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(5-31-04) From Rat Dunn:

I've been into the punk scene since 1981, does that make me an "old punk"? or just an unreasonable bastard? I want to kill Offspring, dink 182 and rancid! I guess The Clash and UK SUBS will always sound better to me.


Easy there big fella! Yes, you’re quite the old punk considering a musical generation lasts only about four years. I was lip-synching Bowie in 1974 so I'm an AARP punk. Some youth tried to insult me recently by writing, "Take a nap, grandpa!" I love napping. Who doesn't besides the sugar and caffeine generation? It boggles my mind to think there’s people out there who don’t love naps. What kind of animals are they?

Maybe you're just a slightly unreasonable bastard. Every generation has their own and therefore favorite bands. We weren't inclined to accept our elders' top 40, and the kids today do the same. The Clash and the UK Subs have some crappy records to answer for too, and only 10% of our bands were really any good, just like today. Rancid has recorded some great Clash-tribute songs, and I liked the first few Blink 182 CDs as much as I like all Green Day before Dookie. The Offspring record popular music and they're laughing all the way to the bank. The Misfit's skull logo itself is worth a million dollars.

Geezers like us need to concentrate on the music that makes us happy and not get worked up about things we can't change. Proselytizing is a sin so the best we can do for the children is to lead by example and hope the charms of the old music still has value today. A lot of it doesn't, just like the MC5 are to me just a bunch of dirty, smelly hippies.


(3-9-02) From Nathan, Re: the quote I quoted from an anarchy newspaper:

"Humanity lived a peaceful anarchic existence for 99% of our history and that civilization was our fall from grace."

After I saw this quote, I thought maybe I'd ask if you'd read anything by Daniel Quinn, who is not a teenage anarchist living in the burbs, but actually this old smart guy who writes books (I don't really know that much about him).  I'd especially recommend "Ishmael," which is one of the most thoughtful books I've read in years.  My only problem with it
was the real lack of a practical solution, but what are ya gonna do?

To Nathan:

I've never read Daniel Quinn but I did read everything I could on Look, with just a little skill you can promote any belief in a way that will attract followers. There's an ill-defined and ever shifting line between ideas that are workable and those that are delusional. I don't like utopian ideas for many reasons, one being the inability to discuss them without dealing with faulty rhetoric about being open-minded and positive. I like to name-call when I write because it allows me to express opinions quickly, but to be honest I hate arguing because people make up rules as they go along, and once you commit to anything as an ideology you're open to massive hypocrisy and circular logic. Zero population growth people are as much fun as your Quinn guy. I believe in some of what they both are saying; it's just that they’ve taken their opinions and carved boats for themselves to loony town, and they want you to hop in and row with your hands.

(1-5-02) From eric manson:

hey man i dont get it i mean what the fugg is this? u want everybody to pick up arms. this is gonna lead to total anhilation of the human race. o.k. it's right to figt for ur self. but aint it kinda weird to pump the kitty too far. like it or get pissed off i dont care


If someone is determined to kill you because, oh, I don't know, their pet fish commands them to, and there's no way you can reason them out of it, the only thing you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones is to stop them by any means necessary. Peace is great, but in history it has come either from physical isolation, empire-sized power, or as the result of war.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union the idea of total world destruction isn't what it used to be. Islamofascists have taken up the slack with their random insanity but the earth will most likely not expire with the press of a button like during the Cold War. How can the military-industrial complex make a profit unless there are places and people to exploit? I'm neither a right-winger nor a hippie. A hug won't make this go away. I'm a New Yorker, and we serve up revenge hot, cold and covered with sprinkles.

Thanks for taking the time to write, and keep on fighting the power as only American rich kids can. In order for you to be able to live your so-called poor American lifestyle many scumbags around the world will have to weeded out and put out of commission. Try looking at psychopathology to discover why the world is so screwed. There's little you can do to change it beyond getting rid of the most evil people and limiting the factors that help create them. This will hopefully transform you into a person with some grasp of the world as it is and can be, not just how it can be. Send me a postcard if you ever get there.

(12-22-01) Gary asked me to check out the Libertarian website and asked for my opinion. This is what it 'twas:


Libertarians are the yuppie cousins of anarchists. I love the inbred purity of their logic. Total freedom for everyone in all forms. "Don't you approve of freedom? Don't you want to pay almost no taxes!?" Of course I want freedom and lower taxes, but life's not that simple. Well, it is that simple if you have a simple mind.

Libertarians are truly the useful idiots of American politics. Pro-free markets and guns? The Republicans love that, but they hate the pro-drug and pro-sexuality platforms. Pro-personal freedoms? The Democrats go for that but hate their Darwinian economic models.

Everyone loves freedom, but freedom ends for the other guy when it interferes with your gig. My neighbor is free to blast rap at 3 AM? Ok, then I elect to exercise my freedom to break down his door and smash his stereo to bits. I also don't want some pervto bang sheep on Main Street because that rows his boat.

I could go on like this for whole minutes. Thank you, come again!

(11-26-01) From Shelley VA

I am tired of everyone trying to define punk.  There is no definition of punk, and you cannot say who is and isn't punk.  Just today someone told me that I wasn't punk simply because of the way I dress.  This cliché needs to stop.  Punk has to do with what you feel.  It is a state of mind.  No one can say they are strictly punk because of the music they listen to or the way they dress.  I have known plenty of people who try to fit in this category by doing such, and it is easy to see through.  Everyone just needs to be theirselves and not worry about what everyone else thinks of them.

To Shelley:

Somebody told me today I wasn't punk because my snarl doesn't curl up as far as Sid’s. I cried all the way home to my mommy, who lives 3,000 miles away. My mom said I'm like 40 years old, goddammit, why don't I grow up already. I said society won't let me, capitalism hates my individuality, and as a white male I'm responsible for every evil "ism" in the world, including juh-ism. That's why! She asked me what the heck that has to do with anything, and then I said laws create lawlessness and society has to be destroyed in order to save it so like the people can rise up and defeat the oil companies, General Motors and the Republicrats and stuff. Oh yeah, Shelley, my advice to you is keep it real and old skool!!!!

(10-2-01) From Reech in NYC:

a week after the attack- i took the train down to "ground zero". as I was in Tampa, Florida when the disaster occurred, I felt I needed to physcially connect with the scene. As my subway passed under the World Trade Center subway stop, it slowed. The entire subway car got real quiet and weird- we were passing under the burial grounds of thousands of people. the sense of horror is something that I cannot explain- there was no strange smells or any other attack on ones 5 senses- it was more of a sense of wrongness than anything else. I got off the train in the wall street area. the smell (this was a week after the attack) of burning rubber and electricity was almost overpowering. ever smell wires burning- multiply it by a thousand. as i hit the "fresh" air outside, I was overcome with the sensation of breathing in pure dust There was a haze of white everywhere. I looked around at "Fu**ing" tourists taking pictures and vids- unreal! After about three minutes I couldn't breathe comfortably and got back on the train to head back uptown. I was coughing for hours after that. G-d help the people who are working down there- I predict alot of them will have major lung problems. I haven't gone near the area since. In fact i don't tarry around NYC unless it's working hours. The sense of dread (October second) is still very real in NYC.Pictrues of the missing are still up everywhere. Most buildings (including mine-) now have security guards who need to see ID before you get in the elevators. My brother has been going to many memorial services since he had recently quit working at Marsh (they were hit very hard and lost hundreds of people). We are all waiting for the next attack- germ? Chemical? Explosive?- while attempting to go on with our lives. One gets the feeling sometimes that we're already dead. Everyday the newspapers print profiles of some of the people that have been killed. Emerson- the dead are us! This isn't profiles of soldiers or old people. The hardest hit demographic is the 25-45 group- a couple of young kids, a house on Long Island - a wife- living parents. You go to work in the morning, maybe you live the laundry in the dryer- heck you can get it tonight. Fight with the wife- make sure to watch the game tonight-Then you're dead- no body. Nothing left except for your kids mourning their mother or father. I am not going to get into pro revenge rhetoric right now- it is clear what must be done, and evry day we wait we become weaker, not stronger. This can only end when the world understands that we will retaliate with absolutely heinous paybacks. People are carrying gas masks in their bags. 

(8-24-01) From XXiLoVePuNkXx (who's had it up to HERE, dammit!)

you know what you must all shut the fugg up, i must have heard the word "punk" defined about a half a million times and i still don't know the fugg it means, you wanna know why it's dead? because everyone has analyzed it so much that it gave up. so just move on and find another hobby, and try and define pop and conformity untill it gives up and just so all you retards know, the word "punk" didn't come from what  you all call "old school" "punks". Thats what they were called.

