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Analog CyberPunk Info Page

2/19/2016 Update: A nice person by the name of Petty Vendetta is hosting all the original files for Analog CyberPunk. They can be found here. Thanks Petty!


Songs are being used for educational and promotional purposes only. No money has or will be made off the creation of this project, and please do not use these songs for your own profit. Ownership of these songs remain with the songwriters and bands, and I encourage everyone to support them both financially and with thanks and support.

What is The Analog CyberPunk Project:

The Analog CyberPunk Project is the work of a single humanoid with a few goals in mind. It is an effort to define, collect and arbitrarily name a music genre, along with sub-genres, that existed here and there in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It might be best described as underground electronic post-punk new wave. If packaged on discs it would also contain the subtitle "U.F.O.s, Giant Robots And Bored East Germans".

Compiling these tracks is also part of an argument that new wave was once joined at the hip with other movements such as punk and melodic no wave, and was a valid and thriving art form before it was watered down and trivialized by its absorption into instantly disposable post-disco culture. In other words, regardless of what 80s nostalgia teaches, new wave wasn't always a joke with a bad haircut.

Inspiration And Sources:

These types of songs were played in new wave dance clubs and on college radio. For the most part it's asexual dance music. Not until the boom of internet MP3 sharing and the availability of cassette and vinyl ripping programs have many of these small issue releases been widely available. Some come from a private collection but most were found through internet searches. The idea of Analog CyberPunk existed since the late 70s, long before the music was rediscovered and packaged under names like Synthpunk and Minimal Wave. Without the work of those who collected and toiled to make these songs available this project could never have moved forward as far as it did.

Over 3,000 tracks were considered for the original set of twelve discs. Analog CyberPunk is narrowly defined on purpose, and while there are Analog CyberPunk songs there are no Analog CyberPunk bands.

Genre and Sub-Genres:

The main genre is Analog CyberPunk. It best fits the description of U.F.O.s, giant robots and bored East Germans. Synths are generally more harsh and loud, and the singing serious or disinterested. The first subgenre is called Analog CyberPunk: New Wave Edition. It tends to be more fun and based on analog machine dance rhythms. They're the unholy union of Analog CyberPunk, eccentric new wave and synth-pop. The second subgenre is Analog CyberPunk: Rez Eyeballs Wink - Oddball Music. It contains music that is either too weird for other categories or inspired directly by The Residents. You can dance to some of it, but it's not recommended.

There is a bit of overlap between the collections, which adds some depth to each. Laziness, design and ignorance were all contributing factors in determining what went where.

As a bonus an additional sets of songs titled The Unheard Synth New Wave have been compiled. They are synth pop songs that might have been more famous had they the right exposure or were released earlier.

After the initial twelve discs of Analog CyberPunk the project continued with "Further Readings For The Ears", weighing in at 52 parts, which continued and expanded out to include songs not of the original concept. The Third Series moves even more outward from the original idea of "U.F.O.s, Giant Robots And Bored East Germans".

Inspirations For Analog CyberPunk:

Bands that have inspired this project include Kraftwerk, Devo, Gary Numan, Joy Division, The Residents, early OMD, Wall Of Voodoo, Dark Day, Tuxedomoon and The Normal.

Why Did I Include this Band But Not That Band?:

Good question. NEXT!

Contact Information:


Yes And No Files:

The files below are lists of recommended songs for either further exploration or to be avoided at all costs. The YES file contains songs that run the gamut from barely acceptable to highly recommended. The NO file contain songs that either had nothing to do with Analog CyberPunk or were not good enough to listen to twice. Both lists are not complete, especially the NO file.


(Hypotetical) Prophets, The - Fast Food.mp3                         

1.Futurologischer Kongress - (Stoned Im) Dschungel.mp3              

1000 Ohm - Look Around.mp3                                          

1984 - Tu Nie Bedzie Rewolucji.mp3                                  

1'Ere Classe - Poupee Flash.mp3                                     

2+2=5 - Meeting Mc. L.mp3                                           

20-20 Systems - Dresden.mp3                                         

3 Teens Kill 4 -Crime Drama.mp3                                     

48 - Siopes.mp3                                                     


49 Americans - Beat Up Russians.mp3                                  

4D - Dreidimensional 1.mp3                                          

700 Club - Smog Heaven.mp3                                          

A Blaze Colour - Cold As Ever.mp3                                   

A Blaze Colour - Fisk (V. 2.0).mp3                                  

A Blaze Colour - Nowhere Else.mp3                                   

A Blaze Colour - Or Lie Again.mp3                                   

A Mouse Orchestra - A Lump In Your Throat Pt. 2.mp3                 

A Popular History Of Signs - Guernica.mp3                           

A Popular History Of Signs - If She Was A Car.mp3                   

A.T.R.O.X. - Against The Odds.mp3                                   

A.T.R.O.X. - New York Race Track.mp3                                

Absolute Body Control - A Broken Dream.mp3                          

Absolute Body Control - Automatic.mp3                               

Absolute Body Control - Baby's On Fire.mp3                          

Absolute Body Control - Do You Feel It Inside.mp3                   

Absolute Body Control - I Am Leaving.mp3                            

Absolute Body Control - Is There An Exit.mp3                        

absolute body control - numbers - track 01.mp3                      

absolute body control - numbers - track 02.mp3                      

absolute body control - numbers - track 04.mp3                      

absolute body control - numbers - track 05.mp3                      

absolute body control - numbers - track 06.mp3                      

absolute body control - numbers - track 10.mp3                      

Absolute Body Control - So Obvious.mp3                              

Absolute Body Control - Total Control.mp3                           

Absolute Body Control - Touch Your Skin.mp3                         

Abwarts - Wir Warten.mp3                                            

Actor, The - Gentlemen & Pettycoats.mp3                             

Actor, The - Le Champ D'Honneur.mp3                                 

Actor, The - Modern Air.mp3                                         

Actor, The - Wa¦êhlerisch!.mp3                                       

AD Conspiracy - Conspiracy.mp3                                      

AD Conspiracy - Eeg Egg.mp3                                         

Adaptors - Trust In Technology.mp3                                  

Adn Ckrystall - Biba Angel.mp3                                      

Adn Ckrystall - Cocaina Vitamina.mp3                                

Adn Ckrystall - Do Zeu Twist.mp3                                    

Adn Ckrystall - Pour L'amour D'un Cygne &  Puckies Power.mp3        

Adn Ckrystall - Tam Tam Samba.mp3                                   

Advanced Art - Our Way.mp3                                          

Aerial FX - Instant Feelings.mp3                                    

Aftermath - Automatic Entertainment.mp3                             

AG Geige - Kosmonauten.mp3                                          

AG Geige - Nasenwalzer.mp3                                           

Agentss - Agentes.mp3                                               

AK47 - Autobiography.mp3                                            

AK47 - Stop! Dance!.mp3                                              

Alan R - Logarithm.mp3                                              

Alaska y Los Pegamoides-Horror En E Hipermercado.mp3                

Alena - Les Ailes de La Nuit.mp3                                    

Algebra Suicide - Gist.mp3                                          

Algebra Suicide - Heat Wave.mp3                                     

Algebra Suicide - True Love At The World's Fair.mp3                 

Algebra Suicide - Why No Action Is Taken.mp3                        

Alien Skull Paint - Citylights.mp3                                  

Alien Skull Paint - Difference.mp3                                  

Alien Skull Paint - Fly with Me.mp3                                 

Alien Skull Paint - Nowhere.mp3                                     

Alien Skull Paint - Poison.mp3                                      

Alien Skull Paint - Strobelights.mp3                                

Alien Skull Paint - The Enemy.mp3                                   

Alien Skull Paint - Underground.mp3                                 

ALU - Allzeit Bereit.mp3                                             

ALU - Big Fon.mp3                                                   

Alu - Bitte Warten Sie!.mp3                                         

ALU - Der Zirkus Ist In Der Stadt.mp3                                

ALU - Funkturm.mp3                                                  

ALU - Halt Dich Fest.mp3                                            

Alu - Jetzt Oder Nie.mp3                                            

ALU - Liebe Machen.mp3                                              

ALU - Schachcomputer.mp3                                            

Alu - Scheiss Ddr.mp3                                               

Amie Marie - Wir Sind Zufrieden.mp3                                 

Ana Hausen - Professionals.mp3                                      

Analoid - Sans Issue.mp3                                            

Andi Arroganti - Ich Bin Dein Junge.mp3                             

Andie Oppenheimer - Subterranean Desire.mp3                         

Ankies - Notstand.mp3                                               

Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport - Lost in Madagascar.mp3             

Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport - Talking To Cleopatra.mp3           

