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December 9, 2018 Update: Just when I think the Doc Savage world can't hit bottom any lower something like this pops up to announce I'm wrong. For X amount of money and Y for shipping you can have this, the Michael Berryman as Doc Savage action figure, complete with "power fist".


Custom 8 inch DOC SAVAGE Mego action figure 

I re-strung the body but it is still loose.  His head is glued on.

He is wearing a detailed cloth costume.  He is wearing a power fist, a pouch and has a gun and knife.

He is fully posable and displays nicely. 

Peak physical and mental conditioning
Skilled scientist, surgeon, inventor, detective, athlete, and martial artist
Photographic memory
Master of disguise


As 36.8% of you know, Mr. Berryman, a lovely person and horror film icon, played the "Coroner" in the 1975 Doc Savage movie.



November 3rd, 2018 Update: Walter Baumhofer's Doc Savage covers are the best if your standards for such things rise above pools of swirling, fetid excrement. That 1960s paperback covers are preferred by an ungodly amount of Doc Savage nostalgists serves as a reminder that Doc Savage will never get the respect he deserves as long as he's promoted by his fans as cartoonish, marginal, ugly, old, outdated, and generic. Sadly that's the default of Doc Savage fandom as a whole. But really. At this point what does it matter?


Artist Charles J. Ravel contributed five covers to the series, all in 1946. While possibly not a great artist he was at least interesting and mixed it up in style. The three above are what you might expect on a rush and at bargain prices. By 1946 Street & Smith had Doc Savage lingering in the rearview mirror, to be killed off entirely in 1949 along with the rest of their pulp catalog. In that year only three Doc Savage pulps saw print. 1946's run of Doc novels consistently failed to deliver the goods.


The Disappearing Lady's cover is nice if you focus on the faces of the Doctor and Nurse, and also how they blend into a vast white negative space. The flatness of Three Times A Corpse is surreal, and I'll wager the figures were drawn on paper and pasted onto the background. The Exploding Lake is sadistically terrifying, evoking the cheap 1970s horror magazines put out by Eerie Publications.


The covers for The Devil Is Jones and Death In Little Houses are demented genius in how they're quite intentionally wrong to the eye. The ice pick is at the end of an impossibly long arm and it's about to stab the stabber in the back of his head. The shooter is aiming at someone else while the man surrendering to a floating phone handle is looking stage left. These covers force you to linger on them to work through what's not exactly right, and for that Charles J. Ravel is a cut-rate prankster genius.




October 7, 2018 Update:


Here's the first installment of my new syndicated Doc Savage comic strip:




October 1, 2018 Update: Most (96.2%) Doc Savage comic books have been total crap, each further destroying the legacy of a creative property allowed by all parties involved to become 96.2% worse than the characters' potential excellence might allow. This page of original art is for sale and what one earth does any of it have to do with Doc Savage?




August 20, 2018 Update:



July 29, 2018 Update: Here's a link to some musical weirdness calling itself a Doc Savage soundtrack. And here's another one for assorted Doc Savage stuff from the same site.




July 5, 2018 Update: The Void Of Negative Space: Courtesy of Ebay, this 1978 magazine hails from Yugoslavia. Birthplace of The Yugo, the country broke up into several new ones and is no more. What remains is this enhanced cover where Doc peers out from the side looking confused enough for all of us. Not a bad price considering it's coming from Croatia.




June 17, 2018 Update: Doc Savage Tinder Ad:



May 27, 2018 Update: The original art for this has been on sale for a long time for a hefty price and a large chunk ripped off the corner.



May 13, 2018 Update: I found and bought the near-mythical Doc Savage Award in excellent condition for $300.00, so... ha!



Is this supposed to Doc Savage, or a typical young reader of Doc Savage tales in the 1930s?



April 29, 2018 Update: Yeah, about that upcoming Doc Savage movie...