(8-23-01) A great great cautionary tale from my old geez pal Paul:

i just got back barely with my life from a beer-soaked evening of seeing Fear.  I was the only one in the whole club who was not in diapers when Fear got kicked off SNL and the really bad thing was everyone thought I was in the band.  Being half drunk by the time I got to the club,my conscience was a bit clouded when a girl asked me to sign her single without asking me who I was. "Are you sure you want me to? Why would you want ME to?: I asked. yet she insisted. I scribbled something small and illegible. Everyone in the place was treating me as if i were royalty. i tried to tell people, yet there would be some one new coming up to me saying, "What songs you guys gonna play tonight."  I tried to keep out of sight, but I guess my ego would  keep me from talking to the kids about the old days when the first time I saw a music vid was in a bar in Cleveland or when I saw Devo and the B-52's on SNL. The guys in the place were like ,"Hey Milk it for all you've got." I think I may have inspired the lead singer of one of the opening bands,Skull Baby who dressed in a Nazi uniform and had a mike stand with a blood spattered mannequin on it.He looked exactly like Nicholas Cage in his Valley girl days.I apologized to the girl after the concert and made sure that all the members of Fear signed her single.She still hated me, but that's OK. Just let it be a warning to all the other old punks out there, if you go to a show of other old geezers like yourselves, you may ne in for more than you've bargained for.

(8-9-01) From Ji' tiayia:



To Ji:

Every once in a while I need a reminder as to why I should never leave my apartment. Thank you. Dressing as Hitler isn't funny, rolling in your own poop isn't sane and GG talked the good talk about killing himself for years but never got around to it. The coward. He did bloat up nicely though at the end, like Elvis!

(7-1-01) From Geist202

I stumbled across your site quite by accident. I'm thirty and living in Chicago and I really feel like I'm fighting a losing battle here.  All the old punk haunts have been torn down and replaced with townhomes.  It's totally disgusting.  What's worse is that the kids of today really have no place to go. There's no ground-zero for punk here.  The music they know is what's played on the radio, so they have basically no choice in being brainwashed into Mr. & Mrs. Junior America Consumer Scum.

To Geist202:

Some battles aren't even worth fighting. This morning I'm on a stair machine at the gym and some futz next to me is yelling into a cell phone for fifteen minutes. Then I go to get pizza slices and the woman couldn't have been any dumber. She was stacking gooey slices on top of each other in the box. The parking lot was filled with fast food wrappers. My next door neighbor likes to hammer walls. This isn't the world of my choosing either. You just have to decide if you want to buy a machine gun or stay quiet and avoid the scum at all costs. Both options have their merits of course, but don't worry about things you can't change, and lead by example. As far as the radio goes, if you don't like what they're playing, don't listen. Don't look for trouble, it looks for you as it is.

(6-28-01) From Ben UnityPunker, 16-year old anarcho-punk:

Punk isn't about fashion or skating or specific manners it is about flyin your own flag, being you, doing what u want to do and not becoming swallowed in the mainstream.  Wearing spikes or leather jackets don't make u punk, your actions and beliefs do.  And when you harass and pick on others becuase they either dress like punk or not your really goin against what punk is: unity, unity between all , remember that next time u bash someone for apperances.

To Ben:

Defining punk, and then insisting that's what punk is, has absolutely no effect on those around you. Punk is just a word, and language is often just noise. As a concept, the word is an arbitrary context. Unless you're a sheep or lemming, no two people will define punk in exactly the same way. Punk means everything and it means nothing. The act of defining the word is no more than an ink blot test of your own personality. You, Ben, call yourself an anarchist. You're a utopian dreamer of the highest order. You're also a post-apocalyptic hippie. Hopefully you’re peaceful for real and not a nihilist. Many of the original hippies now drive BMWs and worry their kids might start taking drugs. You're sixteen and you want to save the world by destroying it. That's nice. When I was your age I probably thought I could save the world by getting everyone on the same logical page. Now I'm just happy if I make it through the day without stepping in other people's piles of problems.

(6-16-01) From NYC Hardcore Girl

I grew up in New York and remember when Punk first came to America in the 70 s. Back then it stood for something, an attitude shared among those who were bored with what 70 s America had to offer it's young. It was anti fashion, Anti sex, Anti establishment. It was vile and it was shocking and yet fascinating. Punk was the poor white man's music, as Reggae was the poor black man's music. It turned America and England on its ears. I too joined the bandwagon, happy to realize that other kids growing up in America held the same beliefs. It was an awesome time to be alive. I cannot believe what punk has become- It no longer has any meaning other than being a fashion statement.  It is the opposite of everything that "Real Punk" stood for. It's also a shame that when you ask any of these kids what punk is about, their reply is "Skating". They are cluless as to where it started, what it meant and it's reaction from mid-stream America. These kids don't even know who Sid Vicious or The Ramones are, nor do they know any of the major roles these people played in Punk's history. Ask any kid what CBGB 's is and all you would get is a blank stare. To me, today's punk is silly, because it has no meaning. So, all you wanna be's out there, do your homework and stop thinking that Ska or any other kind is original...You may be surprised to find out what "Real Punk" is about!


N.Y.C Hardcore Girl

(6-10-01) From Cory:

I wrote you a letter about 3-4 months ago, I would like to share with you some personal revalations that I have had. For the last 6 years of my life I have strived so very hard to be punk rock, I had a mohawk, I painted and studded my $100 leather jacket, and spoke out via. school newspapper against the "evils" I believed I saw in society. But something happend to me that is very difficult to explain, so I will try best to articulate it.I lived in California most of my life (the meca of poserdom) but moved to Portland, Oregon in late December of last year. Upon my first journey into Downtown Portland I was awe-struck by the number of homeless children here.  Most of which were punk rockers. I was walking down Burnside ave. in my bondage pants and docs, feeling very hardcore, when an extremely dirty, smelly, and extremely greusome punk rocker motioned me over to him.  Although a bit uncomfortable I walked over, and after exhanging greetings and offering him a cigarette, he proceeded to bash every aspect of my attire, and what he assumed was my personality.  Apparently I just wasnt homeless enough to be a punk.This event was a catylist for more events that eventually led to my ultimate dissilusionment. I have come to realize that very things that serve to define punk rock only serve to destroy it.  While I could go into endless detaile regarding my updated views on punkrock, I wont. I've simply decided that the lifestyle I had chosen was not for me, and that I was not being true to myself. So I retired my leather jacket and dug my old clothes out of the closet. And I'll tell you what... Im much happier now.  Punk might be dead, but if its still alive, It can go on without me.

To Cory:

Sorry to hear about your experience with the crusties. I personally can't stand them. They're bums in punk clothing. Punk didn't make them homeless. Punk in America is a middle class experiment. Homeless punks are no more real than rich kid punks. The goal on all levels is to not be a destructive asshole about it. Punk to too many people, especially the crusties, is a means of expressing hostility. No matter what clothes you're now wearing, there's still no reason why you shouldn't listen to the punk bands you like. Maybe the lessons to take away here are in the area of fashion and posing. Don't dress it, be it. You can be the punkiest guy in the world even in a three piece suit. I know I am. When I wear a diaper I'm just an infantile fetishist, but that's another story.

(6-10-01) From TeyaDad:

It's cool 2 hear from the "old guard" (i'm 30), and it's hysterical to hear from the the lil' baby snips out there defending PUNK. I go to shows still and i get a kick outta the kids. They're havin fun. I love it when i'm drunk and they tell me about show etiqette like its my first show (maybe my first show in 18 years). P.C. lil fuggers. It's cool though...after their moms pick them up from the show and everyone else is off to  the bar or party. I have fun being jaded,i have fun watchin' the kids. 

(5-13-01) From Rudie The Van:

Hey, Re: your rant about the May Day business. You may or may not have heard about a protest being mounted by Harvard students in an attempt to get the university to pay all of its employees a "living wage"  of $10.25 an hour.  I have four serious problems with all of this.  First, and foremost, I have to pass these rich hippy s--its on my way to and from my non-living-wage-paying warehouse job every day. No one is protesting to get my boss not to be a greedy asshole. Charitable orginizations actually brought these kids vans full of food to prvent them from starving during their harrowing occupation of the university president's office. FOOD. Food that could have gone to any of the thousands and thousands of hungry, poor, or whatever people in the Boston area. Any one of these kids could have wandered down to the Harvard comissary and procured free food. Hell, their parents probably own the companies that make the food.

Sorry about that. Getting focused, my second big issue is that there are no apartments available in or around Boston for less than $1000 a month. Assuming that one pays about half of one's income in rent and has no kids to take care of, car payments to make, or any desire to do anything but work, that puts a living wage up around $18 an hour. Of course I don't even make $10.25.

Third, of the few people I spend my free time with, most do not share my opinion that the protest at Harvard is no different from protests all over North America over the past couple of years, except possibly in size and scope. Just an excuse for wealthy white kids to get their way and exercise the power that they will have over all of the rest of us someday, thanks to their Harvard degree.

Finally, there are all sorts of other meaningful, community building, populist sorts of activities going on all over this city all the time, but "RICH KIDS BREAKIN' THE RULES" sells more advertising time on the TV news.

I'm a young punk, but old beyond my years. 

(5-10-01) From the legendary Skip of Y&T Records in the DC area:

Nobody's ever called me (or Yesterday & Today) a "Nexus"  before, thanks! (RE:Minor Threat review). Your comments make it seem like the store is long gone;we're in our 24th year in Rockville. Regarding the production credits,I produced and MIXED The Teen Idles EP,the First Minor Threat EP,the SOA EP,as well as some Youth Brigade tracks that ended up on Flex Your Head. These recordings were all done by me and Don Zientara at Inner Ear. For Teen Idles,as well as the first Minor Threat EP,we produced an intial demo session,then the final recordings some weeks later. Ask Jeff Nelson or Don,they'll confirm that for you.