Anomy - Waiting At The Station.mp3                                  

Anonymous - Corporate Food.mp3                                       

Anosi - (bonus track from the 1st 7inch 1983).mp3                   

Antenna - Achilles.mp3                                              

Anti Matter - Digital Dance.mp3                                      

Anti-Matter - Industrial City.mp3                                   

Apres Demain - Arpakuutio.mp3                                       

Arbeid Adelt - Het Amusementsbedrijf.mp3                            

Archaic Smile, The - Never Spoken.mp3                               

Arial FX - (Who's Down There) Hold Me.MP3                           

Arnold Lane - No Collar.mp3                                         

Art Interface - Wardance.mp3                                        

Artefact - Brigade Interference.mp3                                 

Arthur Harrison & Rupert Chappelle - Interstellar Safeway.mp3       

Arthur Harrison & Rupert Chappelle - Real World.mp3                 

Arthur Harrison & Rupert Chappelle - Sound City.mp3                 

Artificial Organs - While The City Sleeps.mp3                       

Att Som - Att Döda Ett Barn.mp3                                      

Att Som - Dansa För Dig.mp3                                         

Att Som - Film Noir.mp3                                             

Att Som - Fixerad.mp3                                                

Att Som - Svart På Vit.mp3                                          

Attack Under Attack - Operating Instructions.mp3                    

Automn 82 - Violence Of Life.mp3                                    

Autunm - Synthesize.mp3                                             

Aya Rl - A ja Sie Ukrywam.mp3                                       

Azul 29 - Video Game.mp3                                            

B Movie - Moles.mp3                                                  

B People - I Said Everybody.mp3                                     

B. Troop - Peroxide Romance.mp3                                     

Baard - Life In A Goldfish Bowl.mp3                                  

Baard - Saviour For The Nations.mp3                                 

Baby Buddha - Little Things.MP3                                     

Baby Buddha - Robot Police.mp3                                      

Bal Pare - Eeine Nacht Im 9. Stockwerk.mp3                          

Bal Pare - Venuszepter.mp3                                          

Bale Pare - Raumpatrouille.mp3                                      

Ballistic Kisses - Five OClock World.mp3                            

Bandwagon Tango - Bandwagon Tango.mp3                               

Bandwagon Tango - Unfamiliar Room.mp3                               

Base Of Subsoil - Relation.mp3                                       

Basking Sharks - Croatia.mp3                                        

Basking Sharks - New Industry.mp3                                   

Bay of Pigs - Everything Changes.mp3                                 

Bedtime For Bonzo - Adum Eko.mp3                                    

Beepers, The - Video Fever.mp3                                      

Bene Gesserit - American Orphan Girl.mp3                            

Bene Gesserit - Clear Blue Sky.mp3                                  

Bene Gesserit - G.P.P.M..mp3                                        

Bene Gesserit - Kitchen Music (For Kitchen People).mp3              

Bene Gesserit - She Is Walking.mp3                                  

Bene Gesserit - Slowly Walking Between People.mp3                   

Bene Gesserit - Walt's Waltz.mp3                                    

Bera Maor - Männer.mp3                                               

Berlitz Drama - Hermann.mp3                                         

Bernard Szainer - The Convention.mp3                                

Bert Barten - On Spel Met Wie.mp3                                    

Big Hair - Over You.mp3                                             

Bill Nelson - Quit Dreaming And Get On The Bean.mp3                 

Blago Bung - Auto Suggestion.mp3                                    

Blago Bung - Förruttnelsen.mp3                                      

Blago Bung - Hans Kyss.mp3                                          

Blanc Mange - Running Fluids.mp3                                    

Blancmange - Sad Day.mp3                                            

Blitz -  H.M.K. Grey.mp3                                            

BOB - The Things That You Do.mp3                                    

Bona Dish - Actress.mp3                                              

Books, The - Take Us To Your Leader.mp3                             

Boptronics - Another Life.mp3                                       

Bottroper Hammerchor - Jupp Pütta.mp3                              

Brian Brain - Unexpected Noises.mp3                                 

Broken Tables - The Ruins.mp3                                       

Bruce Gilbert - Epitaphe For Henran Brenlar.mp3                     

C K C - Tous Les 7 Ans.mp3                                          

C.O.M.A. - Femme Robot.mp3                                          

Camera Obscura - Destitution (7 inch).mp3                           

Cancer - 000010.mp3                                                  

Candidate - Hero 0.mp3                                              

Candidate - Like A Beast.mp3                                        

Candidate - Oasis.mp3                                                

Candidate - Strange Girl.mp3                                        

Cardiacs- Hello Mr. Sparrow.mp3                                     

Cargo Cultus - Stick At No Scruples.mp3                              

Carmody - Most Of You.mp3                                           

Central Unit - Saturday Nite.MP3                                    

Ceramic Hello - Dig That Crazy Beat.mp3                             

Ceramic Hello - Staticarnival.mp3                                   

Ceramic Hello - Symphony Of Shudders.mp3                            

Ceramic Hello - The Diequad.mp3                                     

Ceramic Hello - The Grey Man.mp3                                    

Ceramic Hello - Theatre Matrix.mp3                                  

Chalres De Goal - Hang On To Yourself.mp3                           

Chandra - Opposite.mp3                                               

Charles De Goal - Dans Le Labyrinthe.mp3                            

Charles De Goal - Frederic.mp3                                      

Charles De Goal - Hang Onto Yourself.mp3                             

Charles De Goal - Modem.mp3                                         

Charles De Goal - Radio On.mp3                                      

Chris & Cosey & John Duncan - B3 Untitled.mp3                       

Chris Jones - S.O.W..mp3                                            

Chrisma - Gott Gott Electron.mp3                                    

Chrisma - Thank You (version).mp3                                   

Chrisma - Thank You.mp3                                             

Chrisma - Vetra Platz.mp3                                           

Christian Lunch - Bitchen Egyptian.mp3                              

Christian Lunch - Sark Bait 07.mp3                                  

Christian Lunch - Sark Bait 17.mp3                                  

Christian Lunch - Strangling Of A Small Dog.mp3                     

Christian Lunch - Tears F.J.W..mp3                                  

Christof Glowalla - Erde 80.mp3                                     

Christof Glowalla - Technik.mp3                                     

Cinema 90 - In Ultra Violet.mp3                                      

Cinema Rasch - Caught Entangled.MP3                                 

Citizen UK - dining on expense.mp3                                  

Clair Obscur - Tirésias.mp3                                          

Clair Obscur - Toundra.mp3                                          

Class Info - Circle Game.mp3                                        

Class Info - Come For Me.mp3                                        

Class Info - I Want.mp3                                             

Clock DVA - 4 Hours (Original Single Mix).mp3                       

Clock DVA - Brigade.mp3                                             

Clock DVA - You're Without Sound.mp3                                

Cluster - Hollywood.mp3                                             

Co Mix - Sarah In Sahara.mp3                                        

Cold Phoenix - La Fleur Du Destin.mp3                               

Cold Phoenix - Sensation.mp3                                        

Cold Phoenix - Stonehenge.mp3                                       

Colin Potter - Behind You.mp3                                       

Colin Potter - I Am Your Shadow.mp3                                 

Colin Potter - in The Hall.mp3                                      

Colin Potter - Is It You, Is It Me.mp3                              

Colin Potter - Jackpot.mp3                                          

Colin Potter - Quick One.mp3                                        

Colin Potter - The Long Road.mp3                                    

Colin Potter - We Are So Glad.mp3                                   

Collective Horizontal - Crap Game.mp3                               

Collective Horizontal - Edward's Leer.mp3                           

Collective Horizontal - Slow Guns.mp3                               

Comateens - Overseas.mp3                                            

Comateens - Summer In The City.mp3                                  

Conceputol - Bulk Fiber.mp3                                         

Confucional Quartet - Pensione Elastica.mp3                         

Confusional Quartet - Beguine Sulla Luna.mp3                        

Confusional Quartet - Bologna Rock.mp3                              

Confusional Quartet - Dlin Dlon Cow-Boy.mp3                         

Confusional Quartet - Nebdo Zip.mp3                                 

Confusional Quartet - Paranoia.mp3                                  

Confusional Quartet - Sigla.mp3                                     

Cortex - Flowers Of Evil.mp3                                         

Cosmic Overdose - Care.mp3                                          

Cosmic Overdose - Puppan.mp3                                        

Cosmic Overdose - Råttan.mp3                                         

Cosmic Overdose - Saknaden (Av Trans).mp3                           

Cosmic Overdose - Tanten.mp3                                        

Craig Sibley - You See Art, I See Clay.mp3                          

Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb.mp3                        

Crash Course In Science - Kitchen Motors.mp3                        

Croox - 24. Dezember.mp3                                            

Croox - Moderne Krankheiten.mp3                                     

Cyclotron - Es Gibt Keine Bösen Märchen Mehr.mp3                    

D.A.F. - Der Mussolini.mp3                                          

