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December 24th, 2018 Update: Time to once again put this site to bed. There's not going to be a new Doc Savage movie (a good thing all things considered) and the status of Doc Savage in the world of popular culture has returned to a blip on the radar. A good new Doc Savage movie might have changed that but the one they had in the works was never going to mean anything as either Doc Savage or cinema. Doc Savage is a great character and general concept but it's all buried under a mountain of bad, ugly, misremembered, defiled, and indifferent that operates as full steam ahead in the Doc Savage world, both fan and ownership.


A chart, with mini reviews, of all the original Doc Savage pulps is below, and there's a link above for full reviews of each title. There's a new page containing cartoons and images created for this project. Also pages of commentary on all things Doc Savage.


[Page Count based on 300 words per page]

Ghost Writers:

AH = Alan Hathaway
EV = Evelyn Coulson
HAD = Harold A. Davis
JAD = J. Allan Dunn
LD = Lester Dent
LDon = Lawrence Donovan
MEB = Martin E. Baker
RS = Richard Sale
WGD = William G. Bogart
WRJ = W. Ryerson Johnson







001 The Man Of Bronze LD 03/33 170 Above average. Origin story. Mayan section needs tightening
002 The Land of Terror LD 04/33 187 Good story with Doc killing left and right
003 Quest Of The Spider LD 05/33 165 Nonsensical, weird, and silly to where you can't even call it bad
004 The Polar Treasure LD 06/33 155 Great fun and succeeds at most levels as escapist entertainment
005 Pirate Of The Pacific LD 07/33 167 Not a bad story but little stands out of note
006 The Red Skull LD 08/33 159 Not a great book but not that bad either once it's all said and done
007 The Lost Oasis LD 09/33 157 Wins on points in spite of yet also because of its weird elements
008 The Sargasso Ogre LD 10/33 163 One of the better books could be made great with a few changes
009 The Czar Of Fear LD 11/33 179 A kids' story. As adult reading it's bad and at times laughably so
010 The Phantom City LD 12/33 171 Elbow-deep fantasy fiction. First Stupid Pig appearance
011 Brand Of The Werewolf LD 01/34 173 On its own level it's well told but little goes on. First Pat Savage
012 The Man Who Shook The Earth LD 02/34 170 Dense with good material, rates relatively high based on its best features
013 Meteor Menace LD 03/34 159 Good story more fun than meaningful. Reads like cheap serial film
014 The Monsters LD 04/34 159 Solid strengths of menace and galloping plot devoid of padding
015 The Mystery On The Snow LD 05/34 162 Good book suffering from first draft blues and being half-baked
016 The King Maker


06/34 160 Good, intricate story with tropes and clues obvious than usual
017 The Thousand-Headed Man LD 07/34 182 Beginning and ending are very good, otherwise overrated
018 The Squeaking Goblin LD 08/34 167 Makings of a decent tv show if filler removed and whittled down by half
019 Fear Cay LD 09/34 162 Nice story moves along with good characters and accentuated violence
020 Death In Silver LD 10/34 169 Winningly silly, filled with action and moves along at a frantic pace
021 The Sea Magician LD 11/34 151 Decent story that could be great if shortened about twenty pages
022 The Annihilist LD 12/34 174 Easily one of the best books but has two major plot faults
023 The Mystic Mullah RS/LD 01/35 165 First half a chore mitigated by better second half. Floating green snakes
024 Red Snow LD 02/35 177 Barely compensates for weaker parts with what it gets right
025 Land Of Always-Night WRJ/LD 03/35 167 Good for ten chapters then stage-dives into Fantasy Land
026 The Spook Legion LD 04/35 154 Top Choice. Reads well and quickly, good for a tv adaptation
027 The Secret In The Sky LD 05/35 143 Would be classic if more coherent with fewer hanging threads
028 The Roar Devil LD 06/35 143 Doc less super. A number of correctable shortcomings
029 The Quest Of Qui LD 07/35 149 Not that great but less so if you skim over the bad parts
030 Spook Hole LD 08/35 145 Better than it aspired to be because of the strength of its parts
031 The Majii JAD/LD 09/35 155 Great story. Intimate, immediate, gritty, brutal, big, and grand
032 Dust Of Death HAD/LD 10/35 165 Many good parts, some procedural drag, bad mastermind reveal
033 Murder Melody


11/35 180 A glorious mess, corrected would be a nutty great fun ride
034 The Fantastic Island