(4-25-01) From LJR1974:

Thank you for blasting every god-damned "I'm way more alternative than you are" kids who now call themselves "punk". I'm not claiming to be the arbeiter of cool, but please!  Back in my day (mid to late 80's and early 90's) I didn't have three color hair, or fugg up my expensive leather jacket just to be a rebel like eveybody else.  When they are looking for examples of mindless morons those guys will fit the bill, the rest of us will appreciate their "sacrifice" and enjoy the extra room at the concerts.


I blast the kids because I’m lazy and it’s both fun and easy. I blast everyone because it's too damn easy. I was a kid once myself and I imagine I was almost as stupid. Thankfully I have a bad memory and I lie to the mirror. It's all part of the process of figuring out who you are and want to be (maybe more accurately, who you don't want to be). Maybe the role of oldsters is to make fun of youngsters so they hopefully drop the dumbest aspects of youth culture from their daily routines. Maybe only insults make a dent in the young psyche. It's too damn easy but they ask for it, those meddling kids!

(4-7-01) From Edinblack:

Basically the punk scene is probably more underground now(the real punk scene) as it was when crass etc. started.Yes commercialism has reared it's ugly head and what the kids don't understand is the bands that they listen to are basically just in it for money,no idealism,no constructive thought,they may as well listen to Britney Spears or some other shit like that.I am from scotland,and all i see in Glasgow nowadays are 4000 imitations of Marliyn Manson,Korn,or Slipknot.Middle class kids who will just end up working in an office and live off of mummy and daddy's income.Summed up-Punk is dead ,but some of us diehards are the walking dead,I weep for the real punkers,all those great ideas and creativity down the drain and all for fugging money. cheers.

(4-5-01) From Oliver Klowzov:

I just heard a spoken-word thing from Henry Rollins talking about the wimpy "alternative" bands of today would have been EATEN ALIVE by the likes of Black Flag and the Angry Samoans. It's true.  Those R.E.M. alterna-pussies I first ran into back in college.  These "too cool for you" guys asked me about my Cramps t-shirt and then asked me if I was into R.E.M.!!!  The one guy went by the name of Mike Carr but I found out his real name was George Michael Carr, so the rest of the year I called him George Michael and taunted him my singing my own version of that god-awful Wham song whenever that pretentious, mushroom-headed fug was around: "Oh take me up 'cuz I'm a homo and I'm plannin' on gettin' cornholed Oh take me up 'cuz I'm a homo please buttfug me to-ni-yite" I wrote in my column in the school paper that if R.E.M. was punk, then Air Supply was heavy metal. My question is, what made everyone so fuggin' stupid in the '80's and why has it decided to resurface now?  I mean, that goddam Dubyuh hasn't got a thing going for him except for loads of money and , like you said, "more connections than AT&T on Mother's Day."  Are people simply not paying attention or are they on some stupifying drug that I'm not clued in on yet? Throw me a bone here, people.

(4-4-01) From Toby Gibson:

You're fully not punk. You think you're punk but you're not. You big sissy poser just quit give up and call it a day. Actually you probably are punk, but I'm bored stiff. I mean, you could be punk if it wasnt dead- oh I didnt say that did I? Oops- of course punk isnt dead- (no scathing rebuttals please- that's so last year- plus I really couldnt know if punk is still gasping as I'm in the middle of the South Pacific so what do I know anyhow?)

To Toby and the rest of the punk universe:

For the last time, I know I'm punk because my mommy calls me her "widdle punk wokker" and then she bakes me cookies, I clap my hands in delight and then I take a nap.

(4-3-01) From Czech.Daniel:

jm dezerter jm punk oi j speak    ......PUNK NOT DEAD........YOU REVOLT SPEAK POLICE NOTT!!!!

Re: this e-mail: why do I get the feeling this guy was screaming these words out loud as he typed?

(3-23-01) From Cameron Archer, who puts a lot of work into his own zine and types quickly.

Last month I saw the Forgotten Rebels in concert at Barrymore's in Ottawa; this was on Friday, January 26.  It was a pretty good concert; the only problem was the opening act.  Not very good.  They were called the Crabwebs; it was a guy with a bass guitar and a drum machine the whole night.  The second opening act, CJ Sleeze, was very good.  Of course, the lead singer was wearing bondage gear.  They're actually pretty good musically, too.  The bondage gear sold me, though.  Duh, too bad she wasn't rolling around in feces, heh heh.  (That was a joke.)  Anyway, the Forgotten Rebels were very good that night; it was their first time in Ottawa in something like twenty years, and they played a tight set.  You know what's scary?  Both CJ Sleeze and Forgotten Rebels are on the Other People's Music label.  The label is a division of (gasp) EMI!  THTA'S NOT PUNK!  DYI 4EEVR fuggERRRRR

Anyway, I have a new website up called Metal Strike Force.  It's at and it's a monthly webzine.  I stopped doing The UnBulova; too much effort for so little payback.  Update your bookmarks, kids!  It still pisses me off that I don't have a cult following.  Why, I ask?  I'm an interesting person.  FOR ME TO POOP ON! Hopefully my new site earns me enough of a following that I can sell my website to shareholders and put up an IPO.  I like money.



(3-23-01) From Rob Stewart

That guy (Trash The Green Laser Man) looks like a fugging moron. I'm a recovering agnostic, and what probably pisses me off more than ever is the sheer arrogance behind any philosophy, be it atheism OR christianity. I don't really know what I hate more, the attitude of the atheists ("we know the REAL truth, and have nothing but ridicule and contempt for anyone who disaggrees with us and want to show anybody who believes in god the true light") or the attitude of the extreme christian fundamentalists ("we know the REAL truth and anyone who disaggrees is going to burn in hell, and want to show people who follow a different religion the true light").  For anybody who honestly thinks there would be no wars if everybody was an atheist I have two words: Joe Stalin. Or how about Hitler?  The Khmer Rouge anyone? Another thing that pisses me off is when overpriveledged white westerners decry racism in North America, yet then go on the espouse the philosophy of an inherently racist religion like Hinduism. Any which way westerners like to spin their apologetics for the Hindu caste system doesn't change the fact that it is indeed a racist system no different than segregation in the American south.  And don't even get me started on their practice of widow burning!

To Rob:

You and I are on the same page. This world of extremist thinking has no room for moderates and compromise. How can you be just a little right? Organized religion has maybe caused as much suffering as it has provided comfort and hope. Godless Marxism has caused only suffering. I try not to downplay religion because faith in something good is better than nihilism. Atheism is itself a religion, a mirror-like anti-religion, if you will. As far as world culture goes, there is a blindly hypocritical double standard applied to non-western societies, especially the ones seen as America's enemies. I believe everyone should be judged by the same standards. Political ideologies and agendas have produced a horrible litany of excuses that's condescending, when you think about it. It was maybe fifteen years ago, in a country over there, that men from a college dorm raped women in the next college dorm. The quote from the President of the freaking College was something like "What's the big deal? It was only rape." That's the world we live in. I hope the next life makes more sense.

From XXiLoVePuNkXx (2-19-01)

ok, so yeah i geusse when i turned 13 my mom started letting me have more freedomb so there was this place where bands played and i was always into music so we went and checked them out and they were punk rock, (or thats what they said even though they didn't want to be labeled) anyways so i was like oh, punk rockay dressing diffrent acting diffrent sio i died my hair purple did stupid things, said what was on my mind all the time dressed like a slob, acted like a real asshols i made an image of an dishonest person out to everyone, all to be punk rock, and yeah i suppose while i was doin this dumb s--t i was haveing fun, but it wasn't fun digging my stupid ass outta the hole i built for myself. now i love the music, dont get me wrong i do, i like to check out the local scene and everyonce and a while i find some cool people who are into the music im into and don't give a fugg if the kid with a mowhawk likes blink 182, i geusse  everything i said doesnt really relate to what im tryin to say, but to those kids who read this or whatever, its ok to spend alot of money on a sweater, and american eagle is not a bad place, if anyone calls you trendy then there the trendy one, punk rock is the lamest trend around. and dude like what you like dress how you want, be yourself, because when you grow out of the s---ty trend then where are you gonna go, after you make yourself an asshole and nobody like you then what are you gonna do, dont be stupid, ok buh bye, sorry for not makeing sense.

To XXiLoVePuNkXx:

Are you related to Mr.Mxyzptlk from outer space, the imp who drives Superman crazy and can only be sent back to his home planet by being tricked into saying his own name? Your e-mail sounds so fake, but maybe it's not. It’s scary either way. To you my two words of old punk advice are "spell checker".

