" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
There's not much to be known about Low Class except they appeared on a cassette compilation in 1984. It's a charming song of little consequence but I find it immensely pleasant and happy. I want to do the Keep On Truckin' walk to it.

Martin Dupont: "I Met The Beast" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
French fellow Martin Dupont has a site officiel. Released in 1985. It sounds like Wall Of Voodoo with Rubber Rodeo's Trish Milliken singing, so you know I'm all over this like stink on poop. The singer is Beverly Jane Crew, who's led a very full life so she can relax and smell the decaf for a while.

Mechanical Servants: "Responsateen" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Like Anomy this has a great Raincoats vibe working. I'm also reminded of a Minneapolis group called Tetes Noires. If I mentioned The Roches would I be that much more pretentious?

Men Without Hats: "Telepathy" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Men Without Hats were a one-hit wonder with four great records in their catalog. They were not a synth band by any account but a new wave band with keyboards. No Hats Beyond This Point came out in 2003, a whole twelve years after the disappointing rock album Sideways. 1989's Adventures Of Men & Women was equally lacking. No Hats takes up where Pop Goes The World left off in 1987, and while it's not as good it's pretty close. "Telepathy" is an update on The Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star", and it's fun to croon along with Ivan Doroschuk. I CAN say enough nice things about Men Without Hats, but it would take a long time.

Metal Urbain: "Panik" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
France's Metal Urbain are a first-wave punk band. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that allmusic doesn't have Suicide listed as a direct influence. I would have had a seizure if they didn't list The Silver Apples as a direct influence on Suicide. "Panik" was their debut 7" from 1977, officially making it the oldest Analog CyberPunk track. And with that, I bid you a doo-doo.

The Metronomes: "Justification" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
This one gets better each time I listen to it. It's pretty damn perfect, even how it ends as a cutoff. Good job, Metronomes! Super highly recommended with a bullet.

Minny Pops: "Footsteps" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Dutch treats Minny Pops record a lot of noise, but this one I like. They have a site, so like Joe Bob Briggs says, "Check it out!".

Moderne: "Electronique" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
From France from 1980 from three French guys. They have a Myspace page so you know they're down with the youth of today.

Moderne: "Seduction" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
A second go for France's Moderne. This one from 1980. Their MySpace page indicates they have friends.

Moev: "Cracked Mirror" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Canucks Moev recorded a bunch of stuff and are giving some of it away even as we speak! Short term member Madelaine Morris has a lovely voice. This grows on you like a cold sore on the lip (so says Gravis Mushnick).

Monitor: "Beak" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
It’s hard not to find a place in your heart, specifically to the left of the right ventricle, for 1979’s “Beak”, especially whenever the word “beak” appears. Here’s a discography.

Moral: "Slottet I Luften" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
From their 1984 LP, which followed a 1982 cassette. Hanne Winterberg's voice is fantastic. Here's a MySpace page fer ya.

Music For Pleasure: "The Human Factor" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
This 1980 UK single was the start of a career that lasted five years.

Nash The Slash: "Swing Shift" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Legendary Nash The Slash has an annoyingly loud web site. Here's one a little more quiet. And another. God, what old song was that where Nash The Slash is name-checked? It's on the tip of my something. It might have been Bowie or Mott The Hoople. Anyhoo, Nash started around 1976 and for all I know he and Abe Vigoda might still be alive.

Nine Circles: "What's There Left" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Nine Circles were from the Netherlands and this comes from 1982. It's a slow track that packs the wallop of detached euro-gal singing, strong synth lines and a bunch of other electronic weirdness. Be sure to note the foley artist-like rendering of the sound of two hollow coconut halves being hit together to sound like a galloping horse.

The Normal: "Warm Leatherette" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I can't believe I didn't write anything about The Normal. That's just wrong. The guy who did The Silicon Teens and runs Mute Records recorded this. It's one of the cornerstones of this whole project.


Oi The Robot: "Manifestoi!" (Category: Honorable Mention: Analog CyberPunk)
[Update: added to main category] Listening to the Reducers reminded me of this track from Garry Bushell's first-wave UK skinhead record conglomerate. Bushell populated his oi comps with a few filler tracks of his own invention. Frankie Flame performed the electronics on this one, more than borrowing an Ultravox riff along the way. Hyper-technically this is real skinhead music.