D.U.R. - Deutschland Brennt.mp3                                     

Dalek I Love You - Destiny.mp3                                      

Dalek I Love You - Horrorscope.mp3                                  

Dalek I Love You - This Kiss.mp3                                    

Dalis Car - His Box.mp3                                             

Dancing Cigarettes - Puppies In A Sack.mp3                          

Danse De Partement - Besserwisser.mp3                               

Dark Day - Chameleon.mp3                                            

Dark Day - Hands in the Dark.mp3                                    

Dark Day - Invisible Man.mp3                                        

Dark Day - Nudes In The Forest.mp3                                  

Dark Day - The Metal Benders.mp3                                    

Das Kabinette - Fudge It.mp3                                         

David Jackman - Do The Dog.mp3                                      

Days, The - Ewigkeit.mp3                                            

Decade Of Dreams - Days Of Sun.mp3                                  

Defuser - World Suicide.mp3                                         

Delta - Diagrams Of Women.mp3                                       

Delta - Mr. E. Chaos.mp3                                            

Dementia Precox - Dead On 2 Legs Luncheonette.mp3                   

Dementia Precox - Mines.mp3                                         

Der Eiserne Vorhang - Hassen.mp3                                    

Der Herr Kam Uber Sie - Love Me Or Leave Me.mp3                     

Der Künftige Musikant - Kain Und Abel.mp3                           

Der Kunftige Musikant - La Luna.mp3                                 

Der Kunftige Musikant - Warten Auf Das Grofle ha-ha.mp3            

Der Kunftige Musikant - Zu Tot Zum Sterben.mp3                      

Derribos Arias - Aprenda Aleman En 7 Dias.mp3                       

Deutsche Anarchisten - Alles Zu Spat.mp3                            

Deutsche Schäferhunde - Rosa Brille.mp3                             

Deutsche Wertarbeit - Deutscher Wald.mp3                            

Deutscher Tanzabend - Maschinenmusik.mp3                            

Deux - Decadence.mp3                                                

Deux - Felicita.mp3                                                 


Deux - Game & Performance (Solo).mp3                                

Deux - Game and Performance.mp3                                     

Deux - Sex & Trouble.mp3                                            

Die 7 Besten Schlagersänger Der Welt - Das Gebrochene Herz.mp3      

Die 7 Besten Schlagersänger Der Welt - Stuhl, Kopf, Mann.mp3        

Die Gesunden - Die Gesunden Kommen.mp3                              

Die Idioten - Der Holzsarg.mp3                                      

Die Kapazitat - Bemuhe Dich.mp3                                     

Die Kapazitat - Gesellschaftskritik Fur Anfanger.mp3                

Die Kapazitat - Je Mon Fous.mp3                                     

Die Kapazitat - Kaum.mp3                                            

Die Kapazitat - Kleine Cryptic.mp3                                  

Die Kapazitat - Musik Fur Kleine Morder Mit Blick Auf Den See.mp3   

Die Kapazitat - O.S.R.L..mp3                                        

Die Klopferbande - Pech Für Die U.S.A.mp3                           

Die Radierer - Angriff Auf's Schlaraffenland.mp3                    

Die Radierer - Schlaraffenland.mp3                                  

Die Seltsame Sekretärin - American Man.mp3                          

Die Tanzdiele - Musik Musik Musik.mp3                               

Die Unbekannten - Radio War (live).mp3                              

Die Verspannten - Komm Besuch Mich Heut.mp3                         

Difficult Fun - Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win.mp3                   

Digital Dance - I Sleep On The Waves.mp3                            

Digital Terror - De Som Badar I Guldljus.mp3                        

Digital Terror - Mmmm.mp3                                            

Digital Terror - Väntan.mp3                                         

Dilemma - Dracula.mp3                                               

Din A Testbild - Logischer Gefrierpunkt.mp3                          

Dino Martini & The Longlegged Girls - Ferien.mp3                    

Dino Martini & The Longlegged Grils - Ce Ca.mp3                     

Disco Volante - Click!.mp3                                          

Do Po - Oxidization.mp3                                             

Dom Dummaste - Solveig.mp3                                          

Dominion - Syssiphus Leaves The Mountain.mp3                        

Dominion - The Light Of Day.mp3                                     

Don Bartnick - Gefa¦êhrliche Karriere.mp3                           

Doppler Effect - Time Is Running Out.mp3                            

Doris Norton - Artificial Inteliigence.mp3                          

Doris Norton - Machine Language.mp3                                 

Doxa Sinistra - Conversation A La Cha¦éine.mp3                      

Doxa Sinistra - Coolidge Effect.mp3                                 

Doxa Sinistra - Media Bomb.mp3                                      

Doxa Sinistra - Ruhrgebiedt.mp3                                     

Drinking Electricity - News Peak.mp3                                

Drinking Electricity - Twilight Zone.mp3                            

Duet Emmo - Heart of Hearts.mp3                                     

Duotronic Syn Terror - Wo Is Geld.mp3                               

DUR - Maschinenmusik.mp3                                            

E.G. Obligue Graph - Black Cloth Behind De Gaulles.mp3              

E.G. Oblique Graph - Fall Into Glass.mp3                            

Earthling - You Go On Natural.mp3                                   

Easter and the Totem - One.mp3                                      

E-Coli - Borax.mp3                                                   


Egoslavia - Right For Pictures.mp3                                  

Einzelga¦ênger - Einzelga¦ênger.mp3                                 

El Aviador Dro - El Retorno De Godzilla.mp3                          

El Aviador Dro - El Ultimo Asalto A La Bastilla.mp3                 

El Aviador Dro - La Chica De Plexiglas.mp3                          

Electric Crcus - Kamarac.mp3                                        

Elektraflesh - Broken Trust.mp3                                     

Elektriska Cellskapet - She's A Waitress.mp3                        

Elephants Never Sleep - Jungle.MP3                                  

Emak - Filmmusik.mp3                                                

Embroidery Mary - Red Nettle.mp3                                    

End of Data - Follow Me & So.mp3                                    

End of Data - If I'm Not A Killer.mp3                               

End of Data - Trottodaf.mp3                                         

End Of Your Garden - Celebration.mp3                                

End Of Your Garden - The Autumn.mp3                                 

Ende Shneafliet - Before Departure.mp3                              

Ende Shneafliet - corps diplomatique.mp3                            

Ende Shneafliet - de romant.mp3                                     

Ende Shneafliet - mein gänschen.mp3                                 

Ende Shneafliet - octaman.mp3                                       

Ende Shneafliet - scientific werewolves.mp3                         

Ende Shneafliet - Session Zeitgeist.mp3                             

Ensemble Pittoresque - Artificials.mp3                              

Ensemble Pittoresque - Maitre Satori.mp3                            

Ensemble Pittoresque - Program.mp3                                  

Ensemble Pittoresque - Several Sunsets.mp3                          

Ensemble Pittoresque - Tetra Kilo.mp3                               

Ensemble Pittoresque - Urban Catastrophy.mp3                        

Enzo Kreft - I Don't Understand It.mp3                              

Esplendor Geometrico - Moscu¦ü Esta¦ü Helado.Mp3                    

EST - Yvonne Is Out Again.mp3                                       

Euphorie - Kaelte Treibt.mp3                                        

Eurocheque - Heut Ist Tanz.mp3                                       

Europa Kiado - 3 Judit, 4 Zsuzsa.mp3                                

Eurotunes - European's Progress.mp3                                 

Exhibit A - Platform 6.MP3                                           

Exkurs - Warten.mp3                                                 

Experimental Products - Anesthetic.mp3                              

Experimental Products - New Project.mp3                             

Experimental Products - Sweet Rejection.mp3                         

Experimental Products - The Addict.mp3                              

Experiments With Ice - Red Bible.mp3                                

Experiments With Ice - Toy Joy.mp3                                  

Experiments With Ice - Walk On Furniture.mp3                        

Eyeless In Gaza - Fixation.mp3                                      

Fab Two - Shadows On Vega.mp3                                        

Faction - Poussez.mp3                                               

Fall Of Saigon  - On The Beach At Fontana.mp3                       

Fall Of Saigon - Blue Eyes.mp3                                       

Fall Of Saigon - On The Beach At Fontana.mp3                        

Fall Of Saigon - She Leaves Me All Alone.mp3                        

Fall of Saigon - So Long.mp3                                        

Fall Of Saigon - The Swimmer .mp3                                   

Familie Hesselbach - Certo Fascino.mp3                              

Familie Hesselbach - Die Wilden Kossacken Reiten Auf Der Autobahn.mp3

Familie Hesselbach - Eia Toll Ja.mp3                                

Farenheit - Farenheit #1.mp3                                        

Fast Forward - Bye Bye Love.mp3                                     

Fast Set, The - Junction One.mp3                                    

Feltman Trommelt - Out Of World.mp3                                 

Femme Fatale - Velours.mp3                                          

F-I - Frat Boy.mp3                                                   


Film De Guerre - Piste 1.mp3                                        

Fix & Fertig - Cube Carrelage Blanc.mp3                             

Fizik - History.MP3                                                  


Flakhelfer - Strebsam Macht Ein.mp3                                 

Flash Cero - Ciudad Estelar.mp3                                     

Flash Cero - Vertigo.mp3                                            

Food And Shelter - What Is The Problem.mp3                          

Fragments - Some Other Guy.mp3                                      

Fred - Reactor Lightning.mp3                                        

Fred Frith - Cap The Knife.mp3                                      

Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle - Im Rhythmus Der Zeit.mp3              