 From Hels (1-28-01)

hello mr.old punks web zine guy. sorry i don't know your name. thanks for the site, it is really quite insightful and honest. i like the way you write reviews. i appreciate that you recognize all the factions and splinters within the dinosaur that "punk" as an institution has become while providing an overview that makes sense, at least to this 17 year old "punk" kid. i've been into the music and lifestyle for 5 years now, trying to figure out where it came from and where it is now. i used to buy that nostalgia crap, but i've outgrown that. the more superficial trappings, meaning the confusion and futility of scene politics, don't  matter so much now to me as living my own life in a way that i can just capture that initial energy and excitement that attracted me to punk rock in the first place. just live. take chances. i know that if what i do can piss off an entire scene of promoters, scenesters, and bands, i just might be doing something right. thanks for the extra bit of

From Cory Miller (1-25-00)

Grettings,my name is cory miller and I hail out of portland orgeon, I have to concede it is great to see someone with such a firm grip on reality.Truth be known I am a 16 year old punkrocker and by your definitions I am the Anti-christ and the bane of all things punk rock. But before you condemn this letter to the lot of whiny seudo-punk, I pay $300 to look poor there for im rebellious,trash that im sure you recieve on a daily baisis, please understand that not all of us from the under generation are bad. While I do agree that 95% of adolescents claiming to be the epitome of punk are far to uneducated to se the hypocracy of their store bought rebellion, I also know that there are some of us out there who share your dissillusionment. It has been my experience that most punks these days are self-righteous and fascist, condemning all that differs from their current veiw of cool. But there are a handfull of us who know enough that our way of life is not for everyone, and spending all our time spoonfeeding our morals to the feeble minded only serves to bastardize what we claim to love. so before you loose hope I would like you to see that not all is lost and there is intelligent life amid the swirling malestorm of Hypocracy, and shouts of "Anarchy
in th U.K."

To Cory:

Oh Cory. Cory. Come on, Cory. I think a lot of people are asses, not just the young. Oldsters have more experience at it while the young are louder and pushier. Everybody wins! Soylent Green made with kids just tastes better because their meat is less stringy and it contains three times the moral fiber!

From Mike (12-5-00) "With freedom comes responsibility." Found that in your discussion of DK. It's very good to hear, especially in the context of an "old punk." Too much "art for art's sake" crap going around and all the anti-censorship pontificating makes me wonder where everyone left their brains. Not to say many "genuine" punks were using their brains 'tween '79 and '84 when I was playing around with it; but looking back I'm much more genuine in my punkness now that I'm 35, sober, responsible and raising two kids than I was when I had the stupid hair, ripped jeans, jackboots, flannel shirt tied around my waist and was running around like a complete lunatic.

I find myself constantly having to enter into dialogues about freedom and responsibility with the "film crowd" that I work with, and it's amazing to me how they can laud the power of art to influence culture in one conversation and then turn around and say that it has no effect when the discussion turns to censorship. Part of being a real person is knowing how and when to censor one's self. 

From Foster (12-3-00)

Hi, just found your site. Back around 1976 I was in college, playing guitar in various rock bands. Friends & I heard about a band causing a bit of a stir in the UK called the Sex Pistols. There was a record store in Montreal where I lived that sold imports before they were released in North America. My friend Neil Macfayden bought the UK lp (it's different from the N.A. one) and brought it to my basement. The first time we listened to it we thought it was horrible. The second time we listened we thought it was great, and learned all the songs. Have been a punk fan ever since. Hehe, I am an M.D., got a punk haircut in '78, when I was an intern, that went over REAL well.

Now I am middle aged, with a with, kid, home & mini-van, but stilllove punk. I gotta brag, my four year old daughter PLAYS drums, started a 31/4 years, has a pro-quality 3/4 size drum set and likes to play to Blink182. Anyways, I looked in your Archives and can't find any mention of oneof my fav bands, Shonen Knife, an all-girl punk/pop band from Osaka, Japan.Kurt Cobain had them tour with Nirvana, he said "The first time I saw Shonen Knife live I screamed & cried like a 12 year old girl at a Beatles concert".They have been around since '81. I first heard about them in '90 when MTVdid a short feature on them called "The Weirdest Band in Rock". They havealso toured with Redd Kross & Sonic Youth. Some of their best songs IMHO incase you want to check them out are: "Get The Wow", "I Want to Be Sedated","Banana Chips" and "Suzy is a Headbanger". Yup, big Ramones influence. Whythree perfectly "proper" (no tattoos, piercings, rowdy behaviour or drugs)japanese "office ladies" decided to form a punk band is totally beyond, me, but they rock. I am "Knife Collector" #76, the official U.S. Shonen Knifefan club. 

From John from the great old band THE SPEEDIES:

I stumbled upon your review of The Speedies"Something On my Mind" single and thought I'd drop you a line. It's nice to know there are people out there who still remember... I was the bass player for the Speedies. (1979-1981)

When we recorded our first single, "Let me take your foto', I was the oldest member of the band,(22) and the only one from the borough of Queens. The rest of the band came from Brooklyn. Our drummer(Allen) was 15, both guitar players(Eric & Greg) were 16, and the singer(John) was 20.

We were quite popular on the NYC club circuit. We were regulars, at Max's Kansas City, where we had the distinction of having broken the house attendance records. We played larger venues where we often supported major recording acts, The Jam, Gang Of Four, Undertones, Ultravox & David Johanson group among them. We broke up in 1981. Neither guitar player wished to continue with a musical career. We coulda been huge!

Allen, the drummer & I started a band called Racer-X, but I bailed before the band released a 4 song ep. I moved to Los Angeles, and played with the Fuzztones for a number of years, (when the band was signed to RCA)and I toured Europe extensively with that group. I left that group in the early 90's and played with Sylvain Sylvain when he was living in LA. We put out a record called "Sleep Baby Doll" on Fishhead records. I still play music, mostly for fun these days, I have a cowpunk truck drivin' band called "White Line Fever". We play around the Hollywood circuit. I work in the film industry, and I'm still good friends with Clem Burke. Personally, while I am fond of both our Speedies records, neither come close to the band live. We were an awesome live band. 

From Lost Thom (11-1-00)

ok i see that editing isnt a mainstay at oldpunks so ill watch my seriously horrendous typos this time.Im glad that the catagory isnt only punk,judging by teh great answers,i so agree abou telvis.So this time im goign metal on ya.Can we all agree that Venom shoudl ahve stopped at At War with Satan?Kinda that Ramones thign where the first three are brilliant but man that Possssed juust sucked.ANd teh for Cronos to do that gawdawful solo thing all the while replacign him with some baldy named maneater just was waste of time.Think ELO 2 an dyouve got it.Though teh live eps and double lp were good to have nice collection completers and were fun,Calm before teh storm shoudl ahev been an ep since it was half good but thats when Mantas left teh gruop and tehy had 2 guitarists to help out.Go figure.Wish i woulda seen em at teh Milwaukee Metalferst cuyz i heard they (literaly) brough tteh house down.Oh yeah Cast in Stone shoudla been cast out. Ilove this cause im consatntly thinking o fmusic anyway so now i have purpose in life. thom gabaldon btw i need to amend my devo one.Oh no wasnt not that bad.I realized i had skipped it afte ri saw my glory publishe k im doen for now. 

From Armi (10-20-00)

Hey, I read your thing about visiting Lost Wages, and the only thing I can say is that there's worse out there. Ever been to North Canton, Ohio (like a piss-ass town like Canton needs a North)? The dullness of the place brought the term ennui to new heights. I had to finally leave when I caught myself almost getting into the betting pool of the Amish Drag Races, where a couple of Amish teens, in horse and buggy, would fly down the "main drag" of that one-whore town wiped out on home-made liquor. Actually, come to think of it, Las Vegas is much worse than that, especially since all my ex-ghoul friends became speed-freak strippers and moved to that hellish spot in the middle of nothing. Kinda like New Jersey, It's there, and no-one knows why

Editor's Note: At first I thought this was a joke e-mail, that it had to be a joke e-mail, that nobody talked or wrote or thought like this anymore (if at all). BUT, the guys name is "sXe IAN" and his e-mail address is "". The guy obviously drinks way too much coffee, which is a drug too ya know!


From Terry Mellor (9-28-00)

From the most isolated Western Capital City in the world : Perth, Western Australia. 

I'm surprised about all the dissention about what Punk is. I mean we're all pretty stupid down here in Perth ( it used to be possible to be lynched as a skinhead just for wearing Dr. Martens), but even I can see that the answers are right there in the lyrics!- "Punk ain't no religious cult, Punk means thinking for yourself. You ain't hardcore when you spike your hair if a jock still lives inside your head !" (DeadKennedys- everyone knows them, right?!), "and all the people, they look the same, don't they know they're so damn lame ?! Three piece suit, spandex pants, cowboy boots" (Circle Jerks), "with stoopidhaircuts, and stupid clothes. What a stupid life. In a wonderful sub-duh-vision." (Drunks with Guns)... "in my room, all the time, trapped inside, this fugging mind!"(Angry Samoans). "It feels good to see disgustin their eyes, It feels good, I'm gonna go WILD!!"(Black Flag). I'm sure there are more, but, in a nutshell,frustrated intelligence wanting to be heard- there's a definition for the confused.

You guys in the nothern hemisphere there seem pretty blase about having bands to see and like-mindedpeople to talk to. I'd be mighty surprised if you've had any other mail from Western Australia?