One Plus One: "Nite Time Rhythm" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
This one has a surf-garage thing going for it, and I dig it, man. It's a complicated little tune that comes across at first as maybe a little too simple.

P-Model: "Art Blind" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
“Art Blind” from Japan’s P-Model is one compelling little tune, if not eleventeen little tunes.

Palais Schaumburg: "Telephon" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Palais Schaumburg is led by cult figure Holger Hiller, who when not leading his cult works as a language teacher in Berlin. His site is neat.

The Parapluies: "Necessities" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
The Parapluies were from Germany, and this 1984 track is from a cassette.

The Party's Over: "Crash" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
[Update: moved into the main category]. I found nothing on this but it's filled with great and assorted oddball riffs and noises. It's an honorable mention because I find the vocals aren't on par with the music.

Patrick D. Martin: "I Like 'Lectric Motors" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
From 1979, I wish Patrick D. Martin's material was more widely available. I loved it back in the day, It was before you were born but you're so hardcore now it dwarfs my firsthand experience. I understand that, so please stop e-mailing me about it. Listen to all the tracks on MySpace. They're great.

Pavillion 7b: "La Manege" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
As per The Internet ©, Pavillion 7b are, were, or shall be from Dijon Mustard and this cassette was released in 1985. "La Manege" translates, probably loosely, into "Horse Gear". Yes indeed.

Philippe Laurent: "Exposition Partie 5" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Philippe Laurent went by the unfortunate nickname of Hot Bip, which might be non-snickerable outside the USA. This instrumental track goes back to the 1983 or so era.

Picky Picnic: "My Life 1.2.3." (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
This Japanese duo released three albums from 1982 through 1989. It says on discogs.com they’re similar to The Residents. YA THINK?!

Pink Military: "War Games" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I'm a fool for military drum rhythms and the sound of British police cars. 1980's "War Games' can be found on the album "Do Animals Believe In God?". I dare you to tell me it doesn't kick tushie.

Plebs: "Change" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Plebs are the common people, derived from the Latin for common people. Sax and no violence. The yelling is like The Big Boys, so me likey.

Plus Instruments: "Big Man" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Don't know much about Plus Instruments beyond this. They might have been from New York. I'm from New York but we've strangely never met.

Polyphonic Size: "King Of Hong Kong" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
A second track by Polyphonic Size, from 1982.

Polyphonic Size: "Winston & Julia" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Belgium's Polyphonic Size sports a nice website. The singer reminds me of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap, especially when he sings "No, No, No". I also love the crooning. Cam you make out the title of the song on the sleeve?

Profil: "Beruhren" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
A 1981 track from Germany. Their run seems to have been from 1981 through 1983.

Pseudo Echo: "Walkaway" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
I find this a little lightweight but  it deserves inclusion anyway. Sadly, their big hit was called "Funkytown".

Psychic Youth: "Step In Time" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Psychic Youth seemingly put out one 7” in 1982, pressed on Long Island, NY, where I grew up. It’s the same gush of pride I get when I watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” and go a little nuts every time they mention they live in Lynbrook, which is Brooklyn inverted.

Ptose: "Ecraser La Vermine" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
I don't know anything about these Frenchies, but by law their video can't be any more Residential.

Q Lazzarus: "Goodbye Horses" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Discogs.com comes through with a short bio for Q Lazzarus. “Goodbye Horses” was featured in Silence Of The Lambs, and you can watch Buffalo Bill every week on Monk as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer. Is Q Lazzarus a man or woman? Only the shadow (of his/her private parts) knows…..

QRN: "Very Loud Silence" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
I imagine they're French. Not much else to report.

R. Stevie Moore: "What Are You Looking At?" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
[I had this track listed under the name of R. Steven Moore, but it's actually R. Stevie Moore, so here's a correction.] No info about R. Steven Moore but this is great. R. Steven Moore, wherever you are, have a beer and put it on my account.

Rational Youth: "Coboloid Race" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Rational Youth (more here) recorded the wonderful Kraftwerk-influenced album Cold War Night Life, equaled only by Komputer, who I'll get to later. This track was released in 1981.

Red Zebra: "I Can't Live In A Living Room" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Belgium’s Red Zebra do the Gang Of Four thing on this standout 1980 track. It seems like the guitarist is barely able to plink out the individual notes in time. It adds a nice little tension to the proceedings. Their site is filled with random letters that mean nothing to me. It must be in code.