French Painter Dead - The Danger Form.MP3                           

Freunde der Nacht - Totentanz.mp3                                   

Fritz, The - Hostiches.mp3                                          

Frohliche Eiszeit - Die Welt Ist Die Mehrheit.mp3                   

Frohliche Eiszeit - Madchen In Der Eisbar.mp3                       

Fun With Animals - The Test Of Love And Sex (stereo).mp3            

Future, The - Pulse Lovers.mp3                                      

Futurisk - Meteoright.mp3                                            

Futurisk - Poison Ivy.mp3                                           

Gadgets - Autumn 80.mp3                                             

Gadgets - Kyleaking - Making Cars.mp3                                

Geert Coppens - Surrounded.mp3                                      

Gina X Performance - Babylon Generation.mp3                         

Gina X Performance - Plastic Surprise Box.mp3                       

Glass Actors - Changes.mp3                                          

Glass Museum - Dumping Cart Motion.mp3                              

Gleaming Spires - At Together.mp3                                   

Gloria Mundi - Fight Back.mp3                                       

Gorilla Aktiv - Das Gesicht.mp3                                     

Gorilla Aktiv - Gru¦êss Gott Und Auf Wiedersehen.mp3                

Gorilla Aktiv - Mädchen In Weiss.mp3                              

Gorilla Aktiv - Ottos Pornos.mp3                                    

Gorilla Aktiv - Spiegelbild.mp3                                     

Gorilla Aktiv - Tombstone Blues.mp3                                 

Gorilla Aktiv - Umsonst Ohne Risiko - Suono Seguito.mp3             

GPJ - Tristess No. 3.mp3                                            

Grauzone - Der Weg Zu Zweit.mp3                                     

Grauzone - Ich and Du.mp3                                           

Grauzone - Kunstgewerbe.mp3                                         

Grauzone - Moskau.mp3                                                

Grauzone - Schlachtet!.mp3                                          

Grauzone - Traume Mit Mir.mp3                                       

Grauzone - Wutendes Glas.mp3                                         

Gregor S. - Floh.mp3                                                

Guerre Froide - Brumes.mp3                                          

Guerre Froide - De¦üpart.mp3                                        

Guerre Froide - Demain Berlin.mp3                                   

Guerre Froide - Gloria Victis.mp3                                   

Guerre Froide - Mauve.mp3                                           

Guyer's Connection - Ar Isch Schon.mp3                              

Guyer's Connection - La Transformation.mp3                          

Guyer's Connection - Laugh About.mp3                                

Hajime Tachibana - Rock.mp3                                          

Hepatitis Rrisk - Wet Dreams.mp3                                    

Hermann Kopp - Mondo Zombie.mp3                                     

Heute - Kinder Der Ohnmacht.mp3                                      

Heute - Orgasmus.mp3                                                

Heute - Traurig-Lustig.mp3                                          

Heute - Unkenntlichkeit.mp3                                         

Heute - Weltuntergang.mp3                                           

Hikashu - The Model.mp3                                             

Hit Parade - Bad News.mp3                                           

Hohokam - King.mp3                                                  

Human Backs - Pulse Music.mp3                                       

Human Hands - New Look.mp3                                          

Human Hands - Trains Vs. Planes.mp3                                 

Hymn - Hope I Dream.mp3                                             

Hysterica Passio - Alone.mp3                                        

Ian Boddy - Living in a Ritual.mp3                                  

Ian Elms - The Street Enters The House.MP3                          

Idol Death - Sticky Death.mp3                                       

If-Then-Else - Warhead.mp3                                          

Ike Yard - M. Kurtz.mp3                                             

IKO - Digital Delight.mp3                                           

IKO - Gonadotropic Synthesis.mp3                                     

Im Namen Des Volkes - Raumkrank.mp3                                 

I'm So Hollow - Touch.mp3                                           

Inbase - Christine.MP3                                              

INC - Pure As Ice.mp3                                               

Indians In Moscow - Dies Irae.mp3                                   

Indians In Moscow - Indians in Moscow.mp3                           

Indians In Moscow - The Price of Love.mp3                           

Indoor Life - Madison Ave..mp3                                      

Industrials - Idiot Dancers.mp3                                     

Industry - Caribbean Cruise.mp3                                     

Industry - Ready For the Wave.mp3                                   

Ind-X - If It Happened to You.mp3                                   

Inertia - A Submarine.mp3                                            

Inertia - Submarine.mp3                                             

Informatics - Hungry Pets.mp3                                       

Informatics - Satellite To Russia.mp3                                

Informatics - What a World.mp3                                      

Information Society - Der Mussolini (live, daf cover).mp3           

Inner Landscapes - AudioTrack 04.mp3                                

Inner Landscapes - AudioTrack 06.mp3                                

Innerface - Human Factors.mp3                                       

Instant Music - Everybody's Gotta Mutate.mp3                        

Intense Molecular Activity - Beat Street.mp3                        

Interaccion - Esta Vacio Tu Corazon.mp3                             

Interaccion - Newton.mp3                                            

Irene & Mavis - Just Another Spectre.mp3                            

Irene & Mavis 02 Holiday Camp.mp3                                   

Iron Curtain - First Punk Wars.mp3                                  

Iron Curtain - Tarantula Scream.mp3                                 

Iron Curtain - Terror Story.mp3                                     

Iron Curtain - The Burning.mp3                                      

Ivan Cattaneo - Italian Slip.mp3                                    

Jacket Weather - A Busy Morning.mp3                                 

Jacket Weather - The River Sleeps.mp3                               

Jacket Weather - Trust.mp3                                           

Jeanette Und Da Land Z - Pouppee De Cire Pouppee De Son.mp3         

Jeff & Jane Hudson - P.C.P. (World Trade).mp3                       

Jeff & Jane Hudson - Pound Pound.mp3                                 

Jeff And Jane Hudson - Los Alamos.mp3                               

Jeff And Jane Hudson - Operating Instructions.mp3                   

Jeff And Jane Hudson - P.C.P..mp3                                   

Jesus Couldn't Drum - Beat the Dog.mp3                              

Jesus Couldn't Drum - Caught In A Dream.mp3                         

Jill Kroesen -  I'm Sorry I'm Such A Weenie.mp3                     

Jill Kroesen - I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here.mp3                

Jill Kroesen - Wayne Hayes Blues.mp3                                

Johan Vävare - Jingel Nr 1.mp3                                      

John Bender - 36A2 Woman's Runner.mp3                               

John Bender - 39 A5 Something.mp3                                   

John Paul Young - The Monster In Ed.mp3                             

Joy Ryder - Sehnsucht Nach Allem.mp3                                

Kaa Antilope - Rise Up Helicopter.mp3                               

Kan Kan - Phone Call.mp3                                            

Kannibalen und Missionare - Ein Herz in Not.mp3                     

Kas Product - Breakloose.mp3                                        

Kas Product - Man Of Time.mp3                                       

Kas Product - Never Come Back.mp3                                   

Kas Product - No Shame.mp3                                          

Kas Product - Pussy X.mp3                                           

Kathy & The Lawnmowers - Green Children.mp3                          

Kebab - Life Is A Joke (short cut).mp3                              

Kebab - Weekend.mp3                                                 

Keine Ahnung - Sentimentale Jugend.mp3                              

Ken Clinger - Carla West (The Human Bird Nest).mp3                  

Kevin Coyne - Banzai.mp3                                            

Kevin Dunn - 20.000 Years in Sing-Sing.mp3                          

Kidorikko - Okuchiga Ga Ga.mp3                                      

Kindergarten - Auschwitz.mp3                                        

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - Filmen.mp3                         

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral (slow version).mp3   

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral.mp3                  

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - Icecream To God.mp3                

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - The Poet.mp3                       

Klack Klack - 1919.mp3                                              

Klan X - Alarma General.mp3                                         

Kon-G-nial - Gefangene Der Nacht.mp3                                

Kon-g-nial - Wir Haben Keine Zeit.mp3                               

Konstruktivists - Sweet Sex Subliminal.mp3                          

Krisma - Gott Gott Electron.mp3                                      

Kuruki - Crocodile Tears.mp3                                        

Kuruki - Just A Cat (7 version).mp3                                 

Kuruki - W.S. Remake.mp3                                             

La Valse - Sorrow.mp3                                               

Land Of Giants - Cannibal Dolls.mp3                                 

Lars Cleveman, Martin Rössel & - Och Så Sade Han.mp3                

Las Chinas - El Hombre Salvaje.mp3                                  

Last Four (4) Digits - City Streets.mp3                             

L'Aventure Imaginaire - Athen.mp3                                   

League Of Nations - Fade.mp3                                        

League Of Nations - Systematic Eyes.mp3                             

League Of Nations - Thin Ice Door.mp3                               

Len Liggins - The Children.mp3                                      

Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je T'Ecris D'Un Pays.mp3                    

Liaisons Dangereuses - Kess Kill Fe Show.mp3                        

Liaisons Dangereuses - Mystère Dans Le Brouillard.mp3               

Lila - Good Luck.mp3                                                

Limp, The - Pony Club.mp3                                           

Linear Movement - Don't Try To Trick Me.mp3                         

Linear Movement - Due To You.mp3                                    

Linear Movement - Synthesize.mp3                                    

Liquid Sky - Afternoon.mp3                                           

Liquid Sky - Aliens Theme I.mp3                                     

Liquid Sky - Margaret's Childhood.mp3                               

Liquid Sky - Noon.mp3                                                

Living In Texas - Am Dem Banhof.mp3                                 

Local Passion - Le Bouclier D'athena.mp3                            

Local Passion - Nouvelle Histoire.mp3                               

Logic System - Domino Dance.mp3                                     

Logic System - Unit.mp3                                             

Logotipo - Teoria Del Contracto.mp3                                 

London Underground - Train Of Thought.mp3                           

Los Iniciados - Isis Y Osiris.mp3                                   

Los Iniciados - Obertura.mp3                                        

Los Paranos - Le Sureau.mp3                                          

Loss of Head - Isolation.mp3                                        

Loved Ones, The - Observations.mp3                                  

Luc Van Acker & Didi De Paris-Onze Vader.MP3                         

Lust Sacrifice - Vision.mp3                                         

M - Relax.mp3                                                       


M. Bryo & D.M.T. - The Empty Street.MP3                             

Macht Durch Strom - Macht.mp3                                       

Magnetique Bleu - Starwars Dans Ma Tete.mp3                         

Makaton Chat - Communicate.mp3                                      

Malaria - Mensch.mp3                                                

Marge And The Marvelous - A Distance Dance.mp3                      

Mark Lane - Mystery Hero.mp3                                        

Mark Lane - They Call It Game.mp3                                   

Markus - Schone Neue Welt.mp3                                       

Martial Canterel - Waves Of Tomorrow.mp3                            

Martin Dupont - Dirty Hands.mp3                                     

Martin Dupont - Just Because (lp version).mp3                       

Martin Dupont - Just Because.mp3                                    

Martin Dupont - Soft Images.mp3                                     

Martin Dupont - SticksIn My Brain.mp3                               

Martin Dupont - Take A Look.mp3                                     

Martin Dupont - Your Passion.mp3                                    

Martin Hall - Spiral.mp3                                            

Mathematiques Modernes - Disco Rough.mp3                            

Mau Mau - Herzschlag.mp3                                             

Mau Mau - Mau Mau.mp3                                               

Max & Malcolm - Warning.MP3                                         

M-Bryo & D.M.T. -The Empty Street.mp3                                

Me¦ücanique Rythmique - Extase.mp3                                  

Means, The - Roomate.mp3                                            

Mecano - Robespierres Re-Marx.mp3                                   

Mechanical Servants - Study Up.mp3                                  

Mechanics - Consumer.mp3                                            

Mekanik Kommando - Connection Disconnection.mp3                     

Mekanik Kommando - Mekanik Kommando.mp3                             

Mekanik Kommando - Pain In Eden.mp3                                 

Mekanik Kommando - Stop And Play.mp3                                

Mekanik Kommando - White Soldier.mp3                                

Men 2nd - The Twin Mind.mp3                                         

Men 2nd - Transition.mp3                                            

Men-Eject - Apologize.mp3                                            

Men's Recovery Project - They Found My Naked Body By The River.mp3  

Messengers - Great Institutions.mp3                                 

Metalvox - Future World.mp3                                          

Metamorphus Nex - Die Idee.mp3                                      

Metronomes - Ballad Of The Metronome.mp3                            

Metronomes - I Like To Waltz.mp3                                    

Metronomes - Make It Plain.mp3                                      

Metronomes - Moral Climates.mp3                                     

Metronomes - Regular Guys.mp3                                       

Metronomes - Same Phrase Again.mp3                                  

Metronomes, The - A Circuit Like Me.mp3                             

Michael Heinkel - Samstag ist nur einmal in der Woche.mp3           

Mickey Bliss - Cocktails For Two.mp3                                

Microbes, The - Computer.mp3                                        

Miharu Koshi - Sugar Me.mp3                                         

Miko Saarela & Organ - Robotti.mp3                                  

Minny Pops - A Feeling.mp3                                          

Minny Pops - Dolphin Spurt.mp3                                      

Minny Pops - Footsteps.mp3                                           

Minny Pops - Island.MP3                                             

Minny Pops - Time.mp3                                               

Mittageisen - Erinnerung.mp3                                         

MKK - Ich Bin Scho¦ên.mp3                                           

Mockba Music - Harry.mp3                                            

Modern Eon - Euthenics.mp3                                          

Modern Mannequins - Certain Reality.mp3                             

Moderne - Dilemma.mp3                                               

Moderne - Eldorado.mp3                                              

Moderne - Indicatif.mp3                                             

Moderne - Judo-O-Dojo.mp3                                           

Moderne - L'Homme D'Affaires.mp3                                    

Moderne - Mercenaire Solitaire.mp3                                  

Moderne - Qu'Elle Me Caresse.mp3                                    

Moderne - Rock N Roll Star.mp3                                      

Moderne - Sans Signalement.mp3                                      

Moderne - Switch On Bach.mp3                                        

Moev - Feline Frauline.mp3                                          

Moev - Mt, Mt, Nme.mp3                                               

Moev - Orbituary Column.mp3                                         

Mono 45 Upm - Romantic Adieu.mp3                                    

Moral - Consumerism.mp3                                             

Moral - Frosty Nights.mp3                                           

Moral - Still Remaining.mp3                                         

Moral - The Average Life.mp3                                        

Moral - The Wedding.mp3                                             

Moral - Trees In November.mp3                                       

Moss Garten - (a2) Moderna Kvinnor.mp3                              

Musical Janeens - Glen Miller & His Contemporary....mp3             

Mydolls - The-Rapist.mp3                                            

Mythos - Robot Secret Agents.mp3                                    

Naked Lunch - La Femme.mp3                                           

Napalm Babies - Don't Catch Me In The Blast.mp3                     

Nash The Slah - Danger Zone (live).mp3                              

Nash The Slah - Dead Man's Curve.mp3                                 

Nash The Slah - Metropolis.mp3                                      

Nash The Slah - Swing Shift (flexi-version).mp3                     

Nash The Slah - Swing Shift (original 45 rpm version).mp3           

Nash The Slash - 19th Nervous Breakdown.mp3                         

Nash The Slash - Children Of The Night (live).mp3                   

Nash The Slash - Children Of The Night.mp3                          

Nash The Slash - Danger Zone.mp3                                    

Nash The Slash - In A Glass Eye.mp3                                 

Nash The Slash - Reactor No. 2.mp3                                  

Nash The Slash - Wolf.mp3                                            

Nasmak - Vaseline Des Artistes.mp3                                  

Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor, The - Front.mp3                      

Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor, The - Is All I  Need.mp3             