Hey here is a photo from the only time anything like a punk band came to Perth [Editor's note: I didn't include the pic cause I'm a rat bastard] Rat Scabies (drummer of the Damned) and me, at their post-gig pool party after their one & only Perth gig in 1987.I complained to him about my parents, then flicked a lit cigarette straight into his drink. He was pissed-off by that stage, and gave me a good slap. When Dave Vanian? came out, rat got him to giveme one also. So, I wasn't sucking his dick or anything, in fact I was complaining about my parents when this shot was taken.Hey if you have actually got mail from Western Australia, could you get back to me, so I can get theirdetails, and begin to stalk them (smiley-face emoticon)? Even elsewhere in Australia would be good, if
you would. I know I didn't meet you on the road to Damascus (making you the good samaritan?), but wouldn't you like to know more about where the tentacles of Punk have stretched to ?

From XxMoNkOfPuNkxX (9-6-00)

Hey, look, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. PUNKS ARE HYPOCRITES!!! Yes , I listen to punk rock. Yes I wear plaid, spikes, and safety pins, But I AM NOT PUNK! I like to call myself an individualist. After all punk is just another fuggin stereotype. Isn't the "punk movement" against stereotypes? Oh
well to each their own.
Easy Out,

Smurf God

}-}}}}'> "Only Dead Fish Swim Downstream" <'{{{{-{

To Mr. MXYZPTLK (dig the nerdy yet hip Superman villain reference!) Dude! If it takes you more than four minutes to get dressed you're probably a poser. If you wear a costume of plaid, spikes and safety pins like all those pictures in the picture books, you are not an individual. You might be a redneck if... Your stereotype is to think you are beyond labels and stereotypes. The punk movement, like every single movement, is defined by stereotypes. If you try to define punk and define yourself in relation to that word, you ARE a punk. I wish I had the skill to make gold come out of my ass.

From Jennifer in The City Of Big Windy Shoulders (8-29-00):

Your rant about the erectionally-challenged weenies with their car stereos cranked up to deafening proportions made me laugh. True, that's annoying, but at least that's just in their cars. Have you ever lived around people who crank up their stereos and put their speakers in the windows although they have NO INTENTION OF GOING OUTSIDE? People who do this any time of the morning or night? I'm living in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood and I am "treated" to what can only be described as Mexican Polka whether I want to be or not. Have you ever been awakened on a weekend morning by: (a) a tuba; (b) an accordion; or (c) a eunuch screeching "Yaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!" repeatedly? I have--all three simultaneously. I'm particularly distressed by this trend-o-ignorance amongst my neighbors because I'm finding it hard to maintain my white liberal, anti-racist beliefs when I'm constantly finding myself wishing Mexico would crack off and sink into the sea. I try to control my anger by thinking, "well, at least it's not gangsta rap," or "well, at least it's not the Jesus radio station," but it's getting harder every day.

To Jen:

"Hell is other people." -- No Exit, by Jean Paul Sartre (cold-hearted Marxist scumbag)

A Liberal Is A Conservative Who Has Been Arrested

A Conservative Is A Liberal Who Has Been Mugged

"Can't We All Just Get Along?" -- Rodney King

From Steph (8-12-00):

hey i just would like to say something! about the music bizness these days i love punk rock music and i'm sick of people saying how bad musicians look! hey at least they can make music! music isn't about looks. people are always saying "oh why are they wearing that?" or "damn they look ugly!" so who gives a fugg! i would doubt seriosly that bands have their whole big coreer to empress people by their looks. well if the band is even good then why would they care about what people think of them! its all about the music! fugg! looks dont say anything about anybody! -later

To Steph:

I agree with you per say, but I myself prefer a nice tush over one that appears to be filled with 24 lbs of cottage cheese.

From Paul, my favorite fellow grump (8-1-00):

Yes, I've decided to put in my own two bits of snide commmentary:

When there is "scene unity" it makes the music suck. The best bands are the ones who have managed to piss off all the club owners and other bands in a town and mostly play in other areas. I think that's the problem with where I live now, the bands are so busy kissing each others asses that
no one has the guts to come out with it when someone sucks--which is frequently! 

I really have a thon in my side over these dildos who drive around with their windows down and their car steroes craked so high with ultra-subwoofers that it produces a 4.5 on the Riechter scale. When one of these annoying arse-holes drives by I like to yell, "Turn it up louder so the people in China can enjoy your music too." or "You call that a stereo? I can't even hear the bass!" I live near a busy intersection downtown in a city and there have been times when a car has pulled up to the corner stoplight and the windows ON THE SECOND FLOOR of my house were rattling! What in the fug makes you think I want to listen to your crappy rap anyway. And how come in every rap song every other word is "ni--er"? Didn't Richard Pryor do that to death 20 years ago?

All right all right I'm guilty of it too, like the time when I pulled up to a red light on a Saturday night and got the most quizzical looks from the African-American fellows in the car next to me as I had the windows down and was cranking Hawaiian music by "The Singing Cabdriver" (from _Incredibly Strange Music Volume II_) or the time had no air conditioning and was driving around playing the theme from _The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly_ and a guy leaned out his window and yelled, "Hey! Clint Eastwood!" Probably the best story of all was of how Lester Bangs would drive around Detroit cranking _Metal Machine Music_. I think someday when I get rich I'm gonna buy the most powerful car stereo money can buy and drive around through crappy neighborhoods like mine cranking "Surfin' Bird" by the Cramps or maybe "Atmospheres" by Edgar Varese. Then I would put in my earplugs, turn the volume up to 11 and put on "MacArthur Park" and "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" and then I'd put in a tape of an opera LP played at 45 r.p.m. (which I actually broadcast over the radio once in reponse to a listener request to play "Fug the Po-lice") and then I'd hit 'em with the Carpenters 8-track for the rest of the night.

To Paul:

Get 'em! Sic 'em!! Teach them kids a lesson dagnabbit!! I'd get out of my chair to helps yas but Matlock's on the picture box... 

From Alex (7-7-00)

I think that the Idea of punk and anarchy and things like that, they are all full of s--t. Yeah I like the music and I like the clothes, but all punk is, is trying to be different fom everybody and because of that you get attention from the people that you don't like, and thats why you do it. but if you don't like these people why do you give a rats ass what the hell they think about you. and about the anarchy crap, the only time the earth is going to be anywhere neer perfect is when the sun goes super-nova and the earth freezes over from lack of heat. The goverment in the united states is better than most of the people out there that are anarchists could erver make it and if you don't agree trie looking at it from the veiw of the the rest of the people here, but hey wait, you can't. the goverment in the us is designed to create a good living enviroment for every body that lives here, if it was built around your opinions it would totally suck for the rest of us, (not: when I say you I'm talking about the typical punk/anarchist, not you the editor of this zine). The gov. may have a whole lot of screw ups and stuff but how many of those screw ups does every body think is a screw up. Think about that for a sec, because most of you, have plenty of time on your

From Bettie Bangs (7-4-00):

well... i was just looking though your emails and i found myself totally enthralled in the computer. (oh no.. they're taking over, right?) i would just like to comment on something you said. you just so happened to be making of some cool kid and you commented to the extent of, "you're probably 16 years old, with good grades, blah blah," and i thought to myself, "wow. that sounds familiar." i just so happen to be a little 16 year old girl, and, like you so sweetly said before, i have good grades. in fact, i happen to have a 4.0 GPA right now. sorry to say this to all you kids out there that're anywhere near my age, but umm.. its Cool to care. yea... its true. sorry. and i think we should all be proud of what we do. whether its being proud of the clothes we wear, the bands we listen to, or the wonderful grades we get in school. i had a "cool punkrock boy" at school make fun of me because of my good grades.. and i just laughed at him, knowing how fucked up his life will be when he drops out of school and has a $4/hour job mopping school floors that kids puke on. i think that's about as far as ill let myself go with that. but i do have one more comment.. all you old timers out there.. quit puttin us kids down! we didnt CHOOSE when we thought would be a cool era to grow up in. dont be jealous that you're not young anymore. i admire all you "adults" out there who Still think for yourselves, despite your "conformed" look. now just let us kids grow up and learn for ourselves, dont you remember being our age? come on.. it wasnt that long ago..thanks for lending the ears. 

From Tosha (7-2-00)


To Tosha:

You're not sorry... fugger.

From Rose (6-20-00)

What is the meaning of the word punk and what makes a person punk?

To Rose:

Punk is simply a word. It means different things to different people. There is no real definition that applies across the board. Whatever elements you want to associate with punk were around before in other kinds of music. Maybe not as extreme in certain ways, but punk is and was alwaysa variation on what came before it. I've written on the subject for 3 1/2 years now and never tried to define punk. It's a waste of mental energy. Punk is a bunch of genres you may like or hate. Find bands you like. Maybe they're punk and maybe they're not. Unless you see your world as being all punk all the time, don't worry about it.

What makes a person punk? All it takes is for someone to be punk is to say they're. There's no standardized testing. You can argue who's a poser if that makes you happy, but saying you're punk is as easy as being a jazz fan or classical music lover. I say I like certain kinds of punk music, but I never say I'm a punk. It's as dumb as someone wearing a cowboy hat declaring they're country.

I hope this isn't a big issue with you and your social circle. The loudest people are usually the biggest asses, so keep that in mind when trying to figure out who's cool vs. who should be your friends.

Well, I hope that didn't answer any of your questions. 