Reducers: "Airways" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
This 7" came out on EMI in 1980. It might be a little too punky to be a new wave song, mostly in the vocals, but it has to go somewhere ya know.

Research Library: "Alien Love" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
This was on a Subterranean Records comp from 1981.

Roter Rot: "Get Away Dark Side" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Another mystery tune not destined to be covered on American Idol.

Ruins: "Short Wave" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
They might be from Italy but the singer sounds American.

Ruth: "Polaroid/Roman/Photo" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
According to this, their debut LP came with a 12 page booklet. Their was a promo single limited to 80 copies. Isn’t that something? I'm usually not a fan of Plop Plop drumming, but I make an exception here.

Schlussphase - Schnawwl: "Euroshima Mon Amour" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)

Schmaalhans Weltraum: "Montagne Du Boef" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)

Seppuku: "Under Your Control" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Seppuku allows you to download some Swedish synth music on their site. Seppuku is Japanese for committing suicide by disemboweling yourself. The little man in the picture above is not offering a stick of gum to the moon. He's about to commit Harry Caray!

Shox: "No Turning Back" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Shox coulda, woulda, and shoulda been huge! A great pop song indeed. Here's more. The singer reminds me of Trish Milliken from Rubber Rodeo.

Snowy Red: "Nowhere" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Snowy Red might still be around as there's a Myspace page about them. This is one of their peppier tunes, from 1982. It's fun to sing along with one of the synths by going "Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah".

Social Climbers: "Hello Texas" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Here's some information on 1980-era New Yorkers Social Climbers. I completely envision cowboys doing a shuffle dance to this one.

Soft Cell: "Metro MRx" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I hold Soft Cell partly responsible for destroying new wave as a decent style of music, but their earliest work, recorded in a bedroom for all I know, has its moments. From a 1980 EP. available as an import CD that collects recordings from 78-82.

Solid Space: "10th Planet" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I've gleaned the fact that this is from a 1982 cassette titled Space Museum. The added synth embellishments are abso-fugg-lutely amazing.

Solid State: "Recalling You" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
This synth gem is from 1983, from over the pond in Belching, somewhere near Hamburger.

Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadian: "Feeling Sheepish" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
If Canada was 3,000 miles to the right they'd be called The Former Republic Of Canadastan. That's right, America's hat. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

Stahlnetz: "Der Seemann Und Die Stewardess" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
1982 from Germany. Putting a condom on an apple? Huh? I think the song translates into "The Sperm And The Stewardess".

The Stupid Set: "S.W. Digestion" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Italy squeezed this one out in 1980. Here's data and songs to download.

Surplus Stock: "Let's Kill Each Other" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Abrasiveness has never sounded so pleasant. From 1980 and Germany.

Systematics: "Pulp Baby" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
Here's info on this Australian band from back before you were born... remember kids? It's gets weirder the more times you listen. Dig those clogged sinuses! The synth and vocals chase each other well.

Tara Cross: "PK-15" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Tara Cross sports a hefty discography and a lovely voice. That's all I know.

Taxi Girl: "S.O.S. Mannekin" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Here's the Taxi-Girl website. Systems Of Romance has more info on them, plus and a video of the song and a gallon of fruit punch.

Testcard F: "If Only It Wasn't" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
A nice little ditty from the UK. It’s not on their only listed single from 1982, so I can’t say either was from whenst it came. It seems to have a bit of an Oingo Boingo rhythm.

Those Little Aliens: "Sentimental" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
[Update: moved from Analog CyberPunk honorable mention to the Oddballs category]. Info does not abound on Those Little Aliens, and the singing is a bit weak, but listen to that cacophony of wonderful other-worldly electronic bleeps and bloops. The best sounds are the ones you can make with your mouth, which guys know as the sounds of a money shot. Oh yeah, YOU know what I'm talking about!

Three To Forgotten: "Kitano" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)

Ti-Tho: "Die Liebe Ist Ein Abenteuer" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Here's info on this German duo. Nice and weird, with a subdued yet insistent rhythm.

Tone Set: "Living In Another Land" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
I don't care how much this sounds like "Slim", I'm adding it 'cause its devo-esque intensity kicks my ass so hard your ass hurts too!