Navastrau - Navastrau Theme.mp3                                     

Neal Von Non & The Guinea Pigs - Digress.mp3                        

Necropolis Of Love - Talk.mp3                                       

Negativland - Negativland.mp3                                       

Neon - Boxes.mp3                                                    

Neon - Dark Age.mp3                                                 

Neon - Drivin'.mp3                                                  


Neon - Indulgeance with Vengeance.mp3                               

Neon - Informations Of Death (12 Inch Version).mp3                  

Neon Judgement - Schizofrenic Freddy (Unreleased).mp3               

Neon Judgement - Sweet Revenge (Unreleased).mp3                     

Nervous Gender - People Like You.mp3                                

Neural Circus - Exit.mp3                                             

Neural Circus - Neural Circus.mp3                                   

New Age, The - 2525.mp3                                             

Nick Toczek (with To Be Continued) - Everybody's Friend.mp3         

Nightmares In Wax - Shangri-La.mp3                                  

Nine Circles - I'm Deeply Touched.mp3                               

Nine Circles - Miss Love.mp3                                        

Nine Circles - When I Dance.mp3                                     

Nine Circles -Twinkling Stars.MP3                                   

Ninove - Mechante Souris.mp3                                        

Njurmännen - Stadvisan.mp3                                          

No More - Dim the Lights.mp3                                        

No More - Hypnotized.mp3                                             

No More - I Still Bear the Scars.mp3                                

No More - In A White Room.mp3                                       

No More - Kalo.mp3                                                   

No More - Suicide Commando.mp3                                      

Nocturnal Emmissions - Never Give Up.mp3                            

Normal Brain - Frottage `One Way`.mp3                               

Normal Brain - MUSIC.mp3                                            

Normal, The - T.V.O.D..mp3                                          

Normal, The - Warm Leatherette.mp3                                  

Nova - Terranova.mp3                                                

November Group - We Dance.mp3                                       

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - System Failure.mp3                  

Nuclear Regulatory Commisson - Z-Bomb.mp3                           

Null and Void - All The Old Humans.mp3                              

Odd Stories - Dance.mp3                                             

Odd Stories - Hjärtan Av Glas.mp3                                   

Odd Stories - Like You.mp3                                          

OGI - King Kong's Tear.mp3                                          

OGI - Resistdance.mp3                                                

Operating Theatre - Blue Light And Alpha Waves.mp3                  

Orbidoig - Nocturnal Operations.mp3                                 

Organ - Kolme Prinsessaa.mp3                                         

Organ - Organ.mp3                                                   

Ostro 430 - Sechzehn.mp3                                            

Our Daughters Wedding - Airlines.mp3                                

Our Daughters Wedding - Raincoats & Silverwave.mp3                  

P Model - For Kids.mp3                                              

P1-E - 49 Second Romance.mp3                                        

P1-E - Dependance.mp3                                               

P4 - I'm In Love With A German Filmstar.mp3                         

P4 - Spanish Night.mp3                                              

P4 - Tolstoj.mp3                                                     


Paay - 1a.mp3                                                       


Palais Schaumburg - Gute Luft.mp3                                   

Palais Schaumburg - Kinder Der Tod (Erstversion).mp3                

Palais Schaumburg - Mach Mich Glücklich Wie Nie.mp3                 

Paper Faces - Riding a Bomb.mp3                                     

Partly Cloudy - Fucked.mp3                                           

Partly Cloudy - Relic Revival.mp3                                   

Party Day - Rabbit Pie.mp3                                          

Pas De  Deux - Lits Jumeaux.mp3                                      

Pascal Comelade - 13 Again (reprise).mp3                            

Pascal Comelade - Again.mp3                                         

Pascal Comelade - Eclairage Sur L'eau.mp3                           

Passage, The - Drugface.mp3                                         

Patrick D Martin - Computer Datin.mp3                               

Patrick D. Martin - I Like 'lectric Mmotors (long).mp3              

Paul Celan, Münch, Rosenwinkel - Nächtlich Geschürzt.mp3            

Pavilion 7b - La Mange.mp3                                          

Pavilion 7b - You're So Special.mp3                                 

Pavillion 7b - Love Loser.mp3                                       

Pavillion 7b - Overdose.mp3                                         

Pavillion 7b - You're So Special.mp3                                

Pelvic Thrust - The Night is Not Bad.mp3                            

Perfect Jewish Couple - The Fall.mp3                                

Perfect Vision - Scratch And Howl.mp3                               

Performance - Pilotes.mp3                                            

Peter Synthetik - Captain Berlin.mp3                                

Phew - Closed.mp3                                                   

Picky Picnic - My Toast Time.mp3                                     

Picture Book - Success.mp3                                          

Piefke & Pafke . ...Und Es Geht Ab.mp3                              

Pink Industry - State Of Grace.mp3                                  

Pink Turns Blue - After All.mp3                                     

Pink Turns Blue - I Coldly Stare Out.mp3                            

Pistones - Nadie.mp3                                                

Plain Characters - Julia.mp3                                        

Plastic Domingo - Alles Geschmacksache.mp3                          

Plastic Domingo - Wer Haette Das Gedacht.mp3                        

Plastics - Dance In The Metal.mp3                                   

Plastics - Robot (7'' Mix).mp3                                      

Pleasant Peasants - Pussman Polka.mp3                               

Plus Instruments - Eleven.mp3                                        

Plus Instruments - Eyes.mp3                                         

Plus Instruments - Notions.mp3                                      

Plus Instruments - So.mp3                                            

Plus Instruments - Special.mp3                                      

Plus Instruments - Spy.mp3                                          

Plus Instruments - Stratego.mp3                                     

Pluta Connexion - Modern Love.mp3                                   

P-Model - Art Mania.mp3                                             

P-Model - Health Angel.mp3                                          

P-Model - Kameari Pop.mp3                                           

P-Model - Missile.mp3                                               

P-Model - Pinky Trick.mp3                                           

P-Model - The Great Brain.mp3                                        

P-Model - White Cigarettes.mp3                                      

Polyphonic Size - Le Temps Du Swing.mp3                             

Polyphonic Size - Mode.mp3                                           

Polyphonic Size - Mother's Little Helper.mp3                        

Polyphonic Size - Party.mp3                                         

Polyphonic Size - Rendez-vous.mp3                                   

Polyphonic Size - Zas.mp3                                           

Portion Control - Across The Fence.mp3                              

Portion Control - Better Place.mp3                                  

Portion Control - Diving.mp3                                        

Positive Noise - Refugees.mp3                                       

Pragvec - Happy Valley.mp3                                          

Pragvec - Laugh.mp3                                                  

Pragvec - Mens Casual Wear 1962.mp3                                 

Pre Fix - Underneathica.mp3                                         

Presser Gabor  - Rondo A La Terror.mp3                               

Primitivs - Open Doors.mp3                                          

Prod - Syd O'Barrity.mp3                                            

Product Of Reason - Active Repitition.mp3                           

Projekt 3 - Hinter Dem Spiegel.mp3                                  

Proxies - Groovin Over Beirut.mp3                                   

Psy 231 - Rockin' Rollin' Rythmus.MP3                               

Pulp - What Do You Say.mp3                                          

Quiet Life - Schlafen.mp3                                           

Radio 5 - True Colours.mp3                                          

Radio Free Europe - It Likes You.mp3                                

Ratata - Liv Utan Spänning.mp3                                      

Ratata - Ögon Av Is.mp3                                             

Red Tapes - Falling.mp3                                              

Red Tapes - God Reasons.mp3                                         

Red Tapes - Present Tense.mp3                                       

Reinheit Des Herzens - Tag X.mp3                                     

Reverse - Greed.mp3                                                 

Revox Cadets, The - Tony Goes To Tokyo.mp3                          

Richard Bone - Joy Of Radiation.mp3                                 

Richard Bone - Sordide Affair.mp3                                   

Robert Görl - Wind In Hair.mp3                                      

Robert Lawrence - Heart Finds A Home.mp3                            

Robert Rental - Double Heart.mp3                                    

Robert Rental - On Location.mp3                                     

Rolf Jungklaus - New Wave.mp3                                       

Rolf Jungklaus - Wave.mp3                                            

Rose Mc. Dowall - Crystal Days.mp3                                  

Roy Finch - Buildings.mp3                                           

Roy Finch - Fear Of Death.mp3                                        

Roy Finch - Mind Over Matter.mp3                                    

Royal Family And The Poor - Restrained In A Moment.mp3              

Ruicji Sakamoto - The End Of Europe.mp3                             

S.A.R. - I Hate To See You Cry.mp3                                  

Sammie America's Gasphetti - Top Of The Dream.mp3                   

Sandi And The Sunsets - Alive.mp3                                   

Satin Wall - Dans Les Profondeurs.mp3                               

Scatterbrain - Angry Young Men.MP3                                  

Scattered Order - Heat.mp3                                          

Scattered Order - Mass Murder (79).mp3                              

Schleimer K - Fugitive Kind.mp3                                     

Schleimer K - Women.mp3                                             

Schlussphase - Bunkerleben.mp3                                       

Schmaalhans Weltraum - Dr. Laderbar.mp3                             

Science Patrol - Bandit Ducks From Outer Space.mp3                  

Scientific Americans - Fascist.mp3                                   

Sea of Wires, The - Breathing.mp3                                   

Second Decay - A Kind Of Dream.mp3                                  

Second Decay - Die Antwort.mp3                                      

Second Decay - Laboratorium I.mp3                                   

Second Layer - State Of Emergency.mp3                               

Seep Maier's Gloves - Ambition.mp3                                  

Selentie Vox - Sans Titre.mp3                                       

Seven And Three - Equator.mp3                                       

Severed Heads - Adolf A Carrot.mp3                                  

Shanghai Au Go Go - Talk Back.mp3                                   

Shanghai Au Go Go - Un-Compatible.mp3                               

Shoc Corridor - Almost In Walking Distance.mp3                      

Shoc Corridor - Artificial Horizon.mp3                              

Shox Lumania - (I Have) No Shoes.mp3                                

SIC - Between.mp3                                                   

SIC - Cover Girls Smile.MP3                                         

SIC - Voltage Control.mp3                                           

Siglo XX - Endless Corridor.mp3                                     

Silicon Teens - Sun Flight.mp3                                       

Silvia - Zuerst Ich.mp3                                             


Sluik - Back To Burnsley.mp3                                        

Sluik - I Felt A Bit, I Was.mp3                                     

Sluik - You've Got To Listen To Me.mp3                              

Smalts - Werktitel No.4.mp3                                         

Snowy Red - Blood Blood Blood.mp3                                   

Snowy Red - Come On Dance.mp3                                       

Snowy Red - Deep Desire.mp3                                         

Snowy Red - Don't Lose Control.mp3                                  

Snowy Red - I'm Hurt.mp3                                             

Snowy Red - Madman.mp3                                              

Snowy Red - Maud Is Dead.mp3                                        

Snowy Red - Never Alive.mp3                                          