From Frogknighx (6-12-00):

What I would like to say is simply that I really dislike people who think America or the government should be changed for the better, for more freedom, etc. Where no punishments are enacted or they are much less severe. All nice and fine on paper, but communism is also, but it doesn't work unless everyone does their part. So who the hell thinks that everyone in the world will be nice and not take advantage of other people because their are no consequences? No one, I hope. That is why, although the idea is very nice, it won't work until everyone stops going at it only for themselves (which is going to be never, I assume). Thats what I have to put up with down at this private school-nothing but spoiled people who act like they -haven't- spent their life getting practically anything they wanted. People saying how America is so gay and that its the worst place on earth. Is this what upper-middle class families are turning out? A bunch of people who want no rules or restraints at all, all for some stupid idea that will never work. It's really sad that people like that exist at all.

To Froggy:

I've written about this myself and I can't agree with you more. It's not even a question of being conservative or an Amerikkka right-or-wrong jerk. It's a thinking person's reaction to endless self-obsessed whining from spoiled rich kids who you just know will grow up to be either the world's biggest yuppie consumers or sad leftist hippies who think that by not bathing they're destroying "The System" from within. I always say, if this country sucks so much, move to a place where you'll be happy. So many things are ego based - conspiracy theories, goth, mirrors. People love to hear themselves talk, and complaining is even better because it's cool when you think you're the only one who realizes everything sucks. Fine, if you have all the answers, do something positive besides moan. I'm grinding my teeth now so I gotta go. 

From Thomas Cross (5-12-00):


To Thomas:

Whenever I say the word "Punk", to let others know it's a Big Concept often misunderstood and almost never used correctly by anyone but myself, I scrunch up my face, raise my hunched shoulders, lift my hands up yea nostril high, point both hand's middle & pointing fingers up to God's anus, then repeatedly curl them up and down while chanting "Punk" in a sarcastic whine that slyly denotes my contempt for yet complete mastery of the subject. 

From Kelli (5-2-00)

I just recently found your page, so I haven't exactly been reading it for a long time. But i read through all the E-mails and it kinda pissed me off that a lot of them were about either how they disagree with your views or what punk "is". and i figured since all these people were saying stuff i'd just kinda put my views out there- to me punk is more about being different and rebelling against society (or whatever you are rebelling against, if youre rebelling against anything) but i wanted to say its dumb for all these people to write in saying how youre too old, well i think theyll be lucky if they even get to be over 25 and at least you still know what you believe in. And i dont wanna sound like im kissing your ass (woops i kinda do) im just saying some people need to remember the whole unity thing, and stop giving other people s--t for saying what they think about society, people, and music in general... cuz isnt that (in some way) what we all are (or should be) about? ok i dunno if im the only one that thinks that way or if i even make sence, i just thought i'd write you this well...just because.

i left out one important thing- why are so many people so obsessed about whether or not they are "punk"??? cant they just be happy with what they are and stop worrying about the label? just another thought...ok im done now..i swear!

To Kelli:

If I've said this once, I've said it at least one time: punk is not "about" anything. It's whatever you think it is or want it to be. Problems arise only when you think you're god because you have these beliefs. There are people who live life and then there are those who analyze it to the point of paralysis. Old folks don't try to define punk because they've got bigger fish to fry, like work, family and dealing with work and family after a night of too much Pabst Blue Ribbon. When I come across a punk who can define the term for an hour, all I can think is 1) get this narcissist a mirror, and 2) get a freaking hobby, you have too much time on your hands. Most punks are either terminally stupid or self-destructive. My advice to punks with brains is to be the exception, not the rule. As it is widely practiced, punk is a loser's excuse for a failed life. Don't be a punk, be a smart, decent human being who listens to punk music. My other piece of advice is to never iron while naked. 

From Trent956 (4-21-00)

i grew up in the new wave 80's and the 80's punk stuff. nothing can really compare to that era. thank you for this page. now i can see the sound waves of my childhood.


Hey, thanks for taking the time to write. Nostalgia is such a beautiful lie, isn't it? I imagine if some kid now is the same age you were in the golden days, and life's a blast, twenty years from now the year 2000 will be incomparable too. Maybe every year the quality of life in general goes that much more down hill. Maybe the 1920s were even worse - it's hard to say. Those aren't sound waves from your childhood, but tinnitus from standing too close to stage speakers at stadium shows. Dude!

P.S. -- Damn straight those were better days.... 

From Nitch (4-7-00):

HEY i just wanted to say ur page makes me happy ive been feelin pretty s--tty lately.. i jus' moved outta my parents apt. im lving w/ friends in AZ now......i was homeless for a bit of the summer too. but fugg it it doesn't matter so anyways i jus' wanted say does the idea of kids buying s--it...(to look like something they saw on a bush video) anyways trhe idea of buying things to disenfranchise yourself y dus that make sense to all these "rage against the machine rich kids" who buy CDs and shirts so that they can be "part of" a "revolution" i just wanted to know am i the only dirty loser-outcast that thinks about this bulls--t?? i mean the revolution would be against the crass consumerism so prevalent today, right???!!! so what the fugg are all u punx doing buying s--t from hot topic?? and pacific sunwear?? i guess in the long run.. it doesn't matter, because they are to big to fight anyways. im just sayin....instead of buying the latest casualties CD from blockbuster music u should buy it directly from the label.....umm i'll shut up new view points from me, anyways....i should problee lay off the crack, later.... i thought id just type this down because uve never heard anything like this i bet i blew your mind!!! please dont hit me.......

To Nitch:

Sorry to hear about the homelessness. I'm sure it's not as romantic as middle class crusties make it out to be. Punk is about fashion and attitude to most people who call themselves punk. Most punks stop being punk after they enter the working world. It's no big deal. Most of us go through phases. I know I have. I've faked a British accent a few times in my youth. It's not the end of the world if someone's a poser. Many normal people are fakers too. My advice is don't buy into it and just go about your own business. It's easy to not take part in popular culture. Just turn off the radio and avoid MTV. No need to kill your TV. That still makes life worth livin'.

From Lexie242 (1-18-00)

OK so i figured out why i like this zine when I first read your commentary i was ready to believe everything you said i read the one on Reagan and i remember some stuff you said about no sympathy for drug addicts i dug that you also pissed me off you represent simple minded self righteousness much like i do i guess but you pissed me off and made me question myself you forced me to be honest with myself and i realized that anything associated with a label punk ska thug whatever if you call yourself that you are conforming to a label you're living the limits and flowing with perfection. Perfection is disgusting and it leaves no room for growth weather it be in yourself or a society's based ideal its unattainable and elite only for the chosen ones fugg THAT i just want some honesty and if it takes getting pissed off to find some then that's what it takes.

To Lexie: uh?! 

From Neo Man: (12-10-99)

I see that you have a distaste of anarchists, and have conservative views. If you did not get into Punk because you feel rebellion in your bones, did you get into Punk because of fashion at the time? Or was it something the "cool kids" were into? Or possibly just to piss off your parents, and those were the best times of your life? And if you think that there are no good Punk bands anymore then either you must not have heard Naked Aggression, or D.S.F.A. Both bands play or played the L.A. area in the last couple of years. Not being open minded is a sure sign of old age. I think if you were as cool when you were a kid as you are now, Punk Rock would be stupid. But other then that you do have funny s--t on your site.

To Neo:

You're right... about everything! I know deep inside that if I accepted Naked Aggression and D.S.F.A. into my heart I'd live a life that's full, rich and meaningful. I also wouldn't have to think (or bathe!) because they'd be doing all that for me (not the bathing part I mean). And, by screaming instead of singing, I know they're really serious. I realize now that if I fugg s--t up good I'll help bring about a world built on peace and love, not yucky rules and authority. I want to stay up past midnight and eat chocolate cake for dinner. I want others to acknowledge my god-like powers to create and destroy. I don’t believe in war but I do believe in The Struggle, which is like a war maybe, but anarchy wins! Anarchists are violent hippies and Naked Aggression is The Grateful Dead played at 78 rpms. Peace, love and anarchy dude! 

second E-mail from Neo (12-11-99)

Thank you sir, for taking the time to write me back. The only way to progress is to communicate / receive and exchange new information. Very insightful article you have written, obviously you do not believe in "pure freedom," can you please tell me what are just laws? And more importantly who should enforce them? My point being that people are all very different, they have different views, and different lifestyles. Who has the right to enforce their views or their perception of right and wrong onto someone else? Obviously the person with the biggest gun. And true, we may never see the abolition of government for quite some time, is it a waste of time to strive towards an environment where we don't have people starving in the streets, while we have warehouses of food rotting away, but big business will not give it away because they will not make a profit? Or where we can live with out borders, or maybe live with out an authoritative presence? Do you sir feel that you need an authoritative presence to make sure that you live in "harmony" with your community, and if not do you feel that you are the only one that does not need a baby-sitter in order to get along with your neighbors. I think that people are essentially born as good guys, it's how you are after the world gets done fugging you up that counts. And isn't criminal activity ( rape, murder, thievery) a lack of psychological or physical fulfillment (for example their parents didn't love them enough, or they were somehow abused or maybe lack of financial independence?) And I sir, do consider Punk Rock, or at least most Punk Rock to be socially conscience music, do you? Just curious. Once again thank you for your time.