Tone Set: "Slim" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Various Devo songs are leaping out at me as I listen to "Slim" by Tempe, Arizona's Tone Set, from a 1982 cassette. Of what I've heard this is their fastest and most melodic number, as they usually worked with what I assume are found vocal tracks from the Ironic School of stuff you find in musty old libraries or the basement of your grandfather's house.

Trees: "Delta Sleep" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
A cult favorite of sorts from one Dane Conover, a cross between Harry Potter and Where's Waldo. He was signed at the same time as Men Without Hats, and you can hear a similarity. The video for this song has Conover singing in bed, and it's just not right. More info here. The album's not an all-time classic but it has it's moments. Extra credit for the one man band thing.

Trek With Quintronic: "Zolian Space" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Hailing from snowy Buffalo, New York, this two-piece released two albums in 80-81 on what was probably their own label. The Mutant Sounds blog nailed this as influenced by Bowie and Scary Monsters (the album, not monsters that are scary).

Trick 17: "City Nacht" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
I'm a fool for many things, high on that list the toots of a saxophone. Why is the title a combination of English and German? Nothing personal, but German isn't a pretty language. It's impossible to sound sexy in German or tough in French. Japanese goes both ways with extreme prejudice. I'll leave it to you to tell me what English sounds like.

Trumpetto & Einstein: "Parkeergarage II" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
From The Netherlands between 1981 - 83. What's that buzzing noise?

Tuxedomoon: "No Tears" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
This band is not to be confused with Tennessee Tuxedo's Moonie cousin, Earle.

Tuxedomoon: "Incubus (Blue Suit)" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I couldn't post "No Tears" without also including "Incubus (Blue Suit)". There's a law. Tuxedomoon records more meandering Mediterranean soundtrack music than they should. Let's leave it at that.

The Units: "Digital Stimulation" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
The Units get a little too much respect in underground electronic circles, with a career paralleling Our Daughter's Wedding. At times it seemed they didn't know what they wanted to be, and while I have a soft spot for new wave-cabaret-art school shenanigans I don't for the kind of line dance music where you clap your hands, turn in a circle as you move in a line, clap your hands, then turn in a circle on the way back, once again ending with a hand clap. The earlier on the discography the better they sound, as is the code of the universe. Their "Bug Boy" stands as the most awkward and heavy handed metaphor I've ever heard fail as music. "Digital Stimulation" gets it right. Digital means both electronic and manual. Huh. If you like this, please do seek The Epoxies.

UV Pop: "No Songs Tomorrow" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
UV Pop (more here) recorded from 82-96. And I quote... ahem: "UV PØP, a one-man group from the Sheffield area. John White is the mastermind behind UV PØP, a twenty-odd year old Yorkshireman with a whipcord body and a casque of oily black hair. Onstage he looks vaguely out of control, as if he might suddenly launch into an aimless destructive charge, knocking over mikes and amps."

UV Pop: "Sleep Don't Talk" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
A second selection from UV Pop. Hit that funky buzzer, (what I assume is a) white boy!

Van Kaye + Ignit: "Thinktank" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
From a 1982??? Netherlands cassette. It sounds like the perfect music for when you're performing a sleight of hand card trick.

Vice: "See!" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
I love how this song combines Gang Of Four With Talking Heads.

Vice Versa: "Riot Squad" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Before becoming the craptacular New Romance crapmeisters ABC, the core of the band formed Vice Versa (MySpace) in 1978, releasing two singles and lasting two years. "Riot Squad" is their best and most focused track.

Voice Farm: "Modern Things" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Voice Farm (more here and here) released a few albums on Ralph Records, so rest assured they were generally scatterbrained and sometimes brilliant. Not a band to take themselves (or to be taken) seriously, I generally like them as long as they don't go overboard with campiness. "Modern Things" has great lyrics, and for extra laffs I imagine Pee Wee Herman singing them. "
It's not imitation anything / It's real plastic!" Ha!

Modern things from Germany
Modern things from Japan
Modern things from Italy
Franoise Sagan...

Beautiful things from Paris
Beautiful things from New York
Beautiful things from Berlin
All over the world

Tape decks
Lounge chairs
Beatle boots

You can see them in magazines
Immaculate photography
Everything looks brand new

They cost a lot
And they're awfully hard to locate

I always wondered who buy these things
And what those people are like
I know I'd like to have these things
And nothing...

Modular systems and packaging
Product design

Why doesn't everyone like these things
When they're part of our time?

It's not imitation anything
It's real plastic!