Click For A Link


"First of all, love Shane Black and we've had multiple meetings on that project that we were going to work on. Right now, Shane's doing things. I'm doing things. That project had a few issues, not creative issues but more so business affairs issues - where the project once was, who had rights to it, where we were trying to move it to. There was a lot of that, which we're still kind of working through. At the end of the day, Shane's such a spectacular writer or director, but whether it's that project or something else, we've made a pact that we're going to work together at some point in our careers."


The PR Babble Speak on display here is awesome. Dwayne Johnson once also had this to say back in 2016, so thank gawd nothing will ever become of the often reworked and rejected Shane Black script that would need to be invalidated once more to make it just another road movie for The Rock and his trusty sidekick The People's Eyebrow.


"But here's the #1 reason I'm excited to become Doc Savage.. HE'S A F*CKING HILARIOUS WEIRDO! Confidently, yet innocently he has zero social graces whatsoever due to his upbringing so every interaction he has with someone is direct, odd, often uncomfortable and amazingly hilarious."



April 15, 2018 Update:


April 7, 2018 Update: Choose Wisely: For $102.00 with shipping you can buy an original 1975 Doc Savage insert movie poster. But why do that when you can pay $388.00 Canadian for a stupidly oversized poster cranked out fresh once your payment clears?



March 28, 2018 Update:


March 3, 2018 Update:




February 18, 2018 Update:




February 10, 2018 Update: Question: Is there any bastardization of Doc Savage either in print or art that Doc Savage fans won't celebrate for the sheer fact that it exists?




January 7, 2018 Update: Can't wait for the new Doc Savage movie to come out! It's been 8+ years in the works so by now it should be nearly perfect on all fronts.



December 16, 2017 Update:



November 20, 2017 Update: The Pulp Review Pages have been edited and made more betterer. I dare say it might be the greatest Doc Savage research project since the 3-part piece on Lester Dent's La Plata, MO swiveling desk chair that appeared in the Pulpy McPulp Pulp Quarterly.


Doc Savage Pulps Bring The Funny, Intentionally And Not:


"Call Renny, Long Tom, Johnny and Ham," Doc directed. "All of you show up at my place right away. I think I'm mixed up in something that will make us all hump."


"He went directly to the high poop."


"I guess I pulled a boner, Doc"


"This is a job for that Doc Savage!"

"You," Doc informed the young woman, "are what Americans call a brick."
"I guess I'm not a brick, after all," she breathed thickly. "I'm -- scared. Awfully scared!"

"He should have been shot when he was born."

Dame Fortune is a vagrant, unreliable hussy

Nancy Law looked at the giant bronze man. "You're a queer guy."
"You haven't started to find out the queer things about him," Pat told her dryly.

"Hold 'er, Ham!" he bellowed. "Dag-gone it, shyster! I'm comin'!"

"Me, I am gasserflab -- flattergas -- stumped!"

"We found his clothes. There's no reason why he should walk off naked"

"Why can't you speak like ordinary white people, Johnny?"

"Only the vultures from above could have seen the men-vultures below"

"Feels like some one tickling me all over," he muttered. "Sort of a queer tingling."

"We're sending you where we send all our prisoners: to the moon!"

"For the last few weeks, Doc had been molested"

"It was not all beer and skittles for Doc Savage"

"The girl giggled angrily"

"I, Doc Savage, am going to rule the world!"
"It will be destroyed! I, Doc Savage, who am to become the ruler of the world, so promise!"

"That guy," Monk said disgustedly, "is a noodle-head."

"Great dollars!" Monk gulped

"You're one of those idiots who spends his time trying to make a better world, aren't you? Well, we're offering you the chance of your lifetime."...
"And why not, you idiot?"

"The stork that brought you," he said, "should have been arrested for smuggling dope."

"Listen close, you knot-headed bag of noise"

"Hieroglyphics," explained the college boy.

"Wow!" Monk yelped. "Lamp the beavers."