To Neo and all like him:

I'm neither swayed nor impressed by your condescending, pseudo-intellectual arguments. I copied this quote off the front page of the North American Man/Boy Love Association web site. NAMBLA believes, with the same level of certainty and intellectualization you use, that the world will become a paradise if old men are allowed to have sex with little boys: "The dehumanization resulting from an unjust order is not a cause for despair but for hope, leading to the incessant pursuit of the humanity denied by injustice. Hope, however, does not consist in crossing one's arms and waiting. As long as I fight, I am moved by hope; and if I fight with hope, then I can wait -- Paulo Freire".

Freire was an educator whose theories on education and social justice are legendary. I'm sure he's spinning like a top in his grave because his words are being used by child molesters to support their perversion. I really don't see any difference between Anarchy and NAMBLA in the quality of debate or possibility for success.

The fact that you act polite and courteous is funny. Is that the higher ground you take to make all other arguments seem barbaric? I'll say this nicely - a peaceful anarchist society is an intellectual fabrication. Anarchy is extreme socialist propaganda packaged as new age enlightenment. It will never happen, so strive for it all you want and make as many smiley faced leading arguments about Evil Authority vs. Beatific Anarchy. Nobody who actually takes responsibility for themselves or has a family to support gives two screws about your naive and wishful fantasies.

Like I know the sun rises in the morning and sets at night, I know you're about sixteen and an A student who lives in a nice home with loving parents who tolerate your intellectual masturbation. I'm sure their big fear is having to support you for the rest of their lives because you're above work, it being evil shackles of a capitalist society. I'm sure a man of your "vision" is above actual responsibility for anything. Oh yeah, you see the "bigger picture" and it's your job to make anarchy a reality.

Why not sell term life insurance while you're at it? Earn a living annoying people while you annoy them with your ideas on the perfect society. I have a great theory too. If everyone in the world mailed me one measly dollar I'd be rich. My chances of making that happen is zilch, but that's still better odds than the idea that everyone would participate in an anarchist society (I mean death camp). 

From Joey Destroy: (12-6-99) (This is of course a joke and it's very funny. Read it more than once. Way to go Joe)

Mr. Old Punk:

I think you're just a jerk. The kewl dudes who demonstrated at the Seattle WTO meeting were great. The only way to destroy this horrible world is through Anarchy!!!! After all, one of the greatest bands in the world Limp Bizkit sing "Break Stuff". That's what we should all do, after all Limp Bizkit are the voice of the revolution! What do you know about rebellion? I bet you don't even get MTV! Just last week, after my mom dropped me off at the Rage Against The Machine concert at Nassau Coliseum my hero Zach (you're so old you probably don't even know he's the lead singer!) told us that the time to start the revolution is now! I was so stoked that I moshed harder then I ever did before. My mom was a little mad when she picked me up because I was all sweaty and I sort of stunk up the mini-van. But the heck with her! Anarchy rules. She was also angry that I spent my allowance and birthday money on Rage T-Shirts and a really kewl poster for my room. I don't think $90 for three Rage shirts is too much, do you? Besides, when I wear them at school all of the other kids wearing their Rage T Shirts will know how much I'm into Anarchy! You're probably so out of touch that you probably are into those old school bands like Green Day and NOFX. Anyway, I'm ending this letter now, tickets are going on sale for Korn and I gotta borrow my mom's credit card.

Anarchy 4-ever! 

From Fuller: (11-24-99)

You sure are a self righteous mother fugger! Is there anyone you dont think is a total s--tstain on the fabric of our nation? fuggin lighten up bro, you seem like a smart guy don't waste space in your brain getting aggravated over such trivial s--t as what other people choose to do. Youre awfully "punk rock" to be on a punk-new-wave sight anyway! Later

To Fuller:

I think your fuller crap! Get it, I made up a joke using your name. I'm guessing you're fifteen and receive a generous allowance from mom and pop. Anarchy forever, bro. Anyway, what your mother and I do is none of your business.

Also, what consenting adults do is nobody else's business. What losers, psychopaths and criminals do is everyone's business. If you see no difference between the two that's not only your problem but also mine because some of my tax dollars goes toward cleaning up whatever messes dipwads like you create. But that's a Mommy and Daddy issue so I won't burden you with it. If you're a punk because you think it gives you the right to be a cretin, that's a form of poser both stupid and sad.

Nice cut on me for me putting new wave and punk in the same sentence. Before new romance bands like Duran Duran and top-40 opportunists like Culture Club hit the scene, new wave was pretty cool. But you wouldn't know, would you, since you weren’t alive then. I make it a big point to separate the good new wave from the bad. In the late ‘70s punk and new wave existed next to each other with some obvious overlaps with bands like the Buzzcocks. I have the benefit of having lived through that era as a teenager and adult. You have the benefit of just knowing it sucks.

I'm sure you spend many hours defining a scene you know nothing about in terms of how it might possibly revolve around you. I bet you express your uniqueness through the clothes you wear and your radical punk politics.

Everyone goes through phases and I wish you well on your journey to adulthood. Oops, look at the time. Shouldn't you be meeting your punky pals Stinkey and Anarchy Mike at the mall? Maybe mom can drive you so you don't have to bike over. 

From Brandi (11-5-99)

So as I am writing this my kid is watching a movie called "Jack Frost" if you are not familiar with this fine piece of work it's about a kid whose father is a blues musician played by Batman Micheal Keaton. His father for x-mas gives him the harmonica he bought on the day his kid was born, he lets his kid down, because that's what parents do in these kinds of movies. The kid is upset and builds a snowman and then goes to sleep and right before he goes to sleep he plays on the harmonica. The snowman he built magically turns into his dad. Ok with that said, I was reading the opening credits and whos name is there? None other than Henry Rollins. Personally I can't stand the guy, I think he ruined Black Flag. Ok the point of this stupid email. The best part of the ENTIRE movie is seeing Henry Rollins freak out over a talking snowman. I know he's all about peace these days, but I can't get the "I'm a hardcore fugger" image out of my head. Another great part is when the hockey team (Henry is the extremely over bearing coach who screams at them about winning and how he's sick of losing) picks up the kid and his kid says something about the snowman and he totally snaps. Ok that's all I gotta say.

To Brandi:

You're a good mommie. 

From PuNX00031 (4-10-99):

im only 14 i have just gotten into punk this past couple years but i dont really concider myself punk yeah i listen to it and i love it but im not all rebellious or whatever you wanna call it. everyone is sitting here talking s--t on each other and then go saying yeah im punk punk punk. well, whatever happened to unity? wasnt that the big punk thing? i dont understand it anymore everyone one expects the kids to be all punk (rebelling) but they dont get it there is a life after the teen years we do need to end up with a family. i know i am not going to end up in a big nice house i am just trying to move my was through highschool with cs and ds so i can end up in a descent house with just enough money to go to as many concets as i want. and with all this talk about the young band thing we are just trying to support the local scene and have fun. not that im in a band. i do play guitar but i am no where near ready to be in a band. well i think thats all i have to say. thanx

To PuNX00031:

Gawd, what a breath of fresh air to get a coherent e-mail from someone who isn't pretending to be stupid or trying to prove how cool they are. You have the right attitude, my friend - screw the losers who pollute your local scene. I can only hope they either grow out of this phase or get some vocational training so they don't end up on welfare because they look and act like dangerous freaks. It's only music! Get from it what you want, but it's not a political cause in itself. It's not the beginning or end of the world. PuNX00031, I think you have a bright future. Laugh at the putzes around you and don't let them influence you in any way. There's good and bad reasons to be punk. You've probably found the good.

From XSPL1 (3-22-99):

 your dumb

 To Extra Small Penis Length 1":

my dumb..... what? Are my shoes dumb? Is my hat dumb? WHAT?

From Scott (3-25-99):

Hi, I was just searching around and the following comes to mind... Punk and hardcore has been the only thing I always ever had. Good times, bad times, up and down.I'm 21 so I didn't grow up during the punk days. {Old days} I somehow got in to it. I remember buying Minor Threat's complete discography with my paper route money and the Black Flag damage CD. I slowly just kept looking and buying. I'm still searching back for records. I just got the Dischord year in seven inches, fugging great, so much young raw power. These days it's different. Kids think punk is this new school pop s--t. Attitude is gone. It seems like bands worry about how pretty they look.I go to shows to see friends play and nobody moves, they just walk around and waste time like someone made them come at gun point.When I look at old pictures of bands and shows kids are fugging going off. The bands are going off. When I read old flyers with all these good bands on one bill it makes me jealous.I would do anything to see some of these bands play. To experience the intensity. To experience Black Flag playing nervous breakdown live, the distortion, the power, ginn and the band try and break themselfs with there music... timeless. I was born to late I guess.I love this music,I hate it because its gone and not here to experience and be apart of. I haven't met anyone that has the some drive...and if I did we could have a great band I bet. I think this over and over in my head.

To Scott:

It's one thing when an old fart like me reminisces about the old days, but you're only 21! Your nostalgic views of a time you never lived through are derived from photographs and a personal preference for old punk bands. Nostalgia is a lie for the people who've actually lived it. When it applies to those in diapers when Minor Threat made the scene, you have to wonder if it's a correct reading of punk history or just a bunch of false hopes retrofitted to a time long gone that may not have been any better. Geezers are filled with false nostalgia and the kids don't have the experience to make the call. Nobody wins and the generation gap widens.