Snowy Red - Sinkin' Down.mp3                                        

Social Climbers - Domestic.mp3                                      

Social Climbers - Ernie K.mp3                                       

Social Climbers - Palm Springs.mp3                                  

Social Climbers - That's Why.mp3                                    

Soft Cell - Cleansing Fanatic.mp3                                   

Soft Cell - Excretory Eat Anorexia Nervosa.mp3                      

Soft Cell - Factory Fun.mp3                                         

Soft Cell - Metro MRX.mp3                                           

Soft Cell - Purely Functional.mp3                                   

Soft Cell - Pyrex My Cuisine.mp3                                    

Soft Cell - Science Fiction Stories.mp3                             

Soft Cell - The Girl With The Patent Leather Face.mp3               

Soft Cell - Tupperware Party.mp3                                    

Soft Cell - Walking Make-Up Counter.mp3                             

Solid Space - A Darkness In My Soul.mp3                             

Soma Holiday - Too Many People.mp3                                  

Spizzenergi - Soldier, Soldier.mp3                                  

Spooky Dance - The Spooky Dance.mp3                                 

Spoon Fazer - Ballad Of The Insectman.mp3                           

Spoon Fazer - Do Different Dances.mp3                               

Spotch forcey - A - Frustré.mp3                                     

Spotch Forcey - Frustre.mp3                                         

Stahlnetz - Vor All Den Jahren.mp3                                  

Stahlnetz - Wir Sind Glucklich.mp3                                  

Standard Of Living - She Loves You.mp3                              

Standing Waves - Vertigo.mp3                                        

Starter - Lunapark.mp3                                               

Starter - Plastic.mp3                                               


Stephan - Wir Wollen Tanzen Gehen.mp3                               

Stephan Eicher - Hungriges Afrika.mp3                                

Stephan Eicher - Noise Boys Song.mp3                                

Stephen Spera - Sound Of The Crowd.mp3                              

Steve Parker - Keys And Colleges.mp3                                

Steve Solamar - Forewarned.mp3                                      

Steven Grandell - Burn My Eyes.mp3                                  

Steven Grandell - Flight At The End.mp3                             

Student Nurse - Snow.mp3                                            

Stupid Set, The - Rangoon Patrol.mp3                                

Stupid Set, The - Relaxin`.mp3                                      

Subject - I See You.mp3                                              

Sudeten Creche - Are Kisses Out Of Fashion.mp3                      

Sun Ya - Sun Dub (instrumental).mp3                                 

Sun Yama - Subterranean Homesick Blues.MP3                           

Surplus Stock - Anecdote.mp3                                        

Surplus Stock - Slide Huitar.mp3                                    

Surplus Stock - Take It.mp3                                         

Susi Und Die Strolche - Freut Euch Des Lebens.mp3                   

Symph...can do.mp3                                                  

Symphonique Elegance - Hello River.mp3                              

Symphonique Elegance - Star Fleet.mp3                               

Symphonique Elegance - The WEnd Of The Tunnel.mp3                   

Symphonique Elegance - What Love Can Do.mp3                         

Synchronization - Pseudo Rich.mp3                                    

Synthenphall - Abzaehlreim.mp3                                      

Syntoma - Sensaciones Ilegales.mp3                                  

Syntoma - Sortilegios industriales.mp3                               

Syntoma - Subliminal.mp3                                            

Systematics - Die For My House.mp3                                  

Systematics, The - Die For My House.mp3                             

Systematics, The - Let it Be.mp3                                    

Tabu - Kaltgestellt.mp3                                             

Tara Cross - Eyes Don't Lie.mp3                                     

Tara Cross - Hotel Midnite.mp3                                      

Tara Cross - I Won't Cut It Away.mp3                                

Tara Cross - Limelight.mp3                                          

Tara Cross - No More Drugs.mp3                                      

Tara Cross - Tori's Dream.mp3                                       

Tara Cross + Sismoid - Charlie.mp3                                  

Tattoo H. - Fantasy Island.mp3                                      

Tattoo H. - To Reason Why.mp3                                       

Taxi Girl -  Les Yeux Des Amants.mp3                                

Taxi Girl - Cherchez Le Garçon.mp3                                  

Taxi Girl - Petit Jardin Chinois.mp3                                

Taxi Girl - V2 Sur Mes Souvenirs.mp3                                

Technoquake - Trust In Me.MP3                                       

Telefones - Stop Rudy Stop.mp3                                      

Telex - Pakmovast.mp3                                               

Telex - Someday-Un Jour.mp3                                          

Telex - Twist À St. Tropez.mp3                                      

Tempo Di Marcia - Russian Dream.mp3                                 

Testcard F - Bandwagon Tango.mp3                                     

Testcard F - Peel Sessions- Bandwagon Tango.mp3                     

Testcard F - Peel Sessions- Unfamiliar Room.mp3                     

Testcard F - Unfamiliar Room.mp3                                    

Thanasis Zlatanos - Nor The Reflection.mp3                          

Thorax Wach - VSOP.mp3                                              

Those Helicopters - Shark.mp3                                       

Thrift Bakery - Shake Your Jewelry.mp3                              

Tikis - Junie.mp3                                                   


Time Statues - Statue Of The Night.mp3                              

Tiny Tribe - Bay Street.mp3                                          

Ti-Tho - Elefantenja¦êger.mp3                                       

Tom Ware - Chinatown.mp3                                            

Tone Set - Appeal To Them.mp3                                        

Tone Set - Indeed.mp3                                               

Tone Set - Life Is Busy.mp3                                         

Tone Set - Relax.mp3                                                

Tone Set - The Tone Set.mp3                                         

Tone Set - Waiting For Oatmeal.mp3                                  

Tone Set - What Good's A Hit Song.mp3                               

Tone Set - Wigglin Around In Middletown.mp3                         

Touch Tones - Sorry We're Passe.mp3                                 

Transparent Illusion - Demented.mp3                                 

Transparent Illusion - Incubus.mp3                                  

Transparent Illusion - Malice Way.mp3                               

Transparent Illusion - Nuclear Release.mp3                          

Transparent Illusion - Sections.mp3                                 

Transparent Illusion - The Human Cage.mp3                           

Transparent Illusions - Is There Hope.mp3                           

Trash Groove Girls - Trash Beat.mp3                                 

Trees - 11-00 AM.mp3                                                

Trees - Come Back.mp3                                               

Trees - Gotta Moon.mp3                                               

Trees - No Stranger.mp3                                             

Trek W. Quintronic - Wally And the Rich Kid.mp3                     

Trek With Quintronic - A Little Name.mp3                             

Trick 17 - Hey, Komm Schlaf Mit Mir.mp3                             

Trigger And The Thrill Kings - Shame.mp3                            

Twilight Ritual - I Never Called You A Dream.mp3                    

Twilight Ritual - Reach You.mp3                                     

Twins, The - Modern Lifestyle.MP3                                   

Two - Walechsa.mp3                                                  

Underground Life - Away.mp3                                         

Underground Life - Le Vol.mp3                                       

Units - Cannibals.mp3                                               

Units - High Pressure Days.mp3                                       

Units - Warm Moving Bodies.mp3                                      

Unknown Artist - Alone.mp3                                          

Unknown Artist - Danger.mp3                                          

Unknown Artist - Ganuma De Linarus.mp3                              

Unknown Artist - Horizon.mp3                                        

Unknown Artist - Norvigia.mp3                                       

Unknown Artist - The Happy Egg.mp3                                  

Urban Verbs - Frenzy.mp3                                            

UV Pop - Arcade Fun.mp3                                             

UV Pop - Four Minute Warning.mp3                                    

UV Pop - Hafunkiddies.mp3                                           

UV Pop - Hands To Me.mp3                                            

UV Pop - Just A Game.mp3                                             

V. Sor X - Authors.mp3                                              

V-2 Berlin - Marquee Moon.mp3                                       

Van Kaye & Ignit - Picassos On The Wall.mp3                          

Van Kaye and Ignit - Whirlwind.mp3                                  

Venus In Furs - In My Velvet Cage.MP3                               

Venus In Furs - That First Wild Kiss.mp3                            

Vertagte Nachte - Last Rumpelstilz Rock.mp3                         

Vets, The - World In Action.mp3                                     

Vice Versa - Eyes Of Christ.mp3                                     

Vice Versa - Genetic Warfare.mp3                                    

Vice Versa - New Girls Neutron.mp3                                  

Vice Versa - Science Fact.mp3                                       

Vice Versa - Trapped In Celluloid.mp3                               

Vicious Pink Phenomena - My Private Tokyo.mp3                       

Video Clips - Little Machine Box.mp3                                

Visage - Frequency (7inch version).mp3                              

Vision Baroque - Send No Flowers.mp3                                

Visitors - Electric Heat.mp3                                        

Visitors - Moth.mp3                                                  


Vita Noctis - Hade.MP3                                              

Vita Noctis - This Is Not The Life.mp3                              

Vitor Hublot - Aller Simple.mp3                                      

Vivabeat - Man from China.mp3                                       

Voburka Schwabe - Romance Adieu Bienvenue Realite.mp3               

Voice Farm - Elevate (7'' Version).mp3                              

Voice Farm - Lost Adults.mp3                                        

Voice Farm - Mama Made Me Do It.mp3                                 

Voice Farm - Sleep.mp3                                              

Voice Farm - Voyeur.mp3                                             

Volkstanz - Regulation Comedy.mp3                                   

Voltage - Komm Und Tanz Mit Mir.mp3                                 

Vono - Im Schein Des Neon.mp3                                       

Vyllies - Ahia.mp3                                                  


Vyllies, The - Give Me A Name.mp3                                   

Wake, The - Patrol.mp3                                               

Weimer Gesang - Annual Ring.mp3                                     

Weltklang - Heimat.mp3                                              

What If Thinking - I Want That Boy.mp3                               

Where's Lisse - Talk Takes Too Long.mp3                             

Where's Lisse - You Stole My Gun.mp3                                

Without Sense - Schizophrenia.mp3                                   

WKGB - Non-Stop.mp3                                                 

Xex - Cops (demo).mp3                                               

Xex - Cops.mp3                                                      


Xex - Delta Five.mp3                                                


Xex - Fashion Hurts (demo).mp3                                      

Xex - Fashion Hurts.mp3                                             

Xex - Holland Tunnel.mp3                                             

Xex - Look At His Heartbeat.mp3                                     

Xex - S.N.G.A..mp3                                                  

Xex - Saint Vitus' Dance (demo).mp3                                  

Xex - Saint Vitus' Dance.mp3                                        

Xex - You Think.mp3                                                 

X-Mal Deutschland - Schwarze Welt.mp3                               

X-Quadrat - Kauf Dir Die Freiheit.mp3                               

X-Ray Pop - ¦ L'Idée.mp3.mp3                                        

X-Ray Pop - Alcool.mp3                                              

X-Ray Pop - Et Il Danse.mp3.mp3                                     

X-Ray Pop - Love, It's Something Strange.mp3                        

X-Ray Pop - Mireille.mp3.mp3                                        

X-Ray Pop - Non Mais.mp3.mp3                                        

x-Ray Pop - Psychedelik Dolls.mp3.mp3                               

Xymox - Call It Weird.mp3                                           

Y Pants - Barbara's Song.mp3                                         

Y Pants - Beat It Down.mp3                                          