"I'm really a Canadian, you know, and none of us Canadians like crooks!"

"Follow them and RARHQ," Doc wigwagged.

"Say, ain't that Lynda Ladore, the oomph gal of the movies?"

"Mysteriously barking dogs! For the love of little goons!"

"They all have calloused feet, and some of them have canaries, and they're all full of lies"

"You . . . you woman-frightener!" yelled the fat girl.

 "Hey, he shot Elmer. Why'd he shoot Elmer?"

"Doc Savage had always believed that it was unfortunate that he happened to look like Doc Savage"

"What is this, new zoot talk?" Snuffy asked.

"Doc liked it, liked the yank and prick of adventure"

"Take your little panties off, boys. Do like the so-and-so says."

"You town guys give me a pain where the pants are tight"

"Get going, you pile of camel puke" "Come and see, you goat-smell"

"Cut off my head and call me Hitler, Miss Paris!"

"Doc came out of the closet" 


November 5, 2017 Update: Visit the Doc Savage Excuse To Show Cleavage Page.




October 22 2017 Update:



October 5, 2017 Update:


September 10, 2017 Update: Reading I are the book Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, by Bob Andelman. Recommended if you like books, reading, or any combination of the two. Below is Eisner's first paid story and cover art. Capt. Scott Dalton was based on Doc Savage.




September 3, 2017 Update:




August 11, 2017 Update:


August 6, 2017 Update: Brought To You By Our Sponsor - Doc Savage Orthodontics


Everyone Wins One Internet Monies If Dwayne Johnson Has Even Cracked Open A Single Doc Savage Book.


Is Mike Pence Really Doc Savage?


Fantasy Plane Casting: If the Doc Savage movie that will never get made gets around to looking for a cool plane, they can try this one:



Doc Armstrong, No Relation To Stretch: Larry Blamire, he of the b-movie classics The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra and Dark And Stormy Night, has written a Doc Savage-inspired comedy book titled Doc Armstrong: Suburb At The Edge Of Never. I've yet to look at it but Mr. Blamire is usually good for a bucket of genre-driven chortles.




July 16, 2017 Update: New Doc Savage Movie Dead, Awaiting Funeral: Link


"I don't know right now because I'm busy editing Predator. Editing has begun, so that's a process not of weeks, but months. Predator is still a focus and will be until November at least. Along the way, I'll see where things land and the chips fall. We talked about Doc Savage with Dwayne Johnson, but Dwayne's dance card is pretty full."


I hope this is not a shock to anyone and it's best in the long run there not be a Shane Black / Dwayne Johnson Doc Savage movie. The original script by Black and Co. was rejected by Sony as financially undoable, which might be a nice way of saying what was on the page didn't translate to the wallet of either Sony or the general viewing public.



July 14, 2017 Update: Review Of Doc Savage: The Ring Of Fire #4: And so concludes the latest Doc Savage comic book saga, The Ring Of Fire. This last chapter was Bill McNeal-level adequate, if not serviceable or at least satisfactory in that it could have been as bad as the three parts that came before it. More effort is made to have Doc look more consistently handsome (the Midwest Football/Army Hero look is not my favorite) and the plot winds up with finality - the most offhanded if not backhanded compliment I could think of.



Note To World: Please stop making Doc Savage comic books. Doc Savage is not a comic book character and efforts to make him one fail one after another like dominoes crafted from gerbil poop. Sure, they might knock each other down but why on earth would anyone make dominos from gerbil poop?




July 2, 2017 Update: For To Buy:



"Hello. I'm 2.12598 inch tall Doc Savage and I'm up for bid on eBay"



June 29, 2017 Update: Review Of Doc Savage: The Ring Of Fire #3: Hello, internet fans of the new Doctor Savage comic books from Dynamite Entertainment, a mix of The Asylum meets Roger Corman. Issue #3 is a funny book that isn't funny, or a book either. Doctor Savage looks old and unhappy, and wouldn't you if your entire left torso was a misshapen mass of deformity with what might be an arm growing from the middle of your back and a forearm that either ends in a stub or the rest is stuffed down the front of your pants?