The Vyllies: "Whispers In The Shadow" (Category: The Unheard Synth New Wave)
Switzerland’s The Vyllies have a MySpace page which speaks very highly of the band. Their career ran from 1983-ish to 1987-somewheres.

Wirtschaftswunder: "(Don't Listen) Politsong" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
These guys, with a name I don't want to have to type out ever again, recorded this very strange song. Released in 1980.

Wonders Of Science: "Let's Start A Rumour" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
Inquire here if you want to find out more about Wonders Of Science. A Very sweet little tune.

Xex: "Svetlana" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
I’m not going to explain Xex to you. That’s not my job. The woman singing goes by the name “Thumbalina Gugielmo”. I luvs her voice. The best part is they’re from New Jersey!

X-Ray Pop: "La Machine A Rever" (Category Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition)
X-Ray Pop now calls themselves a Cosmoblues Psychedelik band, which means they're laughing at us! They're singing in French, which is a foreign language even in France.

Zwischenfall: "Tausend Jahre" (Category: Analog CyberPunk)
Zwischenfall is German for "Incident", and they ran from 1983 to 1995. The song title translates into "Thousand Years". In Germany smurfs are called "schlumps".

ZYX - "Get Away Wisdom" (Category: Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music)
More info and get the whole album here. I'm guessing you need to be flexible to dance to this one.


Analog CyberPunk Info Page


Songs are being used for educational and promotional purposes only. No money has or will be made off the creation of this project, and please do not use these songs for your own profit. Ownership of these songs remain with the songwriters and bands, and I encourage everyone to support them both financially and with thanks and support.

What is The Analog CyberPunk Project:

The Analog CyberPunk Project is the work of a single humanoid with a few goals in mind. It is an effort to define, collect and arbitrarily name a music genre, along with sub-genres, that existed here and there in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It might be best described as underground electronic post-punk new wave. If packaged on discs it would also contain the subtitle "U.F.O.s, Giant Robots And Bored East Germans".

Compiling these tracks is also part of an argument that new wave was once joined at the hip with other movements such as punk and melodic no wave, and was a valid and thriving art form before it was watered down and trivialized by its absorption into instantly disposable post-disco culture. In other words, regardless of what 80s nostalgia teaches, new wave wasn't always a joke with a bad haircut.

Inspiration And Sources:

These types of songs were played in new wave dance clubs and on college radio. For the most part it's asexual dance music. Not until the boom of internet MP3 sharing and the availability of cassette and vinyl ripping programs have many of these small issue releases been widely available. Some come from a private collection but most were found through internet searches. The idea of Analog CyberPunk existed since the late 70s, long before the music was rediscovered and packaged under names like Synthpunk and Minimal Wave. Without the work of those who collected and toiled to make these songs available this project could never have moved forward as far as it did.

Over 3,000 tracks were considered for the original set of twelve discs. Analog CyberPunk is narrowly defined on purpose, and while there are Analog CyberPunk songs there are no Analog CyberPunk bands.

Genre and Sub-Genres:

The main genre is Analog CyberPunk. It best fits the description of U.F.O.s, giant robots and bored East Germans. Synths are generally more harsh and loud, and the singing serious or disinterested. The first subgenre is called Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition. It tends to be more fun and based on analog machine dance rhythms. They're the unholy union of Analog CyberPunk, eccentric new wave and synth-pop. The second subgenre is Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music. It contains music that is either too weird for other categories or inspired directly by The Residents. You can dance to some of it, but it's not recommended.

There is a bit of overlap between the collections, which adds some depth to each. Laziness, design and ignorance were all contributing factors in determining what went where.

As a bonus an additional sets of songs titled The Unheard Synth New Wave have been compiled. They are synth pop songs that might have been more famous had they the right exposure or were released earlier.

After the initial twelve discs of Analog CyberPunk the project continued with "Further Readings For The Ears", weighing in at 52 parts, which continued and expanded out to include songs not of the original concept. The Third Series moves even more outward from the original idea of "U.F.O.s, Giant Robots And Bored East Germans".

Inspirations For Analog CyberPunk:

Bands that have inspired this project include Kraftwerk, Devo, Gary Numan, Joy Division, The Residents, early OMD, Wall Of Voodoo, Dark Day, Tuxedomoon and The Normal.

Why Did I Include this Band But Not That Band?:

Good question. NEXT!

Contact Information:


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