Y Pants - Beautiful Food.mp3                                        

Y Pants - Favorite Sweater.mp3                                      

Y Pants - Luego Fuego.mp3                                           

Y Pants - The Code Of Life.mp3                                      

y Pants - The Fly.mp3                                               

Y Pants - We Have Everything.mp3                                    

Y Pants - What Do You Take Me For.mp3                               

Ya Ya Choral - Gods Buzzsaw.mp3                                     

Yellow Magic Orchestra - La Femme.mp3                               

You - Future Generation.mp3                                         

Young Lions, The - Mary & Jane.mp3                                  

Yppasswdd Daemons - Bin_Ksh.mp3                                     

Z.S.K.A. - Keinen Teddybär.mp3                                      

Zero Zero - Alptraum.mp3                                            

Zino Euke & The Humanoids - The Sky is Falling.mp3                  

Zirkel Junger Musiker - Michael Neufeld.mp3                         

Zoo Z - On and On.mp3                                               

Zoo Z - Skylines.mp3                                                 

ZYX - Bad Manners.mp3                                               

ZYX - Hey You.mp3                                                   

ZYX - Trust No Women.mp3                                             


1000 Gelbe Tennisbälle.mp3                                                   

11 Negermuskeln.mp3                                                          

18e Oktober - Stomavbrott.mp3                                                 

2+2=5 - Jacho's Story.mp3                                                    

262 - For Fun And Profit (excerpt).mp3                                       

A Blaze Colour - Altitude.mp3                                                 

A Blaze Colour - An Addict Of Time.mp3                                       

A Blaze Colour - Dark Trees Beyond.mp3                                       

A Blaze Colour - Demo.mp3                                                     

A Blaze Colour - Follow the Signs.mp3                                        

A Blaze Colour - Means To an End.mp3                                         

A Blaze Colour - The New Ones.mp3                                             

A Blaze Colour - Through With Life.mp3                                       

A Popular History Of Signs - Crowds.mp3                                      

A Popular History Of Signs - Stigma.mp3                                       

Absolute Body Control - Baby's On Fire.mp3                                   

Actor, The - Picture 210.mp3                                                 

AK47 - Hilversum AO.mp3                                                       

Aka - God.mp3                                                                

Alesia Cosmos - Pat Lin d'Merde.mp3                                          

Alex Fergusson - Stay With Me Tonight.MP3                                     

Amgod - God Complex.mp3                                                      

Andre De Saint-Obin - Keine Zukunft.mp3                                      

Andre De Saint-Obin - My Dirty Self.mp3                                      

Anno-Nym - NDT, NDW.mp3                                                      

Anomy - TVC 15.mp3                                                           

Arbeid Adelt - De Dag Dat Het Zonlicht Niet Meer Scheen.mp3                  

Art Style - Factory Life.mp3                                                 

Artefact - Sex Computer.mp3                                                  

Arthur Brown & Graig Leon - Not Fade Away.mp3                                

Aviador Dro - Varsovia En Llamas.mp3                                         

Bal Pare - Metamorphose.mp3                                                  

Bande Berne Crematoire - Consume.mp3                                         

Beanbag - Harassment.mp3                                                     

Belfegore - Deutsche Mark'n Bein.mp3                                          

Bene Gesserit - Kidnapping.mp3                                               

Bene Gesserit - Mickey, Please.mp3                                           

Bene Gesserit - Neon Light.mp3                                                

Bene Gesserit - You Can Dance , If You Want.mp3                              

Bergtraum - Almenrausch.mp3                                                  

Berlin Blondes - Neon Probe.mp3                                               

Berlin West - Snakepit.mp3                                                   

Berlinerluft - Das Reich V.T. 1.mp3                                          

Berlitz Drama - Fruehling.mp3                                                 

Big Stick - Drag Racing.mp3                                                  

Bitchboys - Lebensraum.mp3                                                   

Blah Blah Blah -  Central Park.mp3                                            

Bog People, The - Communist Disco.mp3                                        

Bombay Ducks, The - Life For Christine.mp3                                   

Borghesia - Tako Mladi (So Young).mp3                                         

Borsig Werke - Tote Kammer.mp3                                               

Bourbonese Qualk - Left Hearted.mp3                                          

Bronx Irish Catholics - Ulster Defense.mp3                                    

Bruce Gilbert - You Might Be Called.mp3                                      

Bushida - He's Got A Little Dog.mp3                                          

Bushido - An Imperial Affair.MP3                                              

Bushido - High Rise.mp3                                                      

Buzz - Picasso.mp3                                                           

B-Z Party - Yon-Tree.mp3                                                      

Ca Lingo - End and Cause.mp3                                                 

Camera Obscura - Circular Waves.mp3                                          

Camera Obscura - Destitution.mp3                                             

Camera Obscura - Race In Athens.mp3                                          

Carol - Breakdown.mp3                                                        

Carol - So Low.MP3                                                           

Ceramic Hello - Footsteps in the Fog.mp3                                     

Ceramic Hello - Gestures.mp3                                                 

Chameleon Circus - Mechanical Engineer.mp3                                   

Charles De Goal - Frédéric.mp3                                           

CH-BB - Chou-Frou.mp3                                                         

Cheiron - Land After Life.mp3                                                

Christiane F. - Wunderbar.mp3                                                

Christmas - My Little Book of Lies.mp3                                        

Cinema - Bad Boys In Chinatown.mp3                                           

Clair Obscur - Smurf In The Gulag.mp3                                        

Click Click - She Can.mp3                                                     

Click Click - Whirlpool.mp3                                                  

Clock DVA - Still - Silent.mp3                                               

Cold In The Head - Corrida Escapes.mp3                                        

Coldreams - Morning Rain.mp3                                                 

Comateens - Ghosts.mp3                                                       

Confusional Quartet - Samba Paperino.mp3                                      

Confusional Quartet - Volare.mp3                                             

Conrad Schnitzler - Das Tier.mp3                                             

Controlled Bleeding - Rings Of Fire.mp3                                       

Cosmic Overdose -Investera.mp3                                               

Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns.mp3                                   

Cut, The - From Day To Day.mp3                                                

Cybotron - Cosmic Cars (house mix).mp3                                       

Cybotron - El Salvador.mp3                                                   

Dajat Inja - Raging Pain.mp3                                                  

D'as Hirth - Niente.mp3                                                      

Data-Bank-A - Spiritus Sanctus.mp3                                           

David Harrow - Driving Force.mp3                                              

DC Pöblen - Bettan Star I Baren.mp3                                          

De Tian - Chorale.mp3                                                        

Deekay Jones - New York New York.mp3                                         

Design - Premonition.mp3                                                     

Deutscher Kaiser - Danse.mp3                                                 

Deutscher Kaiser - Das Ende.mp3                                              

Deutscher Kaiser - Weltenhymne.mp3                                           

Deux - Paris_Only.mp3                                                        

Deviation Social - Multitato Humanus Tabesco.mp3                             

Dicky Design - Susan Is Dead.MP3                                             

Die Gesunden - Sometimes-Manchmal.MP3                                         

Die Partei - Strahlsund.mp3                                                  

Die Radierer - Alle Guten Dinge Sind 1, 2, 3.mp3                             

Die Werkpiloten - The Industrial Pilot.mp3                                    

Dillemma - Shocked In The Glasshouse.mp3                                     

Diseno Corbusier - Golpe De Amistad.mp3                                      

Dogs - Missing On The Subway.mp3                                              

Dom Dummaste - Sams Son.mp3                                                  

Dom Mody - Szytry.mp3                                                        

Doris Norton - Advanced Micromusic.mp3                                        

Doris Norton - Bit Killed Hertz.mp3                                          

Doxa Sinistra - Portable Electronics.mp3                                     

Doxa Sinistra - Web of tiggywaugh.mp3                                         

Drinking Electricity - Subliminal.mp3                                        

Dsor Dne - Registrato.mp3                                                    

Duet Emmo - Gatemmo.mp3                                                       

Duet Emmo - The First Person.mp3                                             

Duotronic Synterror - Phantasie.mp3                                          

Duotronic Synterror - Stunden.mp3                                             

E.M.A.K. 1 - Tanz In Den Himmel.mp3                                          

El Aviador Dro - Varsovia En Llamas.mp3                                      

Ela Eis - My Clown.mp3                                                        

Electric Chairs - So Many Ways.mp3                                           

Empty Quarter, The - Glass Finger.mp3                                        

Ende Shneafliet - Aeroplane.mp3                                               

Ende Shneafliet - Communication.mp3                                          

Ende Shneafliet - the heavenmakers.mp3                                       

Ensemble Pittoresque - Auratorium.mp3                                        

Enter, The - The Contract.mp3                                                

Executive Slacks - 30 Years.mp3                                              

Explicit Corpse - I've Got A Pistol.mp3                                      

F.A.R. - Lights In The Deep.mp3                                              

Fact 22 - Motivation.mp3                                                     

Fad Gadget - Coitus Interuptus.mp3                                           

Fad Gadget - Insecticide.mp3                                                 

Fad Gadget - Salt Lake City, Sunday.mp3                                       

Fallout Club, The - The Beat Boys.mp3                                        

Fallout Club, The - Wonderlust.mp3                                           

Farenheit 451 - Ojos A Tu Alrededor.mp3                                       

Fast Set, The - Children Of The Revolution.mp3                               

Final Academy - The Collector.mp3                                            

Five Or Six - Another Reason.mp3                                              

Fix Und Fertig - We Shall Overcome.mp3                                       

Fjose - Nobody Is Like You.mp3                                               

Flesh & Fell - The Wind.mp3                                                   

Flow - Come to Me.mp3                                                        

Flow & Andrew - Japanese Girls.mp3                                           

Flowers, The - Food.mp3                                                       

Foetus - Spite Your Face.mp3                                                 

Frozen Ducks - Beginnings.mp3                                                

Funktionairies - Kiss My Funky Pts. 1&2.mp3                                   

Futurhythm - It Never Rains In Outer Space.mp3                               

Gadgets, The - Only One Me.mp3                                               

Gdansk - Word.mp3                                                             

Geile Tiere - Geile Tiere.mp3                                                

Gelatinous Citizen - Rhythm Of Industry.mp3                                  

Genocide - Images Of Delusion.mp3                                             

Germain Hubert Ales - La Traversee Du Bois Par Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.mp3   