12/35 150 A great kitchen sink of camp and cheesy Technicolor absurdity
035 Murder Mirage LDon 01/36 169 Edited down would work as a ten-part serial film
036 Mystery Under The Sea LD 02/36 151 Fan favorite is slow moving and fantasy fictional
037 The Metal Master LD 03/36 141 If not considered a top novel it's then the most underrated
038 The Men Who Smiled No More LDon 04/36 157 Good ambition and tone derail slowly in confusion on its own premises
039 The Seven Agate Devils MEB/LD 05/36 145 Fast-moving but messy with a laughable terror reveal
040 The Haunted Ocean LDon 06/36 154 Long on ambition and short on knowing what's going on
041 The Black Spot LDon 07/36 162 Equally a good reading experience as it is a bad one
042 The Midas Man LD 08/36 135 Less boring than padded with descriptive language that borders on surreal
043 Cold Death LDon 09/36 156 Hot mess of unfathomable, incoherent, illogical, nonsensical, etc.
044 The South Pole Terror LD 10/36 144 Thrilling story peters out with run and fight ending
045 Resurrection Day LD 11/36 131 Points for magnitude loses points for being unbelievable
046 The Vanisher LD 12/36 137 Nice combo of complicated plot, action-packed, and ridiculous
047 Land Of Long JuJu LDon 01/37 159 Technically there are worse books than this one
048 The Derrick Devil LD 02/37 145 Great first half weighed down by sluggish and weak second
049 The Mental Wizard LD 03/37 141 Great first half, then fizzles and eventually ends
050 The Terror In The Navy LD 04/37 128 Very good story almost sunk by shortcomings
051 Mad Eyes LDon 05/37 145 Bad yet glorious train wreck of "things" happening
052 The Land Of Fear HAD/LD 06/37 143 A horrible book and punishing to work through
053 He Could Stop The World LDon 07/37 149 A fever dream of creative insanity
054 Ost / The Magic Island LD 08/37 135 Indifferent storytelling with endless production notes
055 The Feathered Octopus LD 09/37 138 A lot to like but needs tightening and correction
056 Repel / The Deadly Dwarf LD 10/37 141 A generally fun read just for the characters that fill its pages
057 The Sea Angel LD 11/37 128 Half-baked and Ludicrous go to war with Unbelievable
058 The Golden Peril HAD/LD 12/37 149 As a rough draft it's one of the best DS adventures
059 The Living-Fire Menace HAD/LD 01/38 123 Hit-or-miss and mainly a swirling vortex of whiff
060 The Mountain Monster HAD/LD 02/38 129 An interminable cavalcade of failure for kids and idiots
061 Devil On The Moon LD 03/38 123 Not a great story but good naive science aspects and running around
062 The Pirate's Ghost LD 04/38 139 Small-ambition DS adventure works well as genre literature
063 The Motion Menace WRJ/LD 05/38 129 Disjointed and harmless, reworked by indifferent L. Dent
064 The Submarine Mystery LD 06/38 126 Worth reading despite it failing the sniff test of plausibility
065 The Giggling Ghosts LD 07/38 131 Fun, but the blatant obviousness of it all is diminishing
066 The Munitions Master HAD 08/38 135 Improbable and Impossible battle it out. Stupid wins as it bet on a tie
067 The Red Terrors HAD 09/38 130 Very good first half drowns underwater in second
068 Fortress Of Solitude LD 10/38 136 Putz John Sunlight is all build-up and no delivery. Sad
069 The Green Death HAD 11/38 145 Potentially best story ever falls apart in every direction
070 The Devil Genghis LD 12/38 132 Great story for 13 of 20 chapters. Then enter putz John Sunlight
071 Mad Mesa LD 01/39 129 Nice adventure in need of momentum and forgiveness
072 The Yellow Cloud EC/LD 02/39 135 Good conspiracy and characters meet odd/silly choices
073 The Freckled Shark LD 03/39 131 As good as it is not that good. Strong start loses steam
074 World's Fair Goblin WGB/LD 04/39 125 Fun for kids, silliness for adults, better as a comic book
075 The Gold Ogre LD 05/39 123 Spin-off story for younger readers is just that
076 The Flaming Falcons LD 06/39 120 Thoroughly enjoyable. Fun and loose
077 Merchants Of Disaster HAD 07/39 140 Formal and stiffly written. Convenient resolutions
078 The Crimson Serpent HAD 08/39 146 Barely readable. For skimming only
079 Poison Island LD 09/39 127 Doesn't earn itself much positive praise or negative derision
080 The Stone Man LD 10/39 121 Generic lost world adventure. Not much to like or not like
081 Hex WGB/LD 11/39 128 Nice adventure with only a few errors and oddities
082 The Dagger In The Sky LD 12/39 124 Very good story with forgivable one cheap out