From Chip (3-14-99):

ho wcan i find out when this ban dis playing neer me

To Chip:

Chipster, I appreciate feigned ignorance of the language as much as the next loser, but once again I'm staggered by the assumption that punks are supposed to be illiterate. You can operate a computer, therefore you know how to write better than this. You're not stupid and it's not very attractive when you pretend you are. One day you'll turn 14 and you'll see it my way. Oh, you're 27?...

From Laura (3-3-99):

I was shopping for a new computer the other day and I saw a teenage kid with his mom doing the same. Typical suburban mom was helplessly looking around for the salesman, and asked kid something. Kid, with green hair, dog collar, etc. says, "Whaddaya want me to do? Your job is to buy it, my job is to use it." To which I (who don't look as good [read: punk] as I did 15 years ago) said, "Real punk rockers are nice to their mothers."

To Laura:

My motto is usually "Death To The Kids", but they just don't make for good eatin' like they did years ago as they’re too stringy these days.

From Jim ( "//~") (1-12-99):



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//v/[ '////'///[////1

To Jim "//~":

How can I take anything you say seriously when you misspell "dzhee". You're very stoopid. 


You said that members of the church of satan do worship satan, but I know someone who is actually in it and he doesn't worship satan. The founder of named it the church of satan because he said if your not with God, your against him, and who could be more against him then satan himself...

My Reply:

I know damn well Anton LaVey's Church of Satan was really just a pagan society, but LaVey chose Satan as a name and an object to bring attention to himself, and he utilized symbols the Christian world considers part of Satan worship. It's nice to be able to sit back and accurately define everything, but LaVey couldn't have it both ways (he's dead now). You can't say Satan and then say not Satan whenever it's convenient. Is Satanism just a heavy metal death cult in Arizona, or can it also include organized groups like the Church of Satan who use of trappings of Satanism to draw attention. I think it's funny that the Christian Right hates Marilyn Manson. I've never heard a MM song in my life. I hope both sides wipe each other off the face of the earth because they're both full of their own self-serving poo. Tell your friend he should expect to be called a Satan worshiper as long as he follows the Church of Satan. Duh. It's not every little old lady's job to look past the words and rituals to see it's all just worshipping nature and internal spirit. Like I say, you can't have it both ways all the time. This friend of yours could have just gone Wicca but instead chose LaVey's church. This was for a reason, probably for the attention and the chance to preach to people how great the Church is and how it's not Satanism at all. Anything to just keep on talking. Strange ego cults makes me puke pea soup, like Satan did in The Exorcist.


From Reed44: (11-19-98)

well i just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and the help with the complete waste of a day....i just found your site and spent the better part of the day laughing my ass off at some of the dont look down on me because i'm not an old timer or anything..hell i'm still a few months shy of 20 but i dont care. my mother ran a club so i grew up thinking that a huge pink mohawk was normal dress i think i'm entitled to what i think. i know what you mean with all the jumping on teh band wagon stuff....i know lots of "sXe-ers" who are just about the title, and too many 16 year olds running around thinking that cos they have a safety pin shoved thru their tommy hillfiger sweater then they are punk....well you know i'm not going to call myself a punk...i dont dress it most of the time...but i know whats in my heart...and if the future is going to continue to evolve (de-evolve) at this rate, then if punks not already dead it should be put out of its misery! who knows what punk is...and who cares for that matter...its just a title....anyway thats all i have to say... keep up the good work...

From CDelta7 (11-10-98):

thanks for your page... I just finished spending a day around people who look at me like I'm some retarded relic from a forgotten age 'cause of the bands Ilike... what the hell's going on anymore, huh? things used to be a lot simpler, thanks for making me feel old but not quite as alone...

To CDelta7:

Yeah, people are amazed when you say you don't listen to top-40 radio. They can't imagine what it's like not being a conformist to fashion and music trends. Then again, if you're forty years old walking down the street dressed like a '77 Clash fan you have to expect stares. As far as what the hell's going on anymore, everything changes and we've chosen to stay with a musical style that came and went before a lot of newer punks were even born. Yes, things used to be a lot simpler.

From Fredrik from Sveden: (8-5-98):

Yeah! Punk is dead but that's because people don't give a rat's ass.. I mean just low-lifes with no lives get interested in Punk & the ideas of it. JUST JOKING? But that's the general opinion about our scene. They don't care about personal freedom, freedom of expression, do it yourself, & don't fugg with me ethics. People don't want to worry, they want more money, more sex, more convenience & for the privileged more power. I'm sorry to say that, that either we're ahead of our time or ???  

To Fredrik:

Money, sex and convenience vs. keeping power from the privileged? Where do I sign up for the money, sex and convenience!! And also, if I had these three things wouldn't I also then be one of the privileged?

From //~ (7-5-98):

You are an anachronism. The question of punk being dead IS valid. Yes, its dead. Music evolves, the people evolve, life goes on.

To //~:

Oh holy Buddha, how can I challenge your wis-dumb? You make valid yet totally cryptic points my mind shall never fathom. I'm not an anachronism. I read all the style, fashion, and lifestyle mags, buy everything and do everything they tell me to, and I'm always one step ahead of the lumpy proletariat when it comes to adopting the latest fads (and pretending I've been into them forever). 

From Romeo8Void: (6-2-98)

I is an old punker when can I get on the social? as a punk do I qualify early cuz' I got lots o' brain damage slamming in the pits. I am disabled cuz' I can no longer drink cuz they say it kill millions o' brain cells and I got only 600,000 or some thing. This OP sends thanks for having any proof I ever existed. Long live Wendy O.

To Romeo8Void:

Did punk make you stupid or did stupid make you punk? (his letter was of course a joke but people like to e-mail to me as if they are mentally defective. Does this pass for funny in punk? Hope not.) 

From Paulie Doop (4-7-98):

I have been reading your website "zine" for the past six months or so and all I have to say is...who the hell do you think you are!? You foist your obviously conservative political views under thinly-veiled attempts of presenting a balanced viewpoint and shovel out your brand of so-called humor (what I call fart-smeller jokes) and you think your so goddamned witty and your so self-righteous that you've been there and done that already because you're the "geezer" of the scene populated by rebelling teens and other assorted youths. Get a life, for chrissake!" 

From Pooh (4-21-98):

"I may only be a little, stupid high school "punk" but I'm sick of everyone's 'you're not punk and I am bulls--t. All the 'punks' I know are assholes because they're 'punk'. Getting drunk and beating up people is all they do at shows and think that is what you do when you're punk. Well, enough complaining for now."

To Pooh:

Sadly, stupid high school punks become stupid college jocks and then stupid co-workers, ending up as stupid old people who steal your jello. It only gets better at the very moment you die because Heaven is filled with the same stupid jerks, except now they have wings. You don't have to be drunk and violent to be punk, but don't it look cool?? 

From Snatho:

It's been a while since I have stumbled on to any page that is not about some crappy high school band that thinks they deserve to be superstars. Typically it's "Hey I'm Punk cause I quit the football team and got this rad ass guitar for Christmas and started a band. We've been together for two weeks now and are looking to cut a record. We played an open mike at the high school and this girl really liked us." Me, yes I am guilty of doing a page for a band. I do try to make it informative but not a plea for fame. I don't do a page for my own band because plain out I have not been in one that deserves or needs one. I guess something that is far too often forgotten is the fact that 90% of all the Punk sites are hosted by 14 year olds, upper middle class (computers are expensive) brats. The term "Punk" is becoming the same as "Frat", Hell, that's what these so called Punk Rockers seem to be. Fraternity type fools. Once upon a time Punks were friendly to each other and had better things to do than sit around and point out everyone who's a poser due to the fact that no one is ever as Punk as themselves. So maybe I'm babbling because I'm sitting here on a Saturday night like a loser cause I can't bring myself to hang out at the local disco. My point being Punk Rock has become a joke, but soon everything will be back to normal (I hope). I was not around for the Sex Pistols since I was born in 1975. I got into Punk at an early age and have dealt with way too much s--t for it. Somewhere between my freshman and senior year of high school something horrible happened. In 1989 I was threatened and picked on for being a "freak". In 1993 the same kids who wanted to kill me for not fitting in were trying to be friendly in their wonderfully Punk Rock NIN shirts and Doc Martens. What the hell is wrong with people?

To Snatho:

What's wrong with people? Everything and nothing. People are like food - some are good, some are bad and some make you want to puke. What old days are better? That's the problem with nostalgia in general - too many false memories and wrong assumptions. People treat each other like crap when they want to. Good bands don't change that. Good scenes come and go. There may be a great scene going on right now in Oshkosh that will only last for a year but it will forever be the source of a zillion nostalgic memories. Being in the right place at the right time AND being accepted by the punks make a scene happen for you. If you're ignored or rejected by the scene makers there's no way you're going to have fond memories of how great a scene was. Unless of course  you're Captain Oblivious. 

From John C.:

"Your so-called punk zine has nothing to do with the Punk movement. I have never read such miserable full of middle-class conservatism articles and opinions."

To John C.:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all that, but do you think this shirt makes me look fat? I can always change it....

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