Geza X And The Mommymen - The Paranoids Are Coming.mp3                       

Gina X Performance - Kanal Banal.mp3                                         

Glamour For Evening - Shut Up.mp3                                            

Glatze Des Willens - Der Indianer.mp3                                        

Gleaming Spires - The End Of All Good Things.mp3                             

GPJ - KKK.mp3                                                                

Greg Vandike - Clone.mp3                                                     

Guerre Froide - Eva (Berlin 81).mp3                                          

Guerre Froide - La Chanson D'Ian.mp3                                         

Guyer's Connection - Links & Lustig.mp3                                      

Guyer's Connection, The - She's So Hot.mp3                                   

Happier Hunting Ground, The - In The City.MP3                                

Happier Hunting Ground, The - Places.MP3                                      

Hard Corps - Dirty.mp3                                                       

Hard Corps - Je Suis Passée.mp3                                              

Harry - Rottweiler's Fest.mp3                                                 

Heute - Noch Ist Polen Nicht Verloren - 08 - Noch Ist Polen Nicht Verloren.mp3

Hidden Agenda - Life at the Top.mp3                                          

Hilary - Goose Step, Two Step.mp3                                             

Hit Parade - H Block.mp3                                                     

Holy Toy - Down in Japan.mp3                                                 

Holy Toy - Last Leader.mp3                                                    

Holy Toy - Wojtek.mp3                                                        

Hubert K. - Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne.mp3                                      

Hula - Motor City Nightmare.mp3                                               

Human Backs - Frankenstein.mp3                                               

Hybrid Kids - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy.mp3                                       

Hysterica Passio - Grey Over Life.mp3                                         

Ian North - Interview With The Vampire.mp3                                   

Ian North - Sex, Lust, You.mp3                                               

Ice The Falling Rain - Lifes Illusion.MP3                                     

I-F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass.mp3                                   

If It Moves - Meat Cathedral.mp3                                             

Ike Yard - Cherish.mp3                                                        

IKO - Radioactive Mist.mp3                                                   

Illustration - Tidal flow.mp3                                                

Implog - Holland Tunnel Drive.mp3                                             

In Camera - Final Achievement.mp3                                            

INC - We Know You.mp3                                                        

Indians In Moscow - Big Wheel.mp3                                            

Indians In Moscow - Singing In French.mp3                                    

Inflatable Boy Clams - Im Sorry.mp3                                          

Informatics - Proximity Switch (Accident In Paradise).mp3                    

Injury - Meddelande Fran Rymden.mp3                                          

Insect Flak - Deranged.mp3                                                   

Insect Flak - Theme From Flesh.mp3                                           

Instant Automatons - Catacomb.mp3                                            

Intro - Haunted Cocktails.mp3                                                 

Irene & Mavis 01 Disco-A-Bomb-Bomb.mp3                                       

Iron Curtain - Terror Story.mp3                                              

Ivanovitch...Dans Ll. Ombre - Kennedi Kennedo.mp3                             

JAJAJA - I Am An Animal.mp3                                                  

Jass - Theme (W.R.).mp3                                                      

Jell - I Dare Say It Will Hurt A Little.mp3                                   

Jezebel - Chinese Dragon.mp3                                                 

John Bender - Pop Surgery 01.mp3                                             

John Bender - Pop Surgery 03.mp3                                              

John Bender - Pop Surgery 04.mp3                                             

John Ellis - Photostadt.mp3                                                  

Jyl - Computer Love.mp3                                                       

Jyl - Universe.mp3                                                           

Keine Ahnung - Nacht.mp3                                                     

Keine Ahnung - Plastik.mp3                                                    

Kid Montana - Armoured Car.mp3                                               

Kid Montana - Cabs Ambush.mp3                                                

Kideme - Islamatic.mp3                                                        

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - Untitled.mp3                                

Klack Klack - Ko¦ênig der Angst.mp3                                          

Klinisch Sauber - Krieg.mp3                                                   

Klystron - Your Solution.mp3                                                 

Knife Lust - Shrivel Up.mp3                                                  

Kolonne Müller - Schrittmacher.mp3                                            

Krisma - Cathode Mamma.mp3                                                   

Krisma - Melonarpo.mp3                                                       

Ladies Who Lunch - Bull In The Heather.mp3                                   

Le Lu-Lu's And Yoyo - Africa.mp3                                             

League Of Nations - Overlord.MP3                                             

Liaisons Dangereuses - Liaisons Dangereuses.mp3                              

Linear Movement - To Another Soul.mp3                                        

Litfiba - Yassassin.mp3                                                      

Living Daylights, The - Sugar Days.mp3                                       

Lori & The Chameleons - Touch.mp3                                            

Los Microwaves - Coast To Coast.mp3                                           

Los Microwaves - Is There Life After Breakfast.mp3                           

Lou Champagne System - Propaganda Frustration.mp3                            

Luc Van Acker - Forced Into The Light.mp3                                     

Mannschreck - Lied Der Mächtigen.mp3                                         

Marc Almond And Friends - Discipline.mp3                                     

Mark Lane - Love Is So Aggravating.mp3                                        

Mark Lane - Quest.mp3                                                        

Mark Lane - The Reflection.mp3                                               

Mark Lane & The Klink - Hate Of Religion (live '85).mp3                       

Martin Dupont - No Hands.mp3                                                 

Masaki Eguti - Entangled.mp3                                                 

Massive Stereo Sellout - Hope.mp3                                             

Material - Don't Lose Control.mp3                                            

Mats Olofsson - Rekordmagasinet.mp3                                          

Matthias Schuster - Ritual IV.mp3                                             

Mekanik Kommando - Door (short cut).mp3                                      

Mekanik Kommando - Microbes.mp3                                              

Metal Boys - Carnival.mp3                                                     

Metal Urbain - Tango Sudiste.mp3                                             

Metro Pakt - Neue Straßen.mp3                                                

Michael Garrison- Take A Chance.MP3                                           

Mikael Diser - Min Vaen Porslinshundens Vaen.mp3                             

Minimal Man - Jungle Song.mp3                                                

Minimal Man - To Hold You.mp3                                                 

Minox Lazare - Hybrid (Of A Tight Laugh).mp3                                 

Misz, The - Even Bad Times Are Good.mp3                                      

Mittageisen - Neues China.mp3                                                 

Modern Living -  Drink Is a Drug.mp3                                         

Moebius - Light My Fire.mp3                                                  

Moebius - Video Soldier In A Radio War.mp3                                   

Moebius Plank Neumeier - Speed Display.mp3                                   

Moev - In Your Head.mp3                                                      

Moev - Rotting Geraniums (lp mix).mp3                                        

Molto Stuhl - Lieber Gott.mp3                                                

Monitor - We Get Messages.mp3                                                

Monopol - Elektrischer Stuhl.mp3                                             

Monty Cantsin - Blood & Gold.mp3                                             

Monty Cantsin - Caoutchouc Culture.mp3                                        

Monty Cantsin - Mass Media.mp3                                               

Monuments - Wonderful Woman.mp3                                              

Moral - Lady Happiness.mp3                                                    

Nachtraum - Menschenwirtschaft.mp3                                           

Nachtraum - Tiere Schreit.mp3                                                

Naked Lunch - Slipping Again.mp3                                              

Nancy Nova - Made In Japan.mp3                                               

Nash The Slah - Dance After Curfew.mp3                                       

Nasmak - Silhouette.mp3                                                       

Nation - Wondatime.mp3                                                       

Neon Judgement, The  -  TV Treated.mp3                                       

Neon Judgement, The - Factory Walk.mp3                                        

Nervous Gender - Alien Point Of View.mp3                                     

Nervous Gender - Fat Cow.mp3                                                 

Neu Electrikk - Lust Of Berlin.mp3                                            

Neutronics, The - Emperor Song.MP3                                           

New Asia - Central Proposition.mp3                                           

New Dimension - Dead Is Not Forever.mp3                                       

Nexda - Studio 12.mp3                                                        

Nick Paine - Solid State.mp3                                                 

Night Visitors - Vile & Sterile.mp3                                           

Nightmoves - Transdance (7inch version).mp3                                  

Njurmännen - Chinese Junkies.mp3                                             

Nocturnal Emissions - Concentration Theme (Reprise).mp3                      

Nocturnal Emissions - Don't Believe It's Over.mp3                            

Nocturnal Emissions - Rusting Shells - In Our Time.mp3                       

Noh Mask - Twighlight in Tokyo.mp3                                           

Noise R Us - The Plague.mp3                                                  

Nostalgie Eternelle - Naked Life.mp3                                         

Not Mean Themselves - Frozen.mp3                                             

November Group - Night Architecture.mp3                                      

Null & Void - Un Sedatif Ce Soir.mp3                                         

Observers Observing Observables - Remodel Yourself.mp3                       

One Million Fuzztone Guitars - Annuese.mp3                                   

Palais Schaumburg - Rote Lichter.mp3                                          

Parade Ground - The Net.MP3                                                  

Parade Ground - When The Fever Stops.mp3                                     

Passage, The - Animal In Me.mp3                                               

Paul Celan-Münch-Rosenwinkel - Zähle Die Mandeln.mp3                         

Pavillon 7b - The Sailor.MP3                                                 

Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High.mp3                                          

Persons Unknown - Addiction.mp3                                              

Philipe Laurent - Systeme Clair.mp3                                          

Pink Industry - Time For A Change.mp3                                         

Pink Military - Do Animals Believe In God.mp3                                

Plain Characters - O.mp3                                                     

Planning By Numbers - Lightning Strikes.mp3                                   

Pleasure Zone - All The Kings Horses.mp3                                     

Polar Praxis - (I Want) To Be Different.mp3                                  

Policeband - Tow Away.mp3                                                     

Portay Heads - Elaborate Dummy.mp3                                           

Portion Control - He Is A Barbararian.mp3                                    

Portion Control - Pressure Is High.mp3                                        

Portion Control - Spinola (blotch).mp3                                       

Portion Control - Terror Leads To Better Days.mp3                            

Portion Control - The Great Divide.mp3                                        

Profil - Leb Wohl Mein Schatz.mp3                                            

Protagonist 28-Nein, The - Cry Across The Sky.mp3                            

Proximate Force, The - Walk.mp3                                               

Pseudo Code - Far Away From My Own Land.mp3                                  

Ptose - In Your Bush.mp3                                                     

Pulse Music - To Another Soul.mp3                                            

Quick Culture - Quick Culture 2.mp3                                          

Ralph Carney - Hose Anna.mp3                                                 

Ray Villadonga - Ventrigo Galaxy.mp3                                         

Real Sharks - Man In White Shoes.mp3                                         

Red Tapes - Mannequins.mp3                                                   

Red Wedding - Drums.mp3                                                      

Rescue 1 - Chateau 19  (side B mix).mp3                                      

Rescue 1 - Movie Viewers (b version).mp3                                      

Rescue 1 - Movie Viewers (side A mix).mp3                                    

Rhine River III - An End Remains.mp3                                         

Richy Mueller Und Yello - Jetzt Und Alles.mp3                                 

Rod Vey - Silicone City.mp3                                                  

Rolls - Megadom Magam.mp3                                                    

Royal Family And The Poor, The - Feast Of The Supersensualists.mp3           

Rudolph Dietrich - Liquid Talk.mp3                                           

Saal 2 - Angst Vorm Tanzen.mp3                                               

Satellite And Atom Christal - Boulevard Circulaire.mp3                        

Saurekeller - Hiroshima.mp3                                                  

Scarlet Architect - Brave Gestures.mp3                                       

Scatterbrain - Corpses Over Verdun.mp3                                        

Scatterbrain - Silly Earth.MP3                                               

Scatterbrain - Strip The Future.mp3                                          

Schaltkreis Wassermann - Sex Ist Out (Ich Bin Geklont).mp3                   

Schleimer K - Hang Ups.mp3                                                   

Schleimer K - On the Odd Again.mp3                                           

Schleimer K - She's Gone.mp3                                                 

Schleimer K - The Stag.mp3                                                   

Schlussphase-Schnawwl - Bunkerleben.mp3                                      

Schwarz Weiss - Shizophrenie.mp3                                             

Schwarze Bewegung - Nullerregung.mp3                                         

Scientific Americans - Sounds from the stars_WKGB.mp3                         

Secession - Reflections.mp3                                                  

Secession - Touch (Part 3).mp3                                               

Second Decay - Killing Desire.MP3                                             

Second Glance - Shackles & Chains.MP3                                        

Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop.MP3                                      

Seppuku - New Illusion.mp3                                                    

Severed Heads - Lambourgini.mp3                                              

Shades Of May - Distant Memories.mp3                                         

Shampoo - Stock.mp3                                                           

Shanghai Au Go Go - I Cried All Winter.mp3                                   

Shanghai Au Go Go - Un-Compatible.mp3                                        

Shoc Corridor - My Secret In The East.mp3                                     

Shoc Corridor - Travelling By Hand.mp3                                       

Short-Term-Memory - China Syndrome.mp3                                       

Shut Up - Stiff Birds.mp3                                                     

Silent Ambition - Remember.mp3                                               

Silent Types - Surveillance By Car.mp3                                       

Silent Types - Upset.mp3                                                      

Silent Types - War Economy.mp3                                               

Smersh - Cute Stuff.mp3                                                      

Smersh - Hollow Promises.mp3                                                  

Smersh - She is Nervous.mp3                                                  

Snatch - Joey.mp3                                                            

Snowy Red - How Funny Are Those Explosions.mp3                               

Snowy Red - Still Human.mp3                                                  

Snowy Red - The Wild Boys.mp3                                                

Soft Cell - Bleak Is My Favorite Cliche.mp3                                  

Soft Cell - L.O.V.E. Feeling.mp3                                             

Soft Cell - Persuasion.mp3                                                   

Soma Holiday - Shake Your Molecules.mp3                                      

Some Aspects - Chain Of Command.mp3                                          

Son of Sam - Ehonte (Shameless).mp3                                           

Soul Brothers - Du Bist Käse.mp3                                           

Soul On Ice - Thinking.mp3                                                   

Spencer Spencer - We Never Get To Talk.MP3                                    

Splitter - Ich Freb Dir Aus Der Hand.mp3                                     

Spurtz, The - Boyfriends Or Your Money Back.mp3                              

SS- Say - Lady Happiness.mp3                                                  

SS-Say - Care.mp3                                                            

SS-Say - Fanfare.mp3                                                         

Stanton Miranda - Wheels Over Indian Trails.mp3                               

Steve Fisk - Woodstock.mp3                                                   

Stranger Station - Minutes To Silence.mp3                                    

Stress - I Go to Pieces.mp3                                                   

Surplus Stock- trick cyclist cometh.mp3                                      

Suspenders - Wehrmacht Style.mp3                                             

Svart Klon - Knust Knekt.mp3                                                  

Syntax-Error - Remember Remember.mp3                                         

Systematics, The - Midnight On Balancing Day.mp3                             

Tanzdiebe, The - Die Lachenden Idioten.mp3                                    

Tattoo Hosts - Empty Building.mp3                                            

Techno Twins - Falling in Love Again.mp3                                     

Telegraph - Nothing On My Mind.MP3                                            

Telegraphic - Telegraphic.MP3                                                

The The - The The.mp3                                                        

Thirteen At Midnight - Other Passengers.mp3                                  

Thirteen At Midnight- Other Passengers (club mix francaise).mp3              

Thomas Scholz - 2-3.mp3                                                      

Three To Forgotten - Azuli.mp3                                               

Thrift Bakery - He Said No.mp3                                               

Thule - Ssel Gnieman Lla.mp3                                                 

Tone Set - Out Out.mp3                                                       

Trees - Shock Of The New.mp3                                                 

Tres - Operator.mp3                                                           

Trespassers W - Sexual Blackmail.mp3                                         

Troy Tate - Love Is ... (dance).mp3                                          

Twilight Ritual - They Are We.mp3                                             

Twilight Ritual - Webb Man (Indecs Edit).mp3                                 

Twilight Ritual - What Are Rooms For.mp3                                     

Twins, The - i'm staying alive.MP3 &nbs