083 The Other World LD 01/40 119 Mostly negligible, hard to finish sentences and paragraphs
084 The Angry Ghost WGB/LD 02/40 118 Gets better upon reflection. Equally exciting and monotone
085 The Spotted Men WGB/LD 03/40 123 Very good story with a marked lack of exposition/recap overload
086 The Evil Gnome LD 04/40 119 Good story screaming for re-write corrections
087 The Boss Of Terror LD 05/40 107 Minor story would be great without its glaring simple mistakes
088 The Awful Egg LD 06/40 126 Does a number of things well, lacks follow-through on same
089 The Flying Goblin WGB 07/40 117 50/50 readable and unreadable
090 Tunnel Terror WGB 08/40 120 What your average DS story should be
091 The Purple Dragon HAD/LD 09/40 137 Hits the trifecta of Expedient, Ridiculous, and Nonsensical
092 Devils Of The Deep HAD 10/40 117 A mess of a story that reads well enough but makes little sense
093 The Awful Dynasty WGB 11/40 112 Humorous charm of the opening doesn't lead to much
094 The Men Vanished LD 12/40 127 Potpourri of the good, the bad, and the two-faced fugly
095 The Devil's Playground AH 01/41 141 From the "Jot Down Anything" school of speed writing
096 Bequest Of Evil WGB 02/41 119 Gets better and makes more sense as it goes along
097 The All-White Elf LD 03/41 133 Above-average with a few let-downs in follow-through
098 The Golden Man LD 04/41 128 Underrated, underappreciated, and unique story
099 The Pink Lady LD 05/41 123 Great opening and tone is not sustained as it should be
100 The Headless Men AH 06/41 132 Dumb DS story might be classic for kids and idiots
101 The Green Eagle LD 07/41 132 Good story falls victim to rote storytelling
102 Mystery Island LD 08/41 122 Great characters and ideas meet little effort to make it work
103 The Mindless Monsters AH 09/41 143 Good potential ends up surprisingly half-baked when not stupid
104 Birds Of Death LD 10/41 120 Above average until relocation to Travelogue Land
105 The Invisible Box Murders LD 11/41 124 Between good and better 'n' good, held back by things that didn't work
106 Peril In The North LD 12/41 125 Very serviceable middle-period Doc Savage book. Smooth, no errors
107 The Rustling Death AH 01/42 122 Slow moving, random, bogged down in stage direction
108 Men Of Fear LD 02/42 123 Odd book that gets better as it moves along
109 The Too-Wise Owl LD 03/42 130 Good, intricate story. Most things make sense in context
110 The Magic Forest WGB/LD 04/42 129 Mostly drags with a healthy portion of dumb sprinkled on top
111 Pirate Isle LD 05/42 120 Piss-poor story claustrophobic and overly long
112 The Speaking Stone LD 06/42 123 Not a bad story. Should follow its own rules
113 The Man Who Fell Up LD 07/42 122 Audacious, silly, and brimming with the unnecessarily complex
114 The Three Wild Men LD 08/42 128 A great DS novel firing on all cylinders
115 The Fiery Menace LD 09/42 123 Good story for first ten of fifteen chapters
116 The Laugh Of Death LD 10/42 127 Average. Too much talking and plot with boring people
117 They Died Twice LD 11/42 114 Enjoyable if you suspend your disbelief when needed
118 The Devil's Black Rock LD 12/42 115 Pulps meets comic books to create fun and slight story
119 The Time Terror LD 01/43 112 Well done lost world dinosaur fantasy fiction
120 Waves Of Death LD 02/43 121 Strong story with good characters and quotes
121 The Black, Black Witch LD 03/43 115 Not stellar but concept and basic story outline are fantastic
122 The King Of Terror LD 04/43 112 Light farce makes for weird and interesting storytelling
123 The Talking Devil LD 05/43 115 Average storytelling of something with above average potential
124 The Running Skeletons LD 06/43 104 Great story with odd madcap elements and horrific bad guy reveal
125 Mystery On Happy Bones LD 07/43 112 Good but standard trouble-comes-looking-for-Doc. Quick resolution
126 The Mental Monster LD 08/43 110 Small scale, potentially excellent. Good 1st book for genre newbie
127 Hell Below LD 09/43 109 Excellent story from a year you weren't expecting it
128 The Goblins LD 10/43 116 Small story of small consequence could have been quaint
129 The Secret Of The Su LD 11/43 119 Core of a decent story, not much done with it
130 The Spook Of Grandpa Eben LD 12/43 109 Repetitive and long-winded settles into good ghost story
131 According To Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic LD 01/44 113 Plot holes turn into Swiss cheese. Weak resolution