The story is generic and not the product of inspiration but of sitting in a locked room and not leaving until something is on paper. The artwork is, well, I can't do better, so it has that going for it. John Sunlight, the worst Doc Savage villain of all time, sports a chin that's flat and wide on the bottom, jutting out like a spatula. It compliments his Stretch Armstrong body. Ham looks like a stock character who plays the snooty butler in one scene and then the snooty department store floorwalker in the next reel. Renny looks like Robert Mitchum in one panel and Pat like a younger Laura Dern in another.


As you can see above especially with Pat, the oddest thing about the art is how each piece of the face appears to have been created separately and then glued onto the page, like Mr. Potato Heads without the holes and pegs. This leads to Forest Whitaker-brand lazy eyes and a 10th-of-the-way to Picasso. On top of the 12th page of art, Sunlight's face is mangled and swollen like he was given a baker's dozen of smacks with a shovel.


To celebrate the 100th time I've written the following, tell the bartender the next one is on me: The worst thing to ever happen to Doc Savage was his fans/owners/intelligentsia.



June 12, 2017 Update: A Tale Of Two Intellectual Properties (and shirts and Funko figures):



I just bought this One Punch Man shirt. I'd get the Doc Savage design but it's not for sale. It's 1990's clipart tomfoolery at its finest, and as kitsch it's A+ stuff . The one below isn't bad compared to what else has been for sale, but not for $30.53 postpaid.


I recently discovered season 1 of One Punch Man on Netflix and have watched the twelve episodes three times, individual episodes twenty times, and the big fight in episode 9 about forty times. Is One Punch Man better than Doc Savage? Not as a character or anything like that, but the trajectory of how the property has been improved from its delirium tremens origins to manga comic book to the excellence of this animated series is the mirror opposite of what's happened to Doc Savage.


Funko's One Punch Man is coming out. The neat Doc Savage mock-up is not


One Punch Man is Saitama, a young Japanese Everyman slacker with a short attention span and the occasional childish fit of rage. He's often afflicted with boredom. The planet consists of a single Japanese continent divided into letter-named cities with dense populations. The cities are plagued by monsters and criminals so a Hero Association was set up to recruit and manage good guys, from cos-play daydreamers to real heroes with super abilities. Saitama starts in Class C after he fails the written test. The other main characters are Genos, a human-machine who becomes Saitama's disciple, and my favorite, Mumen Rider, a sincere Class C lifer with no special abilities but endless bravery and selflessness.


Did I mention Saitama is the most powerful being in the universe?


This is as good as the animation gets in the original web comic:



The printed manga from a different artist is a marked if standard-issue improvement:



The animated series is a triumph of design and execution, with shifting visual styles, rich colors, a great soundtrack, and top-notch sound design. The web comic, manga, and animated series tell the same story, the first time rough but with potential, the second an improvement to industry standard, and the third a mastering that wisely cuts down dialogue to a minimum and removes from Saitama his occasional snide and douchy comments. Repeat viewings reveal new details in excellent visual storytelling.



Doc Savage has devolved in a number of ways. The pulps presented a number of different Doc Savages and as a whole a best version is there for the taking. Not everyone sees it. Visually and thematically it went from this:


To Sgt. Pointy Mummy, AARP, based on 1960s paperback covers and rendered irrelevant by his owners and biggest fans:


Yep. A tale of two creative trajectories.

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Doc Savage Doing His Best Charles Nelson Reilly





1936 Twink Savage Became Freddie Mercury Savage In Canada Circa 1943




American Edition "Doc Tosses A Grenade Out A Window With A Bowling Motion"


Canadian Edition "Watercolor Doc Bowls In A Crappy Part Of Town"