132 Death Had Yellow Eyes LD 02/44 113 Works well visually. Too much (necessary) exposition
133 The Derelict Of Skull Shoal LD 03/44 111 Low point where Doc is barely Doc and little happens
134 The Whisker of Hercules LD 04/44 118 Last of the great old-timey stories
135 The Three Devils LD 05/44 110 Not much of a story not told all that well
136 The Pharoah's Ghost LD 06/44 109 A top pick. A pleasure to read from start to finish
137 The Man Who Was Scared LD 07/44 109 Vague and noncommittal. With more effort could have been worse
138 The Shape Of Terror LD 08/44 105 Premise and outline are good but goes through the motions
139 Weird Valley LD 09/44 109 Fun 3 chapters goes to autopilot and shuffles to weak conclusion
140 Jiu San LD 10/44 112 Top story if you forgive the raw hatred of our WWII enemy
141 Satan Black LD 11/44 112 Lazy and overrated
142 The Lost Giant LD 12/44 113 Barely a DS story. 3 good elements buried in bad
143 Violent Night/The Hate Genius LD 01/45 109 Could be good if Doc wasn't a pit of fear and self-doubt
144 Strange Fish LD 02/45 108 Good characters and a serviceable plot allowed to flounder
145 The Ten Ton Snakes LD 03/45 108 Has a shell and characters worth saving from lack of effort
146 Cargo Unknown LD 04/45 106 Nail-biting open and close with procedural center
147 Rock Sinister LD 05/45 99 Great writing trips over nothing and ends up confusing and wrong
148 The Terrible Stork LD 06/45 103 Doc barely Doc. Simple plot not that bad
149 King Joe Cay LD 07/45 104 Doc is 12% Doc. Filler material
150 The Wee Ones LD 08/45 99 Bad, small story made smaller to where it barely exists
151 Terror Takes 7 LD 09/45 106 Really bad. Not "good" bad but "bad" bad
152 The Thing That Pursued LD 10/45 113 Fascinating post-DS experiment, needs boring parts removed
153 Trouble On Parade LD 11/45 104 Barely a DS story. Good until last third
154 The Screaming Man LD 12/45 105 Strong open and close. Meandering middle
155 Measures For A Coffin LD 01/46 104 Falls apart immediately. Writing barely pays attention
156 Se-Pah-Poo LD 02/46 109 A crapper of a tale with little effort put into it
157 Terror And The Lonely Widow LD 03/46 106 Good 1st part, dies in 2nd, a rotting corpse in 3rd
158 Five Fathoms Dead LD 04/46 106 Interesting, then another plot, then unreadable
159 Death Is A Round Black Spot LD 05/46 108 Not really a DS story. Needs gadgets and DS "things"
160 Colors For Murder LD 06/46 106 Spook Hole rehash. Great first chapters, then fizzles
161 Fire And Ice WGB/LD 0746 84 Inconsequential and harmless
162 Three Times A Corpse LD 08/46 104 Starts well then nautical jibber-jabber and fizzle
163 The Exploding Lake HAD/LD 09/46 102 Decent setup with overly average storytelling
164 Death In Little Houses WGB/LD 10/46 93 So little goes on it barely exists. Thankfully short
165 The Devil Is Jones LD 11/46 101 Fifty shades of excruciatingly bad and painful reading
166 The Disappearing Lady WGB 12/46 102 Good but small and not complete in scope
167 Target For Death WGB 01/47 90 A top pick. Close to perfect for DS especially at this time
168 The Death Lady WGB 02/47 95 Basic detective-action-adventure with a basic resolution
169 Danger Lies East LD Ma/Ap/47 101 Lesser effort starring a Bizarro World Doc Savage
170 No Light To Die By LD Ma/Ju/47 107 First person by C-grade street smart with literary pretensions
171 The Monkey Suit LD Ju/Au/47 88 First person with lead character begging to be face-punched
172 Let's Kill Ames LD Se/Oc/47 100 First person, excellent if shortcomings corrected
173 Once Over Lightly LD No/De/48 94 First person, not that bad for quickly converted non-DS story
174 I Died Yesterday LD Ja/Fe/48 100 First person Pat Savage nice but loses steam and focus
175 The Pure Evil LD Ma/Ap/48 96 Better than expected, impressive metaphysical considerations
176 Terror Wears No Shoes LD Ma/Ju/48 83 Short espionage thriller needs fewer DS inner doubts
177 The Angry Canary LD Ju/Au/48 95 First draft of a good story that needs polishing
178 The Swooning Lady LD Se/Oc/48 87 Nice, simple story played out in real time
179 The Green Master LD Win/49 91 Great first two-thirds, last third not great
180 Return From Cormoral LD Spr/49 90 Nice quasi-retired DS story becomes rote with plot change
181 Up From Earth's Center LD Sum/49 94 Excellent eerie ending with all conclusions